Montreal Alouettes sign Chad Johnson

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Chad Johnson will resume his football career in Canada.

The Montreal Alouettes said Thursday that Johnson had signed with their club, the CFL’s website reported. The Alouettes also tweeted a picture of Johnson ostensibly signing a contract with the team.

The 36-year-old Johnson participated in the Alouettes’ minicamp in Vero Beach, Florida before officially joining the CFL team. Johnson was out of football in 2013 after a summer stint with the Miami Dolphins in 2012.

Johnson spent more than a decade in the NFL, reaching stardom with Cincinnati (2001-2010). He also had a one-season run with New England (2011) before signing with Miami. The Dolphins released him after his arrest in connection with an altercation with his wife.

Johnson joins an Alouettes receiving corps which includes Duron Carter, the son of NFL Hall of Famer Cris Carter. Ex-Jets wideout David Clowney is also on the Montreal roster.

35 responses to “Montreal Alouettes sign Chad Johnson

  1. When you don’t even get an offer from the hapless Boofalo Bills, you know your career is shot!

  2. Damn. I’d have loved him to sign for the BC Lions. 😦

    The Alouettes don’t have a strong QB corps – but at least if they throw it in 85’s general direction he’s got a good chance of catching it!

  3. I’ll never forgive “Dawg Pound Mike” and “Big Dawg” for giving him a big fluffy hug when he jumped into the Pound.

    If the guy who was standing next to them when it happened is reading this, if I ever meet you in person, I’m gonna buy you 10 beers for the one you dumped down Ocho Cinco’s back.

  4. I just hope he’s not expecting to be the feature receiver. They have an ace in Jamel Richardson, a veteran sure-handed receiver in Dave Stala, and the aforementioned Juron Carter had a great rookie campaign. They have a decent running game with Brandon Whitaker and we do get to see what Troy Smith is going to look like as a full-time starter. I see the Als finishing second in the east. The Argos are still the class of the field. The Ti-Cats may struggle with Zack Collaros as their starter. The REDBLACKS will have the usual expansion team issues.

  5. Thanks Canada. Not, if we could somehow get Beiber in that deal so he could go back home, it would be a beautiful, very productive day.

  6. Being from Montreal its cool.
    but the CFL chad lololol
    Hopefully he kills it there cuz if not well that shows that he is really truly finished since the level is miles behind NFL players

  7. its obvious his love of the game, its too bad his ego got in the way or he may have actually been able to wear that HOF jacket… Cfl doesn’t pay much, my understanding is the top players are earning less than 100k which is why more older NFL players don’t go that route… best of luck 85

  8. Congratulations to the guy whose distracting, selfish behavior pushed Carson Palmer to want to retire.

  9. He’s a fourth receiver at best in Montreal, that’s if he makes the roster. It’ll be interesting to see how they use him to get open.

    I doubt he’s signing a high dollar contract, somewhere in the $70k neighborhood per year + the mandatory option year.

    The BC Lions have needs, but receiver isn’t one of them. If anyone can recommend an interior defensive lineman that can rush the passer consistently who happens to like an open pipeline to the best weed on earth, send him our way.

    Looking forward to seeing Troy Smith who, in my mind was always a prototypical CFL QB, taking the reigns in Montreal. I wish he would have gone up there in the first place and made a career of it.

  10. Hey. Good for him, he has owned up to his mistakes in the past and I bet he would take it all back if he could. And if he wasn’t as humble why would he take a CFL job? We all know the Ocho of the past would not be pleased with that.

    PS: He needs to change his Insta profile picture lol.

  11. Chad Huitcinq does have a nice ring to it … coming soon to an overpriced craft beer store near you

  12. criticaldsj says: Apr 17, 2014 3:38 PM
    The BC Lions have needs, but receiver isn’t one of them. If anyone can recommend an interior defensive lineman that can rush the passer consistently who happens to like an open pipeline to the best weed on earth, send him our way.

    I hear Aldon Smith might be looking for a new team very soon 😉

  13. Mcnast how are the Vikings not set at the reciever position. Jennings and Patterson and simpson and wright are pretty good to have as your top 4 receivers. Jennings is still the same Jennings as he was in gb just needs a consistent qb to throw him the ball. And Patterson is only gonna get better and better just get the ball in his hands and he will make it happen. Simpson is a freakish athlete and can sure stretch the field to give wright and Patterson and Jennings those underneath passes. Vikings offense would be crazy good if they had the missing piece to the puzzle. The long lost QB. And this year the vikings are gonna get that guy!

  14. How pathetic that a 36-year-old has-been NFL veteran is so broke, he needs to beg for work just to make ends meet. Adding insult to injury, ESPN doesn’t even want him…

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