Report: League installing real-time fiber optics for replay review


One of the key ingredients for a centralized replay function is the latest in real-time fiber optic technology.  The NHL has it.

According to John Kryk of the Toronto Sun, the NFL will soon have it, too.

Per Kryk, the league will have the ability this year in the league office to view the games as they happen, which will allow V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino to better assist the referees as they engage in the formal replay review.

With the technology in place to see things happen as they happen, it could be that the ability of Blandino to guide the referees through the review process in 2014 ultimately becomes Blandino and company actually conducting the replay reviews from New York City.

That’s the way we’d prefer it to be.  The process could be much more efficient if the referee were removed from the process and the review happened quickly at the proverbial situation room.

27 responses to “Report: League installing real-time fiber optics for replay review

  1. If you can have quicker reviews it opens the door to making more things reviewable. That is mostly good, but could result in loss of flow (Peyton Manning will no doubt complain).

  2. Put the fiber optics in the ref’s eyes. So many bad calls.

    The game is rigged, just like boxing.

  3. Gotta hand it to Hockey. They have the most advanced, most sensible officiating of any major sport. Makes for a great product and football could learn a lot from them.

  4. Is anyone else concerned that one man now has absolute power to dictate the outcome of games? Who did Blandino grow up rooting for? Man, that team is going to get the benefit of a lot of close calls.

  5. No Hockey talk in here please no comparison to NFL! NHL has had how many strikes now? I forgot the teams already the last time! Just glad NFL is leading the way to help the game have more balance. MLB just started and it is so behind just like they have been for years greatest past time greates behind the times

  6. So the NHL, that makes pennies compared to the NFL, has fiber in place already?! Goodell’s huge salary seems even more justified now!

  7. A fiber optic link transmits data at the speed of light.
    The light travel time from the Earth to the Moon is about 1.25 seconds.
    That makes the time for the LIVE game video to travel from San Diego to NYC headquarters about?………………000000125 of a second.
    This is NOT real time and I will be very disappointed at the results of such a farse

  8. Something so simple is taking forever to fix.

    The NFL has gotten so big, it can barely move anymore.

  9. Big deal. These experts in NYC will still find a way to make erroneous calls.
    All the Instant Replays can’t fix every blown call.
    In fact, the MLB system has shown wrong calls are common and no doubt the NFL will be flawed as well

  10. You would think the magic is in the cable and not in the technology that drives it. With all the routers and hubs and switches the issues always arise at the weakest link in the chain. That is Rich Eisen and a hampster in a wheel that is generating the power. Oh yeah, and the humans making the calls who will still make mistakes even in review because they are…. well, human.

  11. Real time fiber optics? Man, they are really going all the way with this one, but I guess they have the money. They must be doing uncompressed 4k video to need fiber over running IP video on cat-5 ethernet cabling.

    Makes sense to really be able to zoom in on a play to determine if a toe is on a line. The replays on broadcast TV are usually lacking in clarity when they zoom in, even in high def broadcasts.

    Good for them if they do it right. Though something tells me even with awesome angles and 4k video, the dummies making the calls will still somehow get something very wrong in an important moment this season.

  12. The NFL really likes copying ideas of the NHL. The Pro Bowl draft and now this. At least the NFL hasn’t had a work stoppage like the NHL.

  13. The owners have been angling the game for decades to be fixed as easily as possible. Mara and Rooney were bookmakers themselves back in the 20s. Go look it up. Mission accomplished.

  14. They almost had it installed last year, but the cable technician got thrown out for roughing the qb… you see he had to move the qb’s equipment out of the way to run some cabling… his hand brushed against the qb’s helmet and that was it – ejected!!!!

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