Oakland hopes to work something out with Raiders before A’s

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Raiders owner Mark Davis has repeatedly said that he wants Oakland to address the team’s stadium situation sooner rather than later, especially since the Raiders signed a one-year Band-Aid stadium lease through 2014.

Davis apparently has gotten the city’s attention.

Via SportsBusiness Daily, the Oakland A’s hope to sign a 10-year lease to remain at the outdated, sewage-ridden (at times) Coliseum.  Oakland, however, hopes to work something out with the Raiders first.

The A’s would pay little rent and would make $10 million to $12 million in improvements, including a new scoreboard and a ribbon scoreboard between the two decks.

The Raiders presumably want their own place.  Davis has called the presence of a dirt infield in the only venue shared with the local baseball team “a travesty.”

Some Raiders fans would say it’s fitting, given the franchise’s performance over the last decade.

49 responses to “Oakland hopes to work something out with Raiders before A’s

  1. 81 A’s games vs 8 Raiders games.

    That doesn’t make a lot of sense. Although frankly, having MLB and NFL teams in Oakland makes little sense to begin with. There are better markets available for both Oakland teams, and if either or both teams were to relocate the Giants and Niners are in the immediate area and would fill the void.

  2. And yet I get to look at the Rams stadium all the time…and hear from them how it’s “outdated” and needs replacing. Child, please….. Nobody needs a stadium worse than Oakland.

  3. It is pretty sad to see pro football being played on half a dirt baseball diamond, especially considering its 2014 now. I mean, come on Oakland.

  4. They should let the A’s have the pretty park and build themselves a cellar of doom, or whatever visiting teams think of it as. I just think it’s interesting to incite fear in the opponents’ minds.

  5. As a fan of both the Raiders and A’s, anyone who says that the Niners and Giants fill the need, really don;y understand the complexity of the situation. If it were not for the A’s, the Giants would have moved to Florida in the early 90’s. There is a lot of resentment towards the Giants right now because they are blocking the A’s from potentially moving to San Jose. I would rather see the A’s move to San Jose than Portland or Montreal. If they did move, then no the Giants would not fill the void for me. I would despise them and their greed more than viewing them as a mild annoyance, which is how I view them now.

    As for the Raiders, I hope they figure out a way to co-exist with the A’s (not is the same venue, but in building plans). Football is top dog and everyone knows that but the city of Oakland and the east bay area really needs these teams in general.

  6. Having a great state of the art facility doesn’t garauntee having a first class winning organization (just look at the Redskins or Vikings). I would venture to say however that giving the Raiders a new facility would indeed infuse excitement into the bay area and provide the team a great boost. Go Raiders! SKOL.

  7. It is kind of embarrassing but Mark needs to put on his big boy pants and get something done. Quit begging the city of Oakland and just work a deal somewhere else if u have to. No other owner is gonna bend over backwards just to pacify the local fanbase when he’s getting screwed financially.

    All Oakland has done is make empty promises. They lured Al Davis back from LA and then never came through with the promises of a new stadium..so…screw them. Do what u need to do Mark. Just stay in California and the Raiders will be fine.

  8. The A’s have a small but rabid fanbase. I was shocked to discover even back when Charlie O’s A’s were winning 3 World Series in a row the team struggled to reach ONE MILLION in attendance. Heck, losers like the Cubs push 3 million a year.

    Oakland just can’t support these sports teams. The town is not much bigger than Madison Wisconsin and is in a financial mess.

    Times change and it’s time to say enough is enough with this playing on a baseball diamond stuff.

  9. Oakland is on the RISE, after all of these Chinese and younger generations are buying up the real estate, the economy is going to skyrocket, Oakland needs to do right by its fans and their teams and build them some new stadiums to be proud of!

