T.J. Ward: We’re trying to be one of the best defenses in the world


On Wednesday, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning said that the team needed to reestablish its identity for the 2014 season after shuffling their roster in the wake of their Super Bowl loss against the Seahawks.

One of those new arrivals has a suggestion of what that new identity should look like. Safety T.J. Ward said that everybody on the defensive side of the ball is looking to “make a statement from point go, from the first preseason game” so that opponents no longer go into games against Denver worried only about the Manning-led offense.

“As good as the Broncos offense was last year, you see what happens when you get put up against a stout defense and an offense that can pretty much manage and make some plays here and there,” Ward said, via Tom Pelissero of USA Today. “We’re sending a message right now that we’re coming in not only trying to be one of the top offenses in the league, but one of the top defenses in the world and get that Super Bowl ring.”

The additions of Ward, defensive end DeMarcus Ware and cornerback Aqib Talib were designed to make the Broncos defense a more formidable unit in the coming season and a healthy return for linebacker Von Miller is another reason to think that better days are ahead on that side of the ball. Whether that changes the identity of the team from the offense-centric one of 2013 remains to be seen, but it should make the Broncos a more balanced team when they next take the field.

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  1. Hope you can stay healthy TJ. Was sad to see you leave the orange and brown, especially when you went to Denver which I hate but I’ll root for you to succeed there as long as you aren’t playing the Browns.

  2. Denver didn’t just lose in the Super Bowl. They were humiliated on both sides of the ball— outcoached and outplayed. The defense is not the only part of their team that needs to improve when it matters the most.

  3. In the world? why not the whole universe? The Broncos might want to think about rethinking the QB position first. In the end, Manning has one more playoff win in a Broncos uniform than Tebow. Think about it.

  4. basically what the broncos did was stack the deck for the next 2 years and after that they are going to collapse because they wont be able to afford all the big name guys and everyone will leave

  5. Been a long time since anybody on the Broncos D has had the confidence to do any talking whatsoever. I like TJ, DW, and AT; fans of the Broncos would be ecstatic to leave behind the track meet football games and see some nasty (AKA Seahawks) defensive play on game day. Atwater is in legend in Bronco’s Country T.J.

  6. They will have a good D this year. I still think Carolina will end up having the scariest defense in the league this year.

    2014 top five defenses:

    1. Carolina
    2. Seattle
    3. Arizona
    4.New Orleans

  7. Love everything about this guy. Defense is about emotion
    and attitude. He could really end up being the best free agent pickup of the year. The seahawks are good mainly because of their overall attitude, d line depth and Earl thomas (Sorry Dick Sherman is an over-rated garbage man). Talent infusion will definitely make broncos d better but the passion of Ward and the leadership of Ware are what make it possible that Denver’s D could become great.
    For the haters:
    1. Seahawks need to stop the Dynasty talk. Way too many
    close games during the regular season for that.
    2. The last time an aging qb with a questionable playoff
    record took a loaded broncos team with a good
    defense to the playoffs it ended with 2 rings. Think on
    that! PS that team was made with free agents too.
    3. Elway is near perfect in free agency. All he does is win.
    4. All the contracts are front-loaded with guarantees so
    they are voidable after a year or two so keep dreaming
    if you are waiting for the broncos to fall off into cap hell
    a la Dallas Cowboys

  8. metitometin says:
    Apr 17, 2014 2:47 PM

    Shouldn’t TJ be suspended for a year after that pathetic cheap shot he gave Gronk? That was an absolute disgrace.


    The rest of the world was too focused on the refs flat out handing the Pats that win.

    I’ll miss TJ in Cleveland, but he was always a liability in coverage. He lays quite the thumping though.

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