Report: Pitt quarterback Tom Savage invited to Draft


As the NFL Draft creeps ever so slowly closer, you’ll hear lots of talk about “late-risers.”

Usually, they’re more cases of the media catching up with what teams have thought all along. Regardless, one of this year’s hot names of the last few weeks is quarterback Tom Savage.

According to Sam Werner of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the former Pitt passer has been invited to New York for the draft, but hasn’t decided whether he’ll attend.

That goes along with reports that there are more teams wanting to talk to him than he has time to talk to, and it’s becoming clear that Savage’s stock is higher than many anticipated.

He has the size and the arm strength teams covet, which could lead him into the late-first, early-second round neighborhood.

Which side of that line he’s on, and how much he likes sitting around a green room, could ultimately influence his choice to attend the proceedings.

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  1. It’s guys like this who end up having careers like Montana and Brady. Under the radar while in college. Not making a big splash. 3rd round or later success story.

  2. Wow. Gil Brandt is responsible for selecting the Green Room guys, and Gil is as plugged in as anyone in the country prior to the draft. Savage looks like Blek! Bortles with a better arm.

  3. Very interesting. Sounds like the powers that be have inside information that Savage is going to go much higher than originally anticipated.

    Honestly, this year’s QB class has scouts split on more QBs than I can ever recall in a given draft class.

    Manziel is held in high esteem by some, while others would touch him until round three.

    Bridgewater was the original choice to head the class, but has fallen because of poor workouts,

    Bortles and Mettenberger have the measurables, but their play didn’t always measure up in college.

    Murray is coming off an ACL injury that capped an excellent college career.

    McCarron is ranked anywhere from serviceable backup to game manager to potential quality starter.

    Garappolo could be taken anywhere from round 1 to round 4.

    And now Savage, orginally considered a late round prospect, is getting invited to the draft?

    Draft weekend should be VERY interesting.

  4. Think this kid could be a solid player but starting to think he has an even better agent! Went from possibly going undrafted to 1st rd prospect in a month. Remember Drew Rosenhaus calling Willis McGahee at the draft while sitting right next to him, pretending to be an NFL team?!

  5. If the right team gets this guy and have him sit and learn the ends and out of the pros the sky’s the limit for this guy…I would invest a late 2nd round on him higher picks have been wasted on worse looking prospects

  6. Savage, do yourself a favor and stay home to watch the draft with your family on TV. I will never forget the Aaron Rogers debacle and how I felt so embarrassed from him.

  7. See, Blake Bortles? See?? Been saying it for months! “Tom Savage” == full dancecard.

  8. provguard says: Apr 17, 2014 5:39 PM

    Savage, do yourself a favor and stay home to watch the draft with your family on TV. I will never forget the Aaron Rogers debacle and how I felt so embarrassed from him.
    I think Rodgers got over it, and probably drew some motivation from it, but I don’t know what Savage would have to gain from attending the draft.

  9. fwippel says:
    Apr 17, 2014 5:


    You forgot Derek Carr, my personal favorite.

    I’ve been right over the years (Favre) and wrong (Ponder) just to name two ‘2nd tier’ guys being better than the rest.

  10. If there’s a massive run at quarterbacks at the beginning of the draft (which could happen even though there’s a lot of ‘smokescreen’), keep your eye out for the Patriots late in the first round. We all know Belichick is one to trade around in the draft, so it’s possible that he could flip their first rounder to a team in the top five (Houston?) for their second rounder and some change.

    This will be a really intriguing draft because no one has a clue which quarterback will go where, which one(s) suffers a surprising fall down the draft boards (may/may not be Bridgewater), or who even which one goes first…and to who.

  11. How mush are they charging him for his tickets? I got invited to…checked the website and got great seats.

  12. He hasn’t been hyped like Johnny Football, so it’s not embarrassing if he’s still sitting there at the end of round one. I’d go just to tell my kids about it some day. It’s gotta be a spectacle you’ll remember for a lifetime.

  13. Phil Savage?

    Isn’t that the guy who runs the combine or the senior bowl or something like that?

  14. Wonder what kind of freebies he will get for sitting around at the draft? I wish him luck and do not underestimate him. There have been a few fairly decent QBs come out of that area.

  15. Wow, any former first rounders come to mind who bailed on a pair of schools (Rutgers, Arizona) after coming up second in a QB competition?

  16. Not sure what season I watched but this guy is pretty ordinary IMHO. 3 schools in five years. Didn’t crack 60% completion until his senior season. He turns 24 later this month. I just kind of don’t get it.

  17. I wonder if a team like the Bengals would draft him? He does have arm strength, and that is the Bengals’ weakness.

  18. I get it that one of the coaches he bailed on was Schiano… no faulting him for that. But still… three schools in five years has to raise at least a few questions.

  19. he needs to pack for three days if he’s attending. at least he’ll get some alone time in the green room all by himself that is if he’s ok with carrying on with the aaron rodgers wet puppy look during his draft day slide.

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