  10. What is so hard to figure out about the field. Many outdoor stadiums have artificial turf that would rid the problems about the infield dirt. The turf can be rolled up and rolled out. It your teams so fix your own field or build yourselves a new stadium(s). Why should tax payers foot the bill for stadium when they are then charged outrageous price to attend games. And the players don’t need the outrageou7s salaries they get. Baseball was a family outing by now you have have to mortgage the house to take the family. Get rid of Selig and then put in a salary cap to make it affordable and equal for each team.

  11. Did the Raiders go 8-8 two years in a row about three years ago? Does the past decade include those years?

    I know they aint SB wins, but funny how the jurisprudence around these parts is so so so skewed.

  12. I may not like the Raiders but as a 49er fan I hope that they don’t move out of the Bay Area. It would leave a void for the entire area and Oakland can use all the positive PR it can get.
    Not exactly sure why the Raiders won’t accept going to the new Niners stadium in the interim until they can build a new stadium of their own. I get the sense that Mark Davis would hate that idea but the only other option I can see is moving the team elsewhere.

  13. That field is a danger to not only the home team who has to play on it for 8 games but to those coming in. Cannot believe the NFL allows players to play on that field. And then there’s the danger visiting fans face in the parking lot and stands …but that’s a whole different story.

  14. It’s simply not a major league city.

    Closer to third world.

    MANY more deserving US cities out there that could actually support major league sports.

    “IF” the fade does happen to luck into a new stadium, they wouldn’t need more than 35,000 seats, and could avoid those beautiful tarps they like to trot out there to fill the place up.

  15. The Raiders caused the city and county to rebuild the stadium upon their return. Mark Davis canvassed off Mount Davis to limit capacity assuring the TV money for himself. I could see the city and county being hesitate to work with him. He hasn’t put a competitive team on the field since firing ALL of his dads staff and gutting the players affiliated with his dad. The league offered him the opportunity to share Levi stadium with the 49ers, but he refused their money and assistance. He doesn’t bleed Silver and Black, never has. He is incompetent as a owner and should just sell the team.

  16. Oakland can support these franchises because guess what… it’s not just Oakland. There is a whole east bay area that is a huge fan base for these teams. The A’s fan base has definitely increased over the last two years. The Raiders need to put out a better product and people will go. The facility is a huge drawback for both of these teams. If they get that figured out, it WILL re-invigorate the fanbase. But, I still stand by my stance that the teams should work together to figure out the best outcome.

  17. This is a huge season in Oaktown. If the team surprises and plays well the ground-swell of fan support might provide the push needed to get a stadium deal. If they suck again it’ll be hard to garner support from anyone. Lived in Seattle and watched this happen with the Mariners. They were rumored to be moving to DC, then the team started winning, beat the Yanks in the playoffs. Timely stadium vote and viola – Safeco Field.

  18. it is disgusting for all of these people(mostly niner giants fans)to talk negative about oakland’s sports franchises, i as an oakland native would love to see our teams stay in oakland,ive been rooting for them since i was a kid and have thousands of memories at the coliseum, I HIGHLY SUPPORT COLISUM CITY! of course all the snobby people from san francisco oppose coliseum city cause business is going to decline in san francisco! but guess what???? san francisco is way overly populated and room is scarce, and if our oakland teams do leave which i hope not! the giants and the niners WOULD NEVER FILL THIS VOID IM A OAKLAND RAIDER AND ATHLETIC TILL I DIE, but its obvious that san francisco and oakland will never like each other, so move over san feancisco cause COLISEUM CITY IS GOING TO BE THE NEW ATTRACTION IN THE BAY AREA! cause san francisco might have money and fame but they will never have SPACE and devoted fans ONLY BANDWAGONS!

  19. humb0lt says: Apr 17, 2014 3:58 PM

    Mark Davis should avoid calling anything a travesty unless he’s referring to his own team.
    No team can win consistently over the long haul. Then there’s the Chargers, who haven’t done it once since the merger.

