Mark Dominik: Teddy Bridgewater’s problems go beyond Pro Day


Former Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater’s draft stock has appeared to decline dramatically in recent weeks, as a disappointing Pro Day has led to talk that he’s not the potential No. 1 overall pick that he was proclaimed to be during the 2013 season. But one NFL personnel man says that in reality, Bridgewater’s stock was never that high to begin with.

Mark Dominik, the former Buccaneers general manager who now serves as an analyst for ESPN, said on NFL Live that he doesn’t believe Bridgewater’s Pro Day is a problem so much as his skinny frame, as well as the fact that Bridgewater didn’t always look like an elite passer on tape.

“There were things you saw on tape when you watched him,” Dominik said. “Something that scouts internally, we talked about it in Tampa with Teddy Bridgewater last year. Is he really the premiere quarterback? I like the young man, I think he’s a quality individual, he’s got character and leadership and those things. But this is a quarterback, and you’re judged by what quarterback you draft, and I think Teddy Bridgewater might not have all the pieces you’re looking for.

Dominik indicated that if teams with Top 5 picks like the Texans, Jaguars and Browns are interested in Bridgewater, their interest is in hoping Bridgewater falls all the way out of the first round and is still available early in the second round. That’s a long fall from where most people thought Bridgewater would be drafted.

82 responses to “Mark Dominik: Teddy Bridgewater’s problems go beyond Pro Day

  1. All of these issues about Teddy, as if Manziel doesnt have some issues also. Yet, Manziel stock is rising and Teddy’s is falling. Interesting

  2. He’s a bust. Draft Bortles or Carr. The only two guys worth using a first round pick at qb. If Johnny football was 3 inches taller I would also say he is a number 1 but unlike Wilson and brees I don’t think he has the footwork needed to be elite at that hight.

  3. I think, as with most positions, that the personal interview is as important as the physical abilities. What was his wonderlic score. What is his personal commitment to a multitude of things? Most importantly how is he with scrapping a lot of what he learned in the college game to improve on his pro game and the effort it will take to do that? Then there’s the part that he cannot control. Who’s the right person to teach him? I think someone like Russell Wilson benefitted a lot more by being drafted by PC than he would’ve, say, Rex Ryan. Look at what Shan did with RG3. I’d have to say that Shan put him back a year of development. If I were coming into the league this year, with Teddy’s stock and potential, I wouldn’t be worried about 1st round or not but I’d be hoping it was with a team with a game plan.

  4. Teddy Bilgewater is a future Hall of Famer!!! The Vikings really need to draft him at #8!!! Do it, Spielman!!!!!!

    The rest of the NFC North.

  5. Pretty sad QB class when Geno Smith would be the best of this group if he were coming out this year!

  6. So ESPN got a former Bucs gm to replace Lombarturd and I’m supposed to believe what he says? Please, stop it.

  7. If you don’t think he can become a quality starter in the NFL, why would you spend a second-round pick on him? Seems like the fourth round is when you start taking backup quarterbacks.

  8. This is coming from a guy that thought Josh Freeman was worth a 1st Round pick so who cares what he thinks, he’s not a qualified scout and has a horrible track record over many years.

  9. Every time I saw him play he looked a cut above every other player. So much pre draft disinformation going around

  10. If Dominik is such a great talent evaluator what led to the mess in Tampa and his being shown the door?

  11. He has all the intangibles and he’s a quality passer. A better prospect than Russel Wilson was coming out. If you think he can be your starting QB, he’s worth a first round pick. The weight thing can’t be that big of an issue. He weighs more than Manziel.

  12. The skinny frame comments are odd coming from Dominik who drafted the ultra-thin Mike Glennon. The NFL combine website has Bridgewater at 6’2 214 pounds while Glennon is listed at 6’6″ and around 225.

  13. LOL at the truth with the Greg Schiano context

    Schiano was never a qualified HC… dude coached 10+ yrs at Rutgers w 1 win vs a ranked team (and that was at home vs a LV team that finished unranked)

    I believe the TB owner is really Bernie from Weekend at Bernies…

  14. yeah domindork you set my franchise back years go draft freeman or the two out of five years we have no picks left from the draft, McCoy and david the only two good picks out of what five years 30 or so picks

  15. he’d know….he pinned his former franchise’s hopes on the great Josh Freeman and Mike Glennon in his stint as a GM when his team constantly finished in a top 10 draft position over his tenure. Let’s go ask Mike Tannenbaum, Billy Devaney, or Jerry Angelo what they think about QBs in this draft , too while we’re at it, lol. Too funny.

