Johnson’s knee nothing unusual for six-year running back


An intriguing slow-day skirmish has emerged regarding the status of the knee of Jets running back Chris Johnson.  Adam Schefter of ESPN has reported that the Jets have “some concerns” about the knee, and that it contains arthritis.  Johnson has said there’s no arthritis.

Here’s what we know, from a source close to the situation.

His knee is normal, for a player who has six years in the NFL at running back.  It would look no different under close scrutiny than the knee of any other running back who has spent six years in the NFL with significant use.  He has 2,014 regular-season offensive touches, an average of 335.6 per year.

Does his knee show wear and tear?  Of course it does.  Can he play on it?  Of course he can.

If the Jets had concerns, why would they have signed him?  G.M. John Idzik is conservative, thoughtful, and deliberate.  He’s not going to roll the dice with $3 million of owner Woody Johnson’s money.

“It flies in the face of common sense,” the source said.

There were, we’re told, no alarms or red flags.  While either or both knees could keep him from spending another decade in the NFL, the NFL is a year-to-year proposition.  For the coming year, the knee is good enough for Johnson to play at a high level.  Eventually, it won’t be.

But that’s no different than any other NFL running back.

13 responses to “Johnson’s knee nothing unusual for six-year running back

  1. Sounds like Schefty got a hold of a dissenting medical staff member looking to do a little CYA action.

    Whatevs…Johnson is signed to a 2 year deal with very little financial commitment on Jets part. Even if the knee gives (not because of arthritis but maybe ACL / MCL), then we’re back to Ivory and Powell…

    That said, looking to a very productive year out of CJ2K regardless of whatever a disgruntled med staff member thinks…


  2. Lots of major red flags here in terms of life after football.

    Everything is QUALIFIED.

    “some concerns,” “arthritis,” knee shows wear and tear, but nothing beyond the average RB who’s had 2,014 carries/335.6 touches/season for 6 seasons. Did they read the manual on how many 335.6 carry/season RBs can produce?

  3. Almost assuredly, he has pitting of the articular cartilage on both the femoral condyle and the tibial plateau; that can happen from repeated blows (like hard steps running, depending on the person’s biochemistry). The issue is whether the pitting expands enough on one or both surfaces so that the unprotected bone makes contact. If the pits just stay pits until he is >40, no big deal.

  4. Out of those 2014 touches you failed to mention how much he’s been dancing around all those times as well too. I’m sure the Jets need to take that into consideration also.. But hey Rex said he had nice looking feet though.

  5. huge offseason 4 the jets this year. they’ve taken some serious steps towards contending in their division. i’m excited to watch them compete with New England.

    Vikings fan

  6. CJ1K : “I will hold the the jets hostage for… 1 MILLION dolllars!”

    Frau Farbissina: “Meine CJ1K, You are not worth that… the jets have already spent all their money on Namath’s coat
    and sharks with frickin lasers attached to their head!”

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