  20. ohhhhhhh really????? them what do u think about the tenderlion, mission district, hunters point and so on! every city has its worst parts, what is also failed to report is that san francisco has the highest homeless population in the bay area and not to mention all the panhandlers and what about all the cars that have been flipped over recently???? tell me about that? is that ghetto or not??? what about their public transportation is littered with criminals in the bad areas and all of the filth people find in bart stations by embarcadero! facts are facts!

  21. I was born in Oakland, raised in San Lorenzo and grew up watching the A’s and Raiders in the “House Of Miracles”. I’ve heard no mention of that nickname for the Oakland Coliseum in years. Anyway, I’d love to see Coliseum City, but if it doesn’t work out…I say partner with MGM or another giant casino, move to Las Vegas and become the “Worlds Team”. A Casino / Coliseum. I see it now…Lavish luxury suites, people coming from around the world, slot machines everywhere, hella bars, Vegas dancing girls at halftime, sports books, free drinks? Why not? No really, Vegas has like a million hotel rooms. With promo’s, comps, vacation packages, Hell they could fill a 150,000 arena NO PROBLEM. Honey, get me and my buddy another Rum and Coke

  22. Show some professionalism and keep the snarky comments to yourself Florio.

    The jabs are really getting old.

  23. Go to LA.Oakland is a dump and a cesspool and isn’t getting any better.They’ve got no money and a crappy fan base.Raider nation in Oakland is so great they trapped off 15,000 seats to avoid blackouts.

  24. 49ersuck says:
    Apr 17, 2014 6:50 PM
    I was born in Oakland, raised in San Lorenzo and grew up watching the A’s and Raiders in the “House Of Miracles”..
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    did you go to slz high, or arroyo high?

  25. el pollo loco u must be a niner fan huh? lol u must be oblivious to the coliseum city project huh???? its ok just stay in your own little bubble of arrogance and ignorance! and keep questing for six!

  26. Being part of the Raider Nation in New York, I gave up flying to Oakland to see them. I go on the road. That stadium is bad. I can’t even see the replays on that tiny screen. Way to small. Go to LA!

  27. Im a die hard Raider Fan that lives in SF and there are parts of SF that are no man’s land, esp after certain hours. Visitation Valley, the Tenderloin, Hunters Pt, Bayview, Mission and 24th. Everyone wants to vilify Oak, but SF as well as ALL MAJOR CITIES have literal war zones e.g. Baltimore, St. Louis, New Jersey, Chicago the list goes on and on as far as NFL teams go.

  28. If ground doesn’t break in the next 12months the Raiders will find a new home. That new or old home will be LA. I prefer Oakland but the Raiders will have no choice. Sad but true.

  29. Raider Nation needs,deserves a new stadium. .i can see a super bowl in Oakland.
    With San Francisco next door Napa Valley WOW..GOOD FOOTBALL GOOD WINE GOOD FOOTBALL. .WOW CAN SEE THAT.


  31. Mark Davis is blowing smoke. He has no where else to go. The Raiders have no fans in or near Santa Clara. That’s a 49ers only stadium. No one is going to build a football stadium in L.A. without having a controlling interest in a team. You want to depend on Mark Davis to make your billion dollar project work? So if Davis wants out of Oakland he needs to sell the team to someone who has the money to build a stadium in L.A.

  32. The Raiders in LA WERE A JOKE. They have maybe 30000 gangbanger fans that will go to 2 games a year. Nobody with money in SoCal did or would support the Raiders LA. The overwhelming majority of southern Californians consider the Raiders not a good fit. In Oakland (although the team sucks doesn’t help) you will get that support. Niners have 8 games a year, and so do we, and for all the money that exists here in NorCal cooperations would invest. Even if they don’t go to the games Google, Facebook, Apple ect would by a suite to a Raiders new stadium. It cost them nothing, at the very least entertainment for clients or employees. LA sucks

  33. The very fact that Mark Davis and the Raiders are still playing in their poor excuse for a stadium is all the evidence that one needs to substantiate the NFL has it in for the Raiders.

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