Carr believes there’s a “very good chance” he’ll go in round one

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Today’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN includes a visit from former Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr.  The younger brother of 2002 first overall pick David Carr, some think Derek could be a first-rounder, too.

Derek believes it could happen, based on everything he has been hearing.

“I would say there’s a very good chance,” Carr said in an interview to be played on Friday’s broadcast.  “Just from what coaches have told me, something I’ve heard from General Managers.  I’d say that the chances of it happening are very good.”

The chances of the full interview being shown during Friday’s show are very good, too.  The chances of Ravens defensive lineman Chris Canty joining the program as a guest analysis are even better.

The chances of you answering the poll question posted below will be 100 percent, at the moment you answer it.

The chances of you tuning in at 5:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN are hopefully closer to 100 percent than zero.  The chances of me holding my breath or any other bodily function for it are precisely zero.

13 responses to “Carr believes there’s a “very good chance” he’ll go in round one

  1. Interesting. Living in Fresno I saw most all of his games. IMO his brother was better then him and we know how that turned out. Derek was good in a weak conference, but when he played higher caliber teams he struggled and looked over matched. IMO he’s going to be a repeat of his brother. BUT, he’s a great kid and I hope he succeeds and proves me wrong.

  2. This is like picking low-hanging fruit.
    Aaron Rodgers thought he would go in the top 10.
    Geno Smith thought he would go on the first day.
    These QB’s heads are spinning around from all the crap these GM’s tell them before the draft.
    They should learn to say something that doesn’t make them look like rubes when they don’t get drafted where they think.

  3. Carr will go to the Raiders with there first pick in the second round.

    This is a deep draft for talented QB’s. Everyone will remember his brother, but Reggie will not be afraid to draft him.

  4. People. Comparing him to his brother need to remember his brother wasnt a terrible qb, he was just a qb taken by a team that had played as many pro games as he had. He was sacked more times in 3 years than peyton mannjng has his whole career and he never got a real shot. I dont watch much college ball so I have no idea how this kid will do but even going to the browns or jags hes still better off than his brother was. Plus hes coming into a much more qb friendly league. So we will see

  5. Ravens should draft him as a sorta Carr-redo. And because he’s better than their current QB.

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