Report: Kaepernick, Niners contract talks on hold


The 49ers and quarterback Colin Kaepernick have been talking about a contract extension this offseason, but those discussions have reportedly been tabled for the time being.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the reason why things have come to a halt is the incident in Miami involving Kaepernick, two other NFL players and a woman who filed a report with police saying she woke up in the hospital with no memory of how she got there. Neither Kaepernick nor anyone else has been accused of any wrongdoing and has strongly denied doing anything wrong, but things will apparently remain on hold until the police wrap up their investigation.

Rapoport also reports that the two sides were far apart in talks on a contract that Kaepernick surely wants to be among the top in the league after his first two seasons as a starting quarterback. As of now, it doesn’t look like the Miami “incident report” is going to do anything to lower his asking price so the resumption of talks may not lead to a quick resolution of Kaepernick’s contract.

Quick or not, talks should pick up once police finish their work in Miami and a Kaepernick extension is likely to remain a top order of business as long as that investigation clears him.

61 responses to “Report: Kaepernick, Niners contract talks on hold

  1. Understandable. Certainly a talented kid, but regardless of whether there is anything to the Miami incident, he’s got some maturity issues and has not developed into either the elite passer or team leader that you pay $18 meg/year.

  2. Pretty clear that the 49’ers are looking at hitting the old reset button. Bad drafts 2 years running, ready to trade the coach & now stuck on how to pay their QB. They ought to auction Kaep for a top 10 pick this year.

  3. Makes you wonder if the 49’rs, via NFL security, knows a bit more about the Miami situation than the public does.

    Given the hold on negotiations and if they do know more – guessing it’s not all that great for CK.

  4. That’s the only way to get through to players. It’s not playing time, public humiliation, shattered reputations, or protecting their names. It’s money.

  5. If the police report is accurate his asking price will take a major hit even if he didn’t break the law. … He clearly broke the NFL franchise QB code of conduct.

  6. Highest paid quarterback. lol. Can someone say completely delusional. Harbaugh filled this guys head with false hope and false promise. Good beakman.

  7. I’m actually relieved to hear that they’re far apart. Great runner. Not sold on him as a passer. Definitely hasn’t proven himself to the point where he should be paid amongst the league’s best quaterbacks. He may get there, but not yet. Let him play out his rookie deal, franchise him the year after if necessary and see where he’s at as a player and an adult at that point then pay the man if he’s earned it.

  8. Hey… matter what you think he is worth, Romo is getting bank. Stafford is getting bank and Kap’s probably played 5x the playoff games they have played combined. Probably 10x but I haven’t looked up the stats.

  9. Paid like a top QB…. He is on a good team. All these good QB’s want to be paid like the top guys. When will some teams learn the difference between a great QB and good QB? Great QB’s – Rogers, Brees, Brady, Peyton. Good QB’s – Wilson (might become great), Luck, Flacco, Eli, Kaepernick.

    What makes Kaepernick think he deserves to be paid like a great QB?

    Notice I left off Stafford and Bradford from both list? And yet they are paid like a great QB too. How many GM’s and head coaches will be fired for those two before the plugs are pulled.

    Avg is not good and good is not great.

  10. Agents. Anything in the media or “rumors” of why something is or isn’t happening… all agents. Believe nothing.

  11. Niners are between a rock and a hard spot.

    Kap wants to break the bank which, along with their other problems, effectively shuts the door on an extended Super bowl run.

    Also Kap isn’t an elite QB nor is he likely to ever become one. When you look at Manning and Brady and Breed and Rogers, they were all in to become great from day one. It’s what is required. They didn’t play playboy for the first several seasons. Kap doesn’t have the grey matter.

    Having said that, he’s a unique talent which could get a SB in the near term. And as a team, you have to take your shot when you have it because you never know when it may come around again.

    So it’ll be interesting to see how they keep him happy while not hobbling the team longer term by tying cap space to a QB I suspect will slide as his legs go.

  12. The Seahawks and 49ers showed the league how rondo it last year. If you don’t have a top 5 QB then have a cheap QB. Fill the rest of the roster with talent.

    Imagine if the Lions had a million dollar per year QB and spread the rest of Stafford’s money around the field.

  13. To those who say Kap “deserves” big money because Romo and Stafford and Bradford, etch, got paid, it’s really a dumb argument.

    As Kap I’m sure I’d agree. But if you’re a Niner you have to question the wisdom of following in the steps of those teams.

  14. Immature punk, but that describes half of the NFL, so that’s not his biggest problem. The kid can’t read defenses to save his life. Joe Montana was probably the best QB of all time at going through his progressions. Kap can barely locate his first target, and after that, forget it, he pulls it down and takes off. Paying this clown top dollar is WAY beyond insane. And can you imagine how big his head would get if he were pulling down $18m? He’d make Bob Griffin look humble.

