Isaiah Crowell just hoping an NFL team gives him a chance

In 2011, although South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney immediately made his presence known in college football, the reporters who covered the SEC voted Georgia running back Isaiah Crowell as the conference’s freshman of the year.

Three years later, while Clowney (who was voted freshman of the year by the SEC’s coaches) is a candidate to be the first overall pick in the draft, Crowell is just hoping some NFL team will give him a chance. Crowell was kicked off the Georgia team after he was arrested in the summer after his freshman year, and he spent the last two seasons playing at Alabama State.

Now Crowell tells the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that when he talks to NFL teams, conversations always circle back to his off-field issues, even though charges were eventually dropped in connection with the weapons charges that led to his dismissal at Georgia.

Crowell is talented enough that there would be no doubts about his ability to make it in the NFL if he didn’t have any off-field issues. But because he does have off-field issues, it’s unclear where — or whether — he’ll be drafted. Crowell ran for 1,121 yards and 15 touchdowns last year at Alabama State, and that performance may have been enough to convince some team that he’s worth a draft pick. Just not as high a pick as he would have been had he stayed out of trouble and stayed at Georgia.

11 responses to “Isaiah Crowell just hoping an NFL team gives him a chance

  1. So the guy was arrested and had the charges dropped? And it was 3 or 4 years ago? And he hasn’t been in trouble since? These scouts really out do themselves if he doesn’t get drafted solely because of that.

  2. Also, pushing the draft back was one of Goodell’s worst idea yet. And that’s saying something, because he’s had quite a few horrible ones.

  3. Just because the charges were dropped doesn’t mean he didn’t put himself (on several occasions) in bad position, and made bad choices. With how things are going now adays with players with questionable character in college are translating to even worse behavior as a pro (example: aldon smith, Aaron Hernandez) why wouldn’t NFL management teams be somewhat irked at the thought of taking him?

  4. would like if the Bears take a shot at him with their 2nd 6th rd. pick. If he doesn’t work out, you aren’t out anything. low risk, high reward.

  5. If YOU PPL take take all players that have misdemeanors and other droped or petty chargers you wouldnt have anything to enjoy sun-mon

  6. Bringing a gun with a shaved off serial number onto campus isn’t a petty crime…it was also just the straw that broke the camels back…do some research he’s character concerns go way back.

  7. I don’t think we have the full story. If that talented of a player is kicked out of an SEC school and NFL scouts are leery of him, there’s probably more there than we know.

  8. Yet, pleading guilty to Sexual Battery (and having charges of underage drinking, disorderly conduct dropped due the guilty plea) and getting kicked out of Georgia doesn’t seem to be holding back the big, dopey QB from LSU any…

    Getting charged for failure to identify, underage drinking, resiting arrest as a freshman, and getting so hammered you slept in on a football camp, suspicion of signing autographs for money, more underage drinking is all just “boys being boys” if you got the right “look” to ya.


  9. We all know that the NFL has a light tolerance on rape and sexual harassment ask Farve and Big Ben meanwhile 5+ yrs later Mike Vick case is brought up everytime he steps on the field all I’m saying is that ppl are so quick to write a 19 yr old kid off for making mistake but if Richt would’ve kept him around and him and Gurley would’ve brought a title to UGA he would’ve been labeled a kid who learned from his mistake

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