  16. The only thing missing is how “wellspoken” he is.

    Dominik, you’re a D-Bag.

  17. Just remember, Dominik was fired because the team he assembled didn’t perform so well, right??

    I believe Bridgewater is a solid pro prospect, but not an immediate starter. He would be served well to be selected by a team looking towards the future 2 maybe 3 years down the road. He would greatly benefit by riding the pines behind a veteran starter who might be in the later stages of his career, just like Aaron Rodgers watched for 3 years behind Favre.
    How about the Cowboys, Cardinals, New Orleans, Denver, Giants, Chargers. Each of these teams has a QB with 11 years of service or more.

  18. Considering some of the personnel they have had in Tampa Bay over the past few years, I wouldn’t take too much out of his opinion.

    Secondly, if Trent Dilfer can win a Super Bowl, just about anyone can with a Defense and Running game…

  19. So says the guy that drafted Josh Freeman (bust) and Mike Glennon (soon to be bust)…then again, he knows how to draft crappy QBs. Bigger question…how can ESPN hire a guy that went 28-52 with 1 (yes ONE) winning season and no playoff appearances during his time as GM? Not exactly a football authority on anything…but losing.

  20. I guess Bridgewater is this year’s Geno Smith. He’ll go to the Titans or Chargers. Between an aging Philip Rivers, and 3 guys in Jake Locker, Charlie Whitehurst, and Kellen Clemens, Teddy would be a wise choice.

  21. I remember thinking people were being hard on Teddy Bridgewater. I actually went back to watch some of his games and does that kid ever throw ducks. I even flipped through season highlight packages on his big plays and maybe one or two tight spirals in two complete videos.

    In the NFL where being opened is tiny window compared to college’s 2 yards separation it’s going to be a big deal. Call me crazy but I think the only QB this year worthy of a 1st round pick is Johnny Football.

  22. Kiper has him going to the Texans in the second round. If he’s got a Russell Wilson kind of drive, the Texans will get great value for him in the second round.

    But, this IS misinformation time right now in the draft…

  23. Anybody comparing him to Brady must forget Brady was not a first round pick. Burn a 6th round pick on this guy and maybe he will bulk up, maybe he won’t. I wouldn’t draft any of these guys in the first round. Too much of a reach. You don’t have that Andrew Luck talent to single handedly turn a franchise around in this draft, and all of the QB needy teams have more needs than just QB. There are elite type WR, DL, OL, and LB that would be a more wise choice for any of these teams rather than reaching for a QB.

  24. thebirdofprey2 says: Apr 18, 2014 6:44 PM

    I remember thinking people were being hard on Teddy Bridgewater. I actually went back to watch some of his games and does that kid ever throw ducks………..

    ……….Call me crazy but I think the only QB this year worthy of a 1st round pick is Johnny Football.

    Criticizes Bridgewater for throwing “ducks”, then claims Johnny Jump-ball is the only one worthy of a 1st round pick?

    Yeah, you are crazy. Manziel chucks them up there like he’s Matt Stafford throwing to Calvin Johnson. Unfortunately for Manziel, he won’t have a Calvin Johnson to beat out three defenders for all those jump-balls.

  25. I’ll never understand how a player gets evaluated on his tape. Is viewed as a 1st round pick and falls because of a workout. Akili Smith and Kyle Boller had great workouts, were elevated in the draft because of them, and preceded to be the same flawed players that their game tape showed. I can understand using workouts as tie-breaker for two equally skilled players. Those rare cases aside, game tape should be paramount.

  26. I totally agree with Dominik. He couldnt even hit wide open receivers with no defense and was throwing wobbling ducks in his Pro Day. What makes anyone think he can handle NFL defenses?

  27. All these “experts” that knock the kid because he has too slight of build need to come up with other problems with him. All teams have wt. rooms & strength coaches. What about Drew Brees @ 6.0′ 209lbs. Not exactly Godzilla. Just say the kid isn’t that good would make more sense.

