Teddy Bridgewater falls to second round in Mel Kiper’s latest mock draft


For most of the fall, Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was talked about as being almost a lock to be the first quarterback selected in the NFL Draft and perhaps the first overall selection by the Houston Texans.

As the draft has drawn closer, that sentiment no longer seems to be the case. However, Bridgewater still seems likely to be one of the first few quarterbacks when the draft finally gets here on May 8. That hasn’t stopped a somewhat unexpected projected from Mel Kiper in his latest mock draft for ESPN.com on Thursday.

Kiper has Bridgewater falling out of the first round with the Houston Texans selecting him with the first pick of the second round.

Kiper’s reasoning is as follows:

“Let me be clear: This is the top-rated quarterback on my Big Board, a player I have rated higher than Bortles, Manziel or Carr,” Kiper wrote. “But my reading of the tea leaves in speaking with many evaluators around the league is that Bridgewater could drop if he slides past a couple of points early on. If I could project trades, I’d have someone taking him later in Round 1 having moved up. Obviously, he’s a steal at this point.”

Perhaps this is the tangible result of the draft being pushed back an extra two weeks. More time is available for front offices to out-think themselves or for teams to disparage a prospect in the hope he falls farther down on the draft board. It seems somewhat crazy that a quarterback some people still rank as the best in this draft could fall out of the first round based on a non-stellar pro day or workout instead of the performances at Louisville that grabbed the attention of scouts in the first place.

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  1. Kiper and McShay are becoming more annoying than Jaws now. Their should be a rule to how many Mock Drafts you are allowed to have or something. Sheesh Louise. QBs are already hard enough to predict the future of and I promise there’s no Andrew Luck in this years draft.

  2. You hit the nail on the head by saying that front offices would be over-thinking things if they pass on Bridgewater. Sure he had a lousy pro day, but look at his game tape. The kid has talent and it shows on the field. His performance at the Sugar Bowl against an NFL style defense coached by a current d-coordinator was masterful. He’d be a great pickup for any West Coast team that doesn’t have a franchise quarterback in place already.

  3. Two possibilities: either Mel Kiper’s Hair doesn’t know what he’s talking about (again), or somebody for some team is “gaming” him to possibly get Teddy to fall to their second pick.

    I’m gonna pick the first possibility.

  4. After Seven Years under a big time winner like Gary Kubiak, the Texans have a proven track record of mediocrity.
    If they manage to miss out on their charismatic local hero, Johnny Manziel; they’re undeniable comittment to losing, will be etched in stone.
    Yet again, those geniuses will have reaped what they have sown.

  5. I honestly think Bridgewater is the safest pick of the big 3 QBs. He has the ONE attribute that all successful QBs must have, an attribute that CANNOT BE LEARNED: he’s not afraid to stand in the pocket and deliver a strike even when he’s about to get hit.

    Go back and watch some of Teddy’s games, he holds onto the ball til the last possible second, delivers a perfect pass, then gets lit up. He reminds me of Kurt Warner in this regard.

  6. I think that Mel is reading the tea leaves accurately, Teddy appears to be in free fall. The big question is whether he turns out to be like Brady Quinn or Aaron Rodgers? Tough for the young guy but all of this adds to the natural theater of the Draft.

  7. Look at Geno Smith in last draft. It happens. If he is struggling during a workout, how good will he be against a top rated defense?

  8. …and Mel Kiper is the personnel director for…the London Monarchs?
    I’m always amazed at how players can drop based on factors other than playing a game. When was the last time he played a game, January? How is it he can be such a ‘prospect’ then snap! turn into a dog because of “try outs”. If Bridgewater somehow falls to New England, how could they resist? How about a replacement for Tony Romo in Dallas? How about the eventual replacement for Drew Brees in N.O.?
    Green Bay said they would draft a QB this year. Is this the year Ted Thompson “Favres” Aaron Rodgers?

  9. “Let me be clear: This is the top-rated quarterback on my Big Board, a player I have rated higher than Bortles, Manziel or Carr,”
    My brain doesn’t comprehend how this sounds right to him.

  10. This is stupid. Just cause he had a bad proday he’s going to fall to the second round? I don’t think so, odds are the Vikings will end up trading back with a team needing a WR or OT then take Bridgewater with that pick.

  11. Surely mis direction by some teams in order to land Bridgewater as the earliest opportunity

  12. Andy Dalton is still the best QB to come out in the last decade. He continues to prove that. Nothing will change with this class coming out.

  13. After seeing “highlights” from his pro day, I’m surprised he’s even expected to go that high. Lot of wobbly duck throws.

  14. Yeah.. Your “Top QB” going in the 2nd round, after 3 other QBs.. That makes sense..

    Kiper is like that guy in the NCAA tournament that fills out 40 sheets then brags about the games he gets correct and ignores all he misses..

