Report: 49ers not planning to release Aldon Smith


The 49ers may not be inclined to extend linebacker Aldon Smith’s stay until 2015, but that doesn’t mean they’re done with him in 2014.

The team currently doesn’t plan to release Smith, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media.

It’s not a surprise.  Cutting Smith would mean he would get a second chance with another team — possibly another team in the NFC West.  Since he doesn’t have four years of service, however, Smith would be subject to waivers.

Before cutting Smith, the 49ers surely would try to trade him.  Every player with talent gets a second chance, and every coach thinks he’s the guy who can get through to a player who doesn’t get it.

As we’ve previously explained, a pair of off-field incidents falling under the Personal Conduct Policy makes Smith susceptible to a suspension even without resolution of his pending charges.  Also, the 49ers could put Smith on the non-football injury/illness list if the team believes that his alcohol issues have returned, and that he needs further treatment.

35 responses to “Report: 49ers not planning to release Aldon Smith

  1. Big shock.

    Kawakami has no credibility whatsoever when it comes to the teams future plans.

    He’s the guy who also had Harbaugh going to Texas when that proved to have zero legs.

  2. Wait, what? Someone actually thought they might cut one of the best pass rushers in the league who’s making $4mil. this year? After his deal expires maybe they won’t re-sign him, but I can’t believe this is even a story.

  3. He’s good, but he’s a headache. My asking price would be two first rounders if you wanted him. This years, & next years first & he’s all yours.

  4. even though I cant stand the 49ers I hope things turn out fine for the young man…this is something beyond football games its someones life and well being thats at stake..I wish him the best for him and his family thats all i will say on this matter because issues like this put things in perspective RAIDER NATION”.

  5. It’s called the Charles Hayley effect. They don’t want him to haunt the team for seasons to come. Plus if Hayley was playing in today’s nfl you can’t tell me he wouldn’t be worse off than Aldon.

    The 49ers still get flack for trading him away and his problems are common knowledge now. The 9ers lose anyway in the minds of most of these posters that visit this site. Like Hayley I have to believe there is a chemical imbalance with Aldon. Hope he gets the help he needs.

    I know any fan of an nfl team would kill to have his skill set and would want their team to go after him, regardless of these comments that come from people who obviously live in glass houses.

  6. Tim Kawakami has lost all credibility as the “Niners Insider”. This guy reports more crap than TMZ.

    While Aldon has a LOT of growing up to do, it would be crazy for them not to get a high draft pick for him or at least put him on the NFI list to avoid the money they would have to pay him and not have to play against him in the division.

    Besides, if for some miracle Aldon turns things around and straightens up, the Niners have one of the best young players in the league.

  7. Please!
    The 49ers do nothing about players who have guns, multiple DUI’s, speeding tickets, sexual predators (allegedly), yank out brass knuckles in a street fight, make sexually blatant remarks about gays….well the list goes on and on.
    For that matter, neither does the NFL. Every player in the League should be wanting to play there.

  8. Talent vs Trouble. When the trouble outweighs the talent, you’re cut. Smith’s talent exceeds the problems he causes.

  9. Cant get in trouble in GB? Get real!I got news for everyone, unless this guy changes his ways he’s could get in trouble being by himself on a polar ice cap.

  10. Teams should get penalized hard for the behavior of their players…..particularly if those players are given a second chance…

    They know the player is a risk, if they give him a second chance and he fails they lose draft picks.

  11. If he’s an alcoholic, life mixed with booze has a way of knocking the slats out from under you….I speak from experience. Hope he gets into recovery!

  12. Of course he won’t be cut or traded. Back to rehab and all the charges will be forgotten (California legal system for the rich). Plus, Roger must have already told the 49ers that he won’t be suspended until after year.

  13. “Every player with talent gets a second chance, and every coach thinks he’s the guy who can get through to a player who doesn’t get it.”
    Issue is, Smith has gotten a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, now 5th chance?
    Classify him as “A player who doesn’t get it” or ever will.
    But the classy 9ers and Harbaugh will keep him around because he gets to the QB. They don’t care if he’s a menace to society. Wait til he kills someone and the courts take him away instead.

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