  28. It’s unfair but he has the stench of Geno Smith on him, so all the rats are coming out and taking little nibbles out of him to justify all of the “rumor talk”. He’s being judging largely because his style if much like Geno’s and they share the same skin color, just like Aaron Rodgers was judged for no other reason than he was a Jed Tedford product. When you got another bust’s stink on you ,whether fair or not, it’s impossible to get it off. Prove them wrong, Teddy.

  29. Can someone name minimum 3 solid draft picks made under Mark Dominik’s watch as examples of his eye for talent and his insight? This is a genuine question. Im honestly curious.

  30. I agree that Dominik was a horrible G.M. but you can’t discredit the guy’s opinion solely based on that. He’ invested many years in the sport and had to be very knowledgeable to get to the position he was in. He just wasn’t cut to run the show, as a lot of front office personnel learn every January.

  31. Seriously how can you use college highlights?
    A wide open WR catches a 10 yd pass and turns it into a 80 yd TD untouched sure looks good on the stat sheet or a RB/QB runs 50 yds for a TD untouched. Scores like 66-7 proves nothing … that’s why they are so many busts.

  32. “… he doesn’t believe Bridgewater’s Pro Day is a problem so much as his skinny frame, as well as the fact that Bridgewater didn’t always look like an elite passer on tape.”

    Didn’t Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl tape teach you that no QB looks elite on every game tape?

  33. Who even listens to the likes of Mark Dominik or Matt Millen. I would rather chew tin foil than listen to them. How can TV networks hire GM’s and coaches that were complete failures “as their experts”?

  34. I can never take former GM that ESPN air when they try to elevate talent when they they have terrible track records. At the combine he came in at 214 and there is a thing called offseason program and teams have weight rooms so i’m sure Teddy can put on another 6-8 pounds easily. Oh and yeah i’m sure you probably thought that Freeman had everything you look for in a quarterback and always looked elite on tape

  35. Maybe Teddy will have last laugh as a smaller shorter QB goes before him to a low performing team, while he gets selected by a better team that does not expect much from him right away. Such as New Orleans, San Francisco, or Pittsburgh. He won’t go top 10 but should hope to go at the bottom pick where things will be brighter. Good luck with Houston or Jax Johnny.

  36. He is becoming this years Geno Smith..its amazing how a player can have great success on the field and he is now becoming the incredibly dropping draft prospect..

  37. This dude is a 3rd-4th rounder at best. Without a doubt, Manziel is the best of this group now, followed by McCarron. Then Carr.

  38. Regardless of Dominik’s credibility, you can’t argue that Bridgewater didn’t look like crap in all of his pro days. No accuracy, no sense of timing, no zip or spiral on the ball, nothing. If he plays at all like how he’s performed in any of his workouts, he’s going to throw a ton of picks.

  39. Always makes me laugh that the word of a fired GM on talent evaluation rates a story. Soooo, is he all of a sudden a genius?

  40. 1st round picks are for players teams think can come in and help the team immediately. If they think him sitting on the bench for a year or two would help the team, a 2nd round pick is totally justifiable.

  41. Bridgewater IS a franchise-grade QB, just not a day-one starter.

    If the right team drafts him and has the will and discipline to “redshirt” him for a year(or ideally two) he would almost undoubtedly be a franchise QB and perennial star.

    He needs time to grow stronger, to perfect his release, to learn to read defenses intuitively.

    No one in the league wants to wait anymore but so many of the pre-free agency dynasty’s were built on this kind of patience and longview. Someday at some form of it will be remembered and recycled.

    Just like some day league teams will remember that thinking only black players can play cornerback or running back blinds them to thousands of potential All-Pros at those positions just as Divuision I NCAA schools cripple themselves by ignoring a whole segment of competitive players for reasons long-though to have been left behind as inhumane and ignorant.

    Teddy Bridgewater can be a big-time NFL success but needs time, attention and an open mind.

  42. There’s also a reason that Dominik is a FORMER GM. How good at evaluating talent is he?? Anyone ever hear of Josh Freeman?

  43. In response to comment comparing his frame to that of Tom Brady, Brady was also a 6th round compensatory pick. If you are buying a Ferrari if you want a red one, and the guy says hey here’s this blue one, are you going to say oh ok guess the blue one will due?

