Jaguars’ Tandon Doss arrested for disorderly conduct, not charged


Jaguars receiver Tandon Doss was arrested on Wednesday in Indianapolis for disorderly conduct, but he will not be charged.

An Indianapolis police report describes Doss as “out of control” during a disturbance with another man. But the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office decided not to file charges.

The Jaguars have acknowledged they are aware of the matter but made no other comment.

Doss, who grew up in Indianapolis, was a 2011 fourth-round draft pick of the Ravens and spent his first three years in the NFL in Baltimore before signing this offseason with the Jaguars.

13 responses to “Jaguars’ Tandon Doss arrested for disorderly conduct, not charged

  1. I am a Ravens fan and how good is it he was cut before he did this. Could you imagine what people would be saying. Actually, I can’t resist myself by adding that it seems you can take Doss out of Baltimore but you can’t get the Raven out of him. I know, I am a baaaaaaaaaaad fan. Hey, you have to have a sense of humor about people making 6 digits who want to throw it all away. I’d be willing to bet alcohol was involved.

  2. I want to see if that days without an arrest meter can get to 100. What are athletes doing these days? Even hockey players are getting busted with coke.

  3. There is nothing here. If he wasn’t charged the report could have been made about someone else and that is why they did not charge him. Why would the Indy cops cover something up for a Jag?

  4. I remember when the Ravens relied on this guy a bit in their wildcard game vs the Colts during the SB run.

    I also remember him dropping 3 wide open touchdown passes in that game when literally nobody had him covered.

  5. @xinellum Don’t be so quick to speak on what and who you do not know. Tandon has no prior record AT ALL
    nor does he or has he ever consumed alcohol or done drugs. He chooses not to drink and even did so in college. Keep your rude comments and judgement to yourself. Just because some athletes may break the law and/or do illegal things doesn’t mean they all do and he is one of the ones who does not.

  6. Ravens fans are so annoying. They defend flacco at all costs. Making up stories of how Tandon doss dropped “3 wide open td passes” but then also claim every year that “receivers don’t ever get open”

    Doss was never given a real chance. It’s actually amazing Torrey smith has been able to make a name for himself, and that Jacoby jones looked like a legitimate receiver for the first time in his career…. With flacco throwing the ball.

    Would love to see that duo with a better QB. I don’t mind the Ravens. But I really dislike having to watch flacco play, and I dislike having to hear the majority of ravens fans blindly support him.

  7. The NFL offseason is too long. Too many of these yahoos with too much money and time on their hands. If they knew that getting into trouble during the offseason would cost them a game or two’s pay right off the top of the upcoming season, maybe they’d mind themselves a little better in the off months.

  8. All you non athleti losers that do nothing but listen to these moronic writers fill you Hal truth stories are idiots!

    His my friend and the reason he wasn’t charged is because a guy with road rage got out and pulled a gun on him. So calling him an idiot is pretty damn stupid!

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