Lions may want Rams to make the first move

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It’s no secret that the Lions have interest in receiver Sammy Watkins.  Either they’ve been sloppy in concealing their desire to draft Watkins or they’re setting up a smokescreen.

Or maybe they want their interest to be known so that a team with a top-five pick will make the first move in possible trade talks.

The latter possibility gained some momentum on Wednesday, when the Lions brought defensive end Jadeveon Clowney to town for a visit.  The chances of Clowney still being on the board at No. 10 are even slimmer than the possibility of Watkins still lingering after nine picks are made.

Maybe the Lions aren’t being discreet about their desire to move up because they want the Rams to pick up the phone and make the first move.  Two years after the Rams finagled the No. 6 overall pick, two more first-round selections, and a second-round pick for the No. 2 spot in the draft, the Lions likely are leery about giving up as much, or maybe more.

The Rams seem to realize that the RGIII haul was based more on the player and less on the slot.  The Lions, if they would be happy with either Clowney or Watkins, may simply want to move to the No. 2 slot, regardless of which player is after the No. 1 selection has been made.

Speaking of the No. 1 selection, there’s a chance the Texans could try to trade down and draft a quarterback lower than No. 1.  Unless another team emerges as a clear contender to move up, the Lions could play the Texans against the Rams to get a better deal for the No. 1 or No. 2 pick.

Regardless, it’s clear the Lions want to move up.  The question becomes how much it will cost.  The cost could be less if the Lions aren’t the ones to make the first move.  It’ll cost even less if the Lions can get two teams to bid against each other.

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  1. It would be insane for the Lions to give up a ton and risk a bust at WR given their history of busts at that position. I am not saying that Watkins will be a bust, but hey, why take the chance on you have been burned on several times?

  2. DON’T DO IT….

    The other top WR’s are outstanding players. The drop off doesn’t justify trading away multiple players in a draft that is this deep. We need many good players, not one stud. We aren’t that close…

    Sit tight, put on the big-boy pants, and trust your scouting grades.

    Perhaps this is an indication that the Lion’s don’t believe their scouting department can identify talent in the middle rounds, so they will give the picks away to take a sure thing. That would be a mistake.

    This just doesn’t bode well for the Lion’s brain trust…

  3. If the Lions trade up, it’s to take a pass rusher. They have way too many needs to trade up for a WR.

    While WR is a need, they could stay where they are and draft an Odell Beckham Jr or trade back a few spots and still get a semi-elite prospect at WR like Marqise Lee. And there will obviously be plenty of good ones in Rd 2 and 3.

  4. as a ram fan the lions pick is a bit too far down to get one of the elites, and if i were the rams GM and i was to call detroit i would tell them to call me when they have secured the 5th or 6th spot in the draft then we have something to talk about not #10.

  5. Clowney would fix a lot of problems in the Lions’ secondary.

    Assuming it’s the Clowney we saw in 2012 and not the Clowney we saw in 2013.

  6. The Rams need to keep that #2 pick this year and get Sammy Watkins without a doubt. It would be a great pick up because Kenny Britt may not be certain for the whole season because of his past injury with the ACL. Not to mention Kenny is only signed to a one year deal and the Rams could have two young WR’s signed with multi-year deals. I say the Rams need to keep this pick unless they receive an AMAZING deal because the Washington picks were very lucky based on what had happened the year before with Washington making the playoffs. Rams are in great position to improve this year in the draft and should stay put!

  7. Whenever you talk about the Rams, you have to do so within the context of their probable move back to L.A. Coach Fisher was a d-back at USC and the lease in St. Lois expires at the end of the season. Stan Kroenke of Wal Mart owns the team and his base is in L.A. They will want to go to L.A. with a big splash. That means that personnel and draftees will be evaluated in that context. It appears that Bradford is not the man to lead them into the promised land due to lingering shoulder problems from his time at Oklahoma. They could surprise everyone and take Johnnie Football or sign a free agent qb and go with Watkins. Fisher is a great coach. Unless, St. Louis comes up with a billion for a new stadium, they are history and the bright blue and gold uniforms are back.

  8. Watkins would be worth moving up for. Clowny, not so sure.
    if I move up it’s for Watkins, or Mack. nothing else.

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