Popp says Johnson isn’t trying to get back to the NFL


Former NFL receiver Chad Johnson/Ochocinco/Johnson has become new CFL receiver Chad Johnson.  (Or, perhaps eventually, Chad Quatre-Vingt-Cinq.)

Regardless, Johnson supposedly has no aspiration to parlay his arrival in the CFL into a return to the NFL.  That’s what long-time Alouettes G.M. Jim Popp told Ross Tucker and Brad Hopkins of SiriusXM NFL Radio on Friday.

Popp also insisted that adding Johnson, who last spent time in the NFL nearly two years ago with the Dolphins after a lackluster 2011 season with the Patriots, isn’t a publicity stunt.

It may not be a stunt, but it’s definitely generating publicity.  The question is whether it will result in productivity.  While plenty of young players have used the CFL as a way to attract the attention of the NFL, precious few aging NFL players have gone to Canada and made an impact.  If Johnson plays at a high level, it will be noteworthy in large part because it will be unprecedented.

Until then, NFL fans and NFL media will pay more attention to the CFL.  Which means more publicity.  Even if the goal wasn’t to get more publicity.

14 responses to “Popp says Johnson isn’t trying to get back to the NFL

  1. Back in the day, Marc Gastineau, Tom Cousineau, Dexter Manley, Vince Ferragamo and Billy “White Shoes” Johnson all went to the CFL as veterans and were varying levels of “meh” to awful. More recently, Ricky Williams did a tour of duty for the Toronto Argos, and didn’t exactly light it up, pardon the pun.

    Bottom line is that guys who go to the CFL expecting a men’s rec league end up with a rude surprise. They forget that the gap between the guys who took the last roster spot on an NFL roster and the guys who get cut isn’t that big, and that guy who was the last cut is the guy across from you in the CFL.

  2. How about calling him Chad “Uh-oh Spaghettio’s”??

    That being said, I just want to know what he’ll earn over there. It’s a low six-figures at best.

  3. The CFL is a completely different kind of football, which is the main reason former NFL players fail to succeed there.

  4. Maybe the guy just misses playing football. It’s possible that a guy who spent so much of his career trying to make a splash off the field may have finally realized how lucky he was.

    WR is one of the easiest positions to transition from the NFL to CFL so I’d say he has a shot at being productive.

  5. Watching chad ochojohnsoncinco spewing endless garbage, clowning around on the sidelines, alligator arming passes, and selfishly grandstanding for attention while never getting called out by the media always made me feel sorry for Carson Palmer.

    Low character losers chad ochojohnsoncinco, chris henry, terrell owens, and jerome simpson is the reason Carson Palmer rather give up MILLIONS and retire than play football.

  6. Tom Cousineau went to the CFL straight out of college because he couldn’t come to terms on a contract with Buffalo. He came to the NFL as a veteran and was less than mediocre.

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