  15. My biggest issue is that while he is very talented, I do somtimes question his decision making on and off the field. That,coupled with the fact that he has only started for a year and a half it is hard for to justify throwing that kind of money at him. Lets see how this incident plays out as well as how this season goes and then pay him if it is warranted.

  16. Him being in jail is the packers only hope of making it past the second round of the playoffs….
    but then who doesn’t beat the Packers in the playoffs…..

  17. Maybe he could get that much when he hits puberty and his voice deepens. Overrated.

  18. Unfortunately… Idiots set the market. Yeah I’m lookin at you… Lions, Cowboys, Bears, and Ravens. Can’t really rip the rams on Bradford because that was before the rookie wage scale but damn.

  19. Niners are a damn good team, I have allot of respect for how they play. But if I were a Niners fan, I would be very concerned with how poor their drafts have been the last 2 years. They had a TON of picks and not much to show for it.

  20. No matter how much 49whiners fans want to try and spin it the fact remains that it’s been a very, very, very bad off season for them.

    In the news for all the wrong reasons.

  21. If I were the niners the thing in Miami wouldn’t be my biggest concern . The guy think he made the right decision when he tried to hit Crabtree in the corner and Sherman put the nail in his coffin. If he thinks that was the right decision than he’s destined for more choke jobs. 3 4th quarter turnovers in the NFC championship game?? Kap has a lot to learn before he can earn.

  22. Those who say the Niners draft was poor last year have no idea what they are talking about. A pro bowler in Reid………Tank Carradine, Lemonier and wait til Lattimore becomes the full time running back this year or next……A draft can never be judged after one year.

  23. As a Hawks fan I absolutely hate him but I sincerely hope they get this deal done. This is one of the best rivalries in football and without him I hate to say it but the Niners wouldn’t nearly as good and the rivalry would take a major hit. That said, I still love watching him fall apart!

  24. The Niners own the Packers…so do the Giants. And the Packers own the North Division, especially the Vikings (but, really, who doesn’t own the Vikings?)

  25. Tough decision. Kap could be still a bust, or simply an average QB. If the “read-option” offense should fail at some point due to defenses coming up with a scheme, Kap doesn’t possess “pure” passing skill to stay in pocket 99% of the plays.

    The other factor is the Kap is a running QB. Are you going to want your 19m QB to run like that and risk injury??…but without his ability to run he isn’t worth the money. RG3 was great his first year but when he could no longer run, look what happened.

  26. First off whoever said the Niners had two bad drafts in a row obviously hasn’t been paying attention. Last years draft has been a complete success so far. Eric Reid was everything we all hoped he would be when we drafted him. Not to mention 2 of the big players we drafted, Carradine and Lattimore, were picked and then stashed purposely. Plus Lemonier and Patton have looked pretty solid with their limited playing time. Vance McDonald too, as well as BJ Daniels who I’m still angry we released and the Seahawks were smart enough to swoop him right up.

    Now to the Kaepernick situation. I think waiting to give him this contract is the right plan. There is no reason to commit that amount of money to him yet. When, in my opinion, he is still unproven. We need to see if he can start improving his field vision and stop running when his first receiving option is covered. And all our Playoff wins they keep attributing to Kaepernick were mostly because of our stellar defense. If we had a defense say like the Broncos had last year, we wouldn’t have even made the Playoffs.

  27. Potentially the 9ers had 3 straight poor drafts.

    2011 looked good with Aldon and Kaep.. BUT… both are
    in trouble, may not get options picked up or extended. 2012 was a horrid draft. Who had an impact from that class? Heck AJ was already traded.

    2013 is an unknown but Eric Reid is overrated. Reid was out of position on Beast Modes 40 yd td blast in the NFCCG. Add in 2 more poor plays in the passing game. Deep ball to Baldwin on a houdiniesque play by Russell and the TD ti Kearse.

    Reid was a GOAT and that’s not greatest of all time = 3 drafts that are about to explode on san fran and
    reason they continue to be bridesmaids.

    For a real GM, see John Schneider!

  28. Reid is a baller…haven’t heard much from any of those other draft picks…especially the ones that were “stashed”. They are shopping their 2nd round pick La Michael James (bust), already shipped off 1st round pick WR Jenkins, (bust). I’m just saying they have had 28 picks in the last 3 drafts, and you have Reid, Kap (who’s in trouble), Aldon Smith (who’s in trouble), and a bunch of “stashed” guys. Great team, just shaky in the last few drafts….just my opinion.

