Stephen Ross likely to be once again shutout by Florida legislature

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Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has been having a hard time in the Florida legislature.

Last year, his effort to procure legislation that would allow Miami-Dade County residents to vote on a potential tax increase for stadium renovations died in the Sunshine State’s lawmaking body.  This year, Ross submitted an anti-bullying bill.  As explained by Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, it’s headed for the same fate.

The Dolphins don’t seem to be as upset about this year’s developments as they were last year, when the team claimed that Speaker of the House Will Weatherford reneged on a promise to bring the stadium proposal to the floor for a vote.

“There were some concerns that were raised to us about some aspects of the implementation,” Dolphins lobbyist Ron Book said.  “By the time we reworked it, time had just really run out.  With all the meaningful changes in law, it sometimes takes more than one year to get there. In this case, it was exactly that situation.”

The bill incorporated suggestions from researchers at NYU aimed at stopping bullying.  Ross championed the cause in the wake of the 2013 bullying scandal that rocked the franchise and the rest of the NFL.

As to the stadium situation, Ross has decided to proceed on his own.  As to the bullying proposal, there’s no viable alternative to patience.

12 responses to “Stephen Ross likely to be once again shutout by Florida legislature

  1. Florida could be the only state in America that doesn’t give two hoots about their wealthy business men. Yet… who do the Politicians run to for Financial Donations to help them win a political race? I hope Ross gives millions to opposite party.

  2. Ross just needs to sell this team!!! Girlie logo & he don’t know how to negotiate anything!!! The Dolphins will probably be the new team that goes to L.A. for idiot Goodell, just watch!!! Thanks Ross for ruining a once great franchise with stupidity!!!

  3. No city/county/state should be paying for a professional sports franchise’s stadium or stadium upgrades.

  4. The lack of interest in this Story based on comments shows the following:

    1. Everyone know the Dolphins are past all the BS and will be making headlines playing football now. The AFCE is no longer the Patriots by default.

    2. Florida politics is and always will be the most crooked in the US.

    3. The Bully thing was nonsense and completely fabricated to appease the fans and make the NFL look like they got everything under control.

  5. There is a part of me that wants Ross to move the team. I am a Dolfan but it just seems there is one hurdle after another for a stadium seriously in need of updating. The longer this goes on the more I hate the Miami Marlins.

  6. I wish the fans would shutout Stephen LOSS until he sells the team and FIRES JOE PHILBIN!

    Two games left, control of your destiny, playing two teams MATHEMATICALLY ELIMINATED BEFORE PLAYING THEM, LOSES BOTH, and the coach keeps his job! EXPLAIN THIS TO ME!

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