Rolando McClain reinstated from reserve/retired list

Linebacker Rolando McClain, who last played in 2012 with Oakland, has been reinstated from the reserve/retired list, the NFL disclosed in its Thursday transactions.

The Ravens hold McClain’s rights. He recently had a workout with Baltimore, but he did not perform especially well, according to multiple published reports.

It remains to be seen how the Ravens will proceed with the 24-year-old McClain. The Ravens commence offseason workouts on Monday, and were McClain on the roster, he could take part in the activities.

According to a 2008 Washington Post report on Brett Favre’s reinstatement from retirement, a player, once reinstated, has 24 hours to be added to the roster, given his release or traded to another club.

McClain recorded 246 tackles in three seasons with the Raiders, who took him eighth overall in the 2010 draft. The club released him last April.

18 responses to “Rolando McClain reinstated from reserve/retired list

  1. We will see what happens. I wouldn’t think that they would just release him right away but that’s me. I don’t see a way putting him on the roster for off-season workouts could hurt. Can always release him down the line.

  2. The Baltimore Sun reports that the Ravens reinstated McClain. I can’t see why they would do that just to release him. They could have released him without reinstating him. I get the feeling Ozzie is just kicking the tires before the draft.

  3. What did all of Raider Nation do with all those thousands of McClain jerseys you guys bought?

    Did you cut them up for dust rags or hide them at the back of your closet?

    You guys talked smack saying he was a bigger version of Willis when instead he was a bust.

    Iron Sharpens Iron

  4. Not the first in an rather long list of recent Bama defenders who have failed to deliver in the NFL… but undoubtedly the most disappointing. And I say that as a Bama fan.

  5. And everyone of the Jean Paul Sartre’s (look it up) making comments have all kinds of wit and wisdom but if McClain succeeds they will be the first to say they foretold it. These are the same people who were there when Ruth broke the home run record. And were there when Aaron did too. SMH

  6. 246 tackles making 40 million. Do the math, over 150k per tackle. You gotta love America and the Raiders.

  7. what is Baltimore trying to prove by keeping him on the roster ?? seems to me the Harbaugh brothers will do anything for attention as Raven Nation still try blame Raiders for his typical laziness …you may have won 2 super bowls but Raiders won 3 ..put that in your book

  8. After reinstatement the team has 24 hours to put him on the roster, trade or release him. Failing the conditioning test is not something he would get released for. Being late, however… BuhBye!

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