  29. Look at all of these Niners fans trying to defend their team’s dismal draft day performance last year

    Reid- Concussion prone. Blew his assignment on Lynch’s long TD run in the NFC championship. Cost them the game as much as Kaepernick’s picks
    Lattimore- totally unproven coming off a major injury and may never make it in the NFL
    Carradine- same as Lattimore
    Lemonier- Didn’t get much playing time late and none in the playoffs. Massively overrated by fans

    Baalke is not a very good GM

  30. Kaepernick is over-rated. Because he can run with the ball, he is a great QB? QBs are supposed to be able to throw the ball, read defenses and etc. Kaepernick is a one read, then run QB.

    I am still curious about the whole bong situation. Is the guy on dope? If so, what is he using besides pot?

    18 million per year is a laughable request. If I were sitting across the table from his agent, negotiating a deal.. I’d laugh right in his face if he asked for more than 5 million. 5 million is too much, but it is kind of the going rate for guys who rely on their D to get wins.

  31. This comment will make me sound like a hater but this is my honest opinion & it wouldn’t matter what team he plaited for my opinion would be the same. Colin Kaepernick is the most overrated qb in the league. If the 9ers give him a max long term deal deal they will essentially be putting a ceiling on their team potential. He can’t read a defense, he can’t go thru his progressions, & he just doesn’t measure up to the historical class of qb the 9ers have employed. Class being the key word & I’m willing to overlook this most recent non incident. He goes to his press conferences with his hat sideways for crying out loud. As a Seahawk fan i hope they do wrap him up long term but as an NFL fan i hope their management shows him he needs to grow the hell up, become a student of the game, & act like damn man. Not some wannabe gangsta.

  32. It absulutely should lower his asking price. When is the last time you heard about something similar happening w/ Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Manning, Wilson, Luck, or any other top QB who is the face of their franchise?

    It doesn’t happen because they know they are the face of their respective franchise.

    He is probably innocent of anything legally, but that does not mean he wasn’t acting like a fool, hanging w/ idiots. Franchise QBs do not allow themselves to be in these situations.

  33. Being a Niner fan, I am not on the “Pay Kaep anything he wants” bandwagon. 2 seasons with arguably one of the best defenses on Earth and you expect to be paid like one of the best QB’s? Show us that you can win the big one and be accurate, then I’m all for it.

  34. Once the dust settles and this incident is forgotten, Kap will get paid. The Niners won’t pay him $18-20 million/year but there are some desperate teams in the league that probably will.

  35. I can’t wait until Blaine Gabbert is the starting QB of the 49ers. Because its clear from these comments 49ers fans are idiots and deserve to be Jacksonville West. The reason QBs get top dollar is because there are very few QBs in the NFL capable of consitently winning you games, this idea that oh just draft teh next Aaron Rodgers is one of the dumbest fantsies i’ve ever heard. Do you realize how rare it is to get a starting caliber QB? You know what the difference is between teams like the Jags, Bucs, Browns instead of the Patriots and Packers? The last two have franchise QBs, the first 3 have spent the past decade switching QBs every 2 years. So have fun with that. Kap is a QB that can run, had a QB rating of 91+ (higher than Alex Smith, btw) had a 21:8 TD:INT ratio (which is about Aaron Rodgers type ratio) while adding an added deminsion of being able to run the ball. Is he the best QB ni the NFL, nope not at all. He’s not better than Rodgers, isn’t better than Brees, but he is still better than 80% of the QBs in the draft, and 99% of the QBS you’ll draft. So I hope the 49ers don’t resign him, in fact draft a QBt his year, the success rate of NFL QBs is in the single digits (as in the % of QBs who are drafted and start a NFL playoff game) so throw away a very productive QB, because you don’t understand that the going rate for a QB is he 15-18 million range that everyone else is paying their mid level QBs (Cutler, Stafford,Flaco, etc..) and roll your dice in the draft. And enjoy the next 10 years of top 10 draft picks.

  36. @49ermbr
    If he’s paid, 15, 16, 17 million a year he’d be being paid like every other mid level QB who got a contract over the past couple years. Eli Manning is making 20 million, Cutler 18, Matt Ryan 17, Flaco is up there, Matt Stafford is 16 million. Carson Palmer is making 13 million or something like that.

  37. Kap was NOT the reason that the 49ers went to the Super Bowl and NFC Championship Game. The 49ers were great despite Kap and not because of him.

    In fact, I think that there are a dozen QBs floating around in relative obscurity who can throw better, run harder, inspire more and make better decisions than Kap.

    This doesn’t mean that the 49ers should release the guy. I would prefer that they draft a talented yet more mature QB that would better fit the offense and be a better down-field threat.

    In fact, I could see the 49ers spending a draft pick on a QB in the first round if the talent is still around (e.g., Bridgewater or even Johnny Manziel).

  38. Kaepernick is a good quarterback. No one can deny his arm strength, and mobility. But, for the 49ers to pay him top 10 quarterback money is insane. They need to keep investing in their defense, because that will win the 49ers a championship. Honestly, for the money he is demanding they, should have kept Alex Smith.

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