Dominik predicts a slide for Manziel

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Teddy Bridgewater isn’t the only 2014 quarterback prospect who received a dire prognosis from former Buccaneers G.M. Mark Dominik on Friday.  Via Rotowold, Dominik also had some bad news for Johnny Manziel.

Dominik, who now works for ESPN, said on the air that Manziel “will fall a little more than people think” in the draft.

This assessment presumes that a consensus currently exists as to where Manziel will go.  It doesn’t.

As time passes, it seems less likely the Texans would use the first overall pick in the draft on Manziel.  After that, it gets fuzzy.  Could a team spring in front of Jacksonville (No. 3) and Cleveland (No. 4) to get Manziel with the No. 2 selection currently held by the Rams?  Possibly.

If he gets past No. 2 (and he likely will), the hot spots become Jacksonville, Cleveland, Oakland at No. 5 (very unlikely), Tampa Bay at No. 7, Minnesota at No. 8, and Tennessee at No. 11.

The Cowboys at No. 16 could be very intrigued by Manziel.  Perhaps sufficiently intrigued to trade up.

If Manziel makes it past the first half of the round, the question then becomes whether a team from round two would trade up in front of the Browns at No. 26, if the Browns don’t take a quarterback at No. 4.  After the Browns, it then becomes possible if not probable that a team springs into the first round, where a four-year contract and a one-year option would apply.

We’d be shocked if Manziel isn’t taken in the first round.  His actual placement in round one, whatever it may be, won’t be a surprise.

53 responses to “Dominik predicts a slide for Manziel

  1. He’s getting picked with the Patriots’ pick, whether the Patriots are the ones taking him or not.

  2. There is absolutely no indication that the Texans are taking Clowney over a QB…The Texans aren’t giving away anything. Look at the the list of Texans pre-draft visits…There is not one of the second tier QBs on the list except Garropolo (and that doesn’t count as it occurred before the Pro Days for Manziel, Bortles and Bridgewater). If the Texans were passing on a QB why would they not take a look at other QBs like Carr, Mettlenburger, Savage, etc. ANSWER…Because they aren’t.

  3. In Mark Dominik’s tenure as Bucs GM, the team went 28-52 with no playoff appearances. I think his assessment of Manziel mirrors his success as a GM

  4. Manzeil will go in the top 8. Five of those teams need a qb. Bridgewater is the qb that will slide not Johnny Football.

  5. Yeah and Dominik also felt that Josh Freeman was worthy of the 17th pick in the first round. Top notch evaluating there. Now I’m just waiting to her Matt Millen’s opinion on which WRs should go in the 1st round

  6. ok, lets see. how many times have i personally watched what becomes painfully obvious to a average fan like me or heard coaches at any level (well, college or pro) say what a qb needs to be, to be great. it`s not size, plenty of “little men” have made it. ie, montana, brees etc. a cannon for an arm? i can`t count the number of cannons that failed. they always seem to mention two things that have nothing to do with the fore mentioned quality’s, reading defenses and accuracy. are not those two things this guy does very well? also, another thing he seems to have going for him is leadership. has anyone heard his teammates say he was not a good leader? i don`t know but from what i can see he will make a great pro qb. but what do average fans like us know?

  7. Little bobby griffen has proven that a little talent and even a benching can give a franchise untold millions. Texans will take Manziel.

  8. This clown might not last as long as Tim Tebow did in the NFL.

    This screams like a massive busy pick for Jerry Jones.

  9. I keep watching his highlights and their mostly him running all over the place….when he throws it the ball looks like he drop kicked it…..but his stats are impressive and he did do well against SEC teams..i like his swagger….very confused if Browns should take this guy…hes gonna either be the next big thing or a big bust…..Bortles or Carr seem to be much safer options, but would not generate the excitement that we could use here in Cleveland….but if is game turns south real fast the excitement would turn into misery ….ahhh what to do…and will he even be their at 4# …..they say hes gonna drop but how do u pass on the most polarizing player in collage football when u need a QB so desperately..

  10. Minnesota should take Aaron Murray from Georgia, if they want a QB for the future. Cassel can handle it this year. But they’ll probably take Manziel if he falls that far. The fans will rejoice because they have misplaced patience. They think being patient is waiting for a championship. It’s not. Patience is building from within and putting yourself in a position to win. The exception to that rule is the occasional lightning in a bottle, like Favre. But all that does is whip the fans into an all-in all-now frenzy…..which ultimately leads to continued disappointment. Aaron Murray. If the Vikings don’t take him, they will wish they had two years from now.