  44. What I think a lot of people are forgetting is that Schaub is gone and Houston has done nothing to solidify the QB position. It seems likely to me they want to draft one of the top QB’s. While Bridgewater and Bortles seems more prototypical passers, Manziel is a talented play-maker that will excel if he plays on a good team. Houston has a lot of talent on the roster, I would not be a bit surprised to see Manziel go No. 1 in the Draft. I think Clowney could be a coach-killer if he is drafted by a team with a coach on the hot seat.

  45. Lets see…the FORMER GM for Tampa Bay says he thinks Bridgewater has questions. I see all the smart decisions he made put the Bucs in the Super Bowl(snicker). I see the word ‘bust’ used, yet he hasn’t put the pads on for real since January.
    Lets say all the speculation leads Bridgewater to fall into the second round. Remember a fellow named Aaron Rodgers who fell to Green Bay that year based on nothing more than similar speculation?
    I think it has more to do with really no real information to jabber about.
    If Bridgewater falls to the second round, the Texans would get a heck of a bargain. Look at what he did against quality college opponents. I’m going to be pleased to say, “I told you so”.

  46. Not a big Dominik fan but…. SMALL hands, POOR accuracy, WEAK competition, CORKYish Wonderlic score (20) and TERRIBLE PRO DAY. PLZ LEAVE THIS GUY FOR THE JETS!!!!!!

  47. The raiders already stitched Bridgewater on the back of the jersey they’ll give him on draft day..

  48. see what happens next week…bortles will fall to the 5th round, bridgewater will be the #1 prospect, and manziel will be undrafted.

  49. Mark didn’t do all that well making personnel decisions in Tampa Bay. So why is his opinion important anyway?

  50. Hmmm everybody wants to hate on Bridgewater am I surprised no first its the conference he played in maybe so but lets think about that, Manziel played in a better conference true but how many blue chip offensive lineman has he played behind plenty in fact I can think of three top ten tackles one who won’t come out till next year and then theirs Luke Jockel, and then Jake Mathews an advantage of playing in a better conference which also includes the services of better wideouts like 6’5″ 230 pound Mike Evans now lets think how many blue chip offensive lineman Teddy Bridgewater played behind hmmm! None I can think of and how bout all those blue chip WR Teddy played with that’s easy none can’t help but to think many of you will be wishing you could have had the sense to draft Bridgewater second of all Tom Brady was not only skinny but he also was a backup even third string at one point andn by the way threw a mean wobbled coming out of Michigan as well bet everyone knew he’d be great so they drafted him in the sixth round correct and I’m sure you all saw that coming with your impeccable sixth sense Teddy Bridgewater is a football player and a QB who just like Tom Brady is not the fastest, strongest or biggest but is simply one of the quickest thinking cerebral players to step on the NFL field who simply has a knack for the game of football please check the tape Bridgewater makes great reads and plays a helluva game of think fast in real time on that field can’t knock him for that let the kid play football he’s earned that.

  51. Nobody is saying bridgewater WILL be like tom brady……they’re just saying bridgewater had the same skinny build and so did aaron rodgers and alex smith. Both were around 214-220 when drafted. Of all the qbs in the draft, the one qb who comes from a west coast like offense, has good anticipation on his throws and goes through his reads and progressions, and a solid arm… all of a sudden NOT better than an a small fry qb who “thinks” he’s a combo of mike vick/brett favre and went 4-4 in the sec, a mobile version of philip rivers with a hot girlfriend who’s in the SAAAME conference as bridgewater, and a qb who made a killing of his 5000yds off screen passes in the WAC??? Come on please!! Its a joke!!

  52. And if you want to use the SEC argument to say johnny is the best qb in this draft, then you must really HATE aaron murray. Murray is a FOUR YEAR STARTER in the sec, from a prostyle offense and has the most ever passing yards and passing tds in the sec. Johnny nor tim tebow can say that

  53. Him falling into the second round is a great thing both for him and the Texans, Bridgewater will when a Superbowl before Tony Romo, and Andrew Luck…indeed..

  54. Yeah, that Bridgewater- he’s dropping like a rock just like that other QB in ’05 did with that same size and skillset…

    What the heck was his name again- Rogers? Boy was he a bust.

    Oh, wait…

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