  11. Slide is a good word for Manziel, where ever he is picked, his slide will continue until the day arrives that everybody finally realizes the guy is not a NFL Qb. Just like Tebow, one team thinks he is worth a first round pick, then another team trades a lower draft choice to discover what the other 31 teams already knew, that he can’t play Qb.

  12. The Cowboys ‘may’ be ‘intrigued by’ and ‘could possibly’ trade up to get Manzeil? Seriously? You seriously think that’s even a remote possibility?


  13. This shaping up to be one of the most interesting drafts in resent history. Usually there is a pretty good idea of who will be taking a qb round 1 and who the first overall will be. This year it seems that the majority of the teams that need a qb could go in a different direction round 1 and the guy that was a lock to be no.1 (Clowney) just a few months ago could be dropping a few spots. May 8th is going to be fun! Can’t wait!

  14. There’s no such thing as a draft expert. None of them ever get more than the first few picks right and often not even that many.

    All these pre draft evaluations and mock drafts are largely the blithering of fools. I would live to have a job where I could be so wrong so much of the time and get paid what these guys do. Most people are held to a far higher standard with their work.

  15. I can not get my head round these ex GMs giving us their opinions when they have been average at best at evaluating talent. I suppose they get were they are by having thick skin and not caring what people say. Lets face it he is at ESPN because he has had experience in that roll but mostly because he has the looks not because he is any good at evaluating talent.

  16. Those that compare Manziel to Tebow do not watch football.

    Manziel can throw the ball, Tebow just can’t, from an NFL perspective.

    Manziel is smart, and has the full head-on desire to win, unlike Leaf.

    No, I do NOT see a bust at all. He can throw the ball with accuracy AND velocity AND is nimble.

    I would take him in a heartbeat…….70% passer in the SEC people.

    He will be a franchise QB, and I hope the Vikings do take him.

  17. as long as he doesent land in Cleveland I will be happy . I smell disaster with this kid . to unorthodox to many question marks about him for my taste .

    has there ever been a more polarizing QB ever ?people are either all in for him or don’t want anything to do with him .

    Gooo Browns . time to turn this thing around !

  18. Being that I’m in SEC country, I saw a lot of Manziel. He’s a very exciting player. With that said, he threw alot of balls to Evans that the kid just went and took from DB’s. Not sure if he’ll have that luxury in the NFL.

    If the NFL has shown us anything in it’s entire history it’s that running QB’s “always” get hurt. When you look at tape, the runs he makes in college will not work in the NFL.

    One thing is for sure, their is always a team picking in the draft that does something odd and the entire board of the 1st round get’s flipped. It will be interesting to see.

  19. Watching highlights of Manziel so many of his passes should’ve been intercepted… But he faced mediocre DBs. College DBs at that. In any NFL game thy would’ve been intercepted. Plus, you don’t want a loose cannon as QB? That kid doesn’t understand discipline at all. I don’t think maturity is in his vocabulary either. Bottles is probably the surest bet as an NFL QB because he’s a disciplined pocket passer who uses his legs when he needs to, not the O Line is getting pushed back a yard.

  20. Pretty clear this guy will make some GM look like a genius or get him fired – one or the other.

    That said, seems like Cleveland and/or Jacksonville desperately need a jolt of adrenaline – about the only time people talk about them is if they blown a big lead and what they’ll do with the high draft choice they get every year. To me, Manziel is no riskier than trading up to take a guy from Delaware (Joe Flacco) or taking an obscure guy from the MAC (Ben Roesthlesberger). As Russell Wilson certInly proved that QBs do not have to fit a particular archetype – they just need to win. I hope one of these franchises takes a chance.

  21. Dominik is being lead by his co-worker Jaws. Neither of them like Johnny Football. They could be wright.

  22. If Johnny falls as far as some predict, he should count his blessings. The further you fall, the better the team you end up playing for

  23. Falling in the draft would be the best thing for him as he more likely to end up with a team that has a better O line and sit the bench to learn. That said, I am not sure any team can find a helmet to fit his big head.

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