  15. Giving stock to pro day workouts is a joke! Did TB throw passes like that in a game? No. So, what’s the big deal? You mean I’ve got tons of tape on this guy and a 30 minute work out is what I hang my hat on?

    Remember those NFL QB challenges? The best QBs never won those things, it was always someone like Ryan Fitzpatrick. And speaking of him, how’s that wonderlic working out for him? He certainly made more bad decisions than V Young during games.

    And one thing that bugs me, if you get him in second round, he’s a steal? Well, if he sucks, he sucks, you still lose money and you wasted a pick!

  16. This off-season should end forever the myth that pro days don’t matter. Maybe they shouldn’t, but they do. At the very least they raise questions, and send people back to the tapes. Clearly, people saw something the 2nd time they let slide the first…

  17. My concern with Teddy is not so much his talent, it’s his leadership profile. Seemed unprepared for the pre-draft process, and is not knocking teams out in the interview process. Is he the face of a franchise? A leader of grown men in the huddle? I dunno about that.

  18. Why are the so-called draft experts overlooking team’s needs to find a quality QB starter in the first round?

    Bortles and Manziel will be gone by #5 with Carr and Bridgewater gone by the time Cleveland picks again at #26.

  19. If Bridgewater falls to the 20s, he won’t get past either Arizona at 20 or Philly at 22. Arizona would select him as Carson Palmer’s heir.

    If Arizona lets him pass and he gets to Philly’s spot at 22, there could be a couple of things in play–

    1. Cleveland at 26 (if they don’t select a QB at 4) or Houston will move up–I’d say that the price for Cleveland will be a 1st and 3rd; if Houston wants him, they’ll have to give up their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounders to get him.

    2. And this isn’t out of the realm–Philly picks him at 22, and entertains trades for Foles. A 2nd and a 4th should be able to pry Foles away from Philly. He wasn’t bad his rookie year playing behind a line missing 3/5s of it and no McCoy for 5 games and no Jackson for 6. He outdid himself last year, and before everyone says it was Kelly’s system, keep in mind he had a pretty good year in Reid’s offense, mind-boggling in Kelly’s and came into the Pro Bowl with an offense designed for someone else and was the offensive MVP.

  20. If one of those “Big 3 quarterbacks” fall to Round 2, it should be Manziel, not Bridgewater.

  21. Joe Montana fell to the third round in Kuiper’s mock draft. Tom Brady the 7th.

  22. Say Mel, have you noticed that when GMs begin to SAY that they aren’t interested in a guy, the greater likelihood is that they are positioning themselves to try and get the guy at a bargain?
    On the other hand, guys that you have let the GMs talk you into believing that he is a top ten pick often are the ones who slide (Brady Quinn etc.)

  23. This all but guarantees minnesota will trade up to take him early in round 1.


    Keepers of

  24. This guy came off the bench with a broken wrist and high ankle sprain to bring his team back and take his team to a bowl game. He had his offensive coordinator in tears embracing him in the locker room after he gutted out that win. If that’s not a leader I don’t know what is.

    He’s played his best games in the bowl games the past two years. He was the only reason his team was any good. He was embraced by the entire fan base. If THAT’S not a leader, I don’t know what is.

    So many people don’t see him as a leader because all they know is he’s pretty humble and quiet. That doesn’t make you not a leader. I really hope he’s there for my Vikings at 8.

  25. He’s this years Geno Smith.

    Overhyped player who will drop out the first round.

    Lets be clear here. He played NOBODY in college.

    He had ONE great game against a good team (Florida Gators in the bowl game)

    The bandwagon got full and now its falling apart because of his pro day and tape.

  26. This is the worst part about the draft being moved back to May. I’m so sick of listening to Mel Kiper and Todd McShay’s so-called “expert” opinions and their mock drafts. Last year’s draft went nothing like either of them predicted and neither of them are willing to ever acknowledge all of the busts that they have contributed to overvaluing. The fact that they get paid to do this is infuriating.

  27. 1st pick in the 2nd round. 12 picks after the Packers choice limps to the podium and is put on the IR for the season.

  28. To all those who didn’t read the article IF he could model in trades Bridgewater would still be round 1. He thinks he’s is round one material but needs a team (like the Texans for example) who won’t give up their top 10 pick to trade up back into round 1 to get him.

  29. Hey he should be a broker. It’s a great time to buy stocks unless of course but then if this and that happens who knows.

    He certainly covered all his bases. I can easily say that if the early teams who need a QB pass on him then yes he may fall later in the draft unless they decide they want him. Duh!

  30. How many kickbacks from agents do you think Kiper gets? Enough to afford all his hair care products and then some. What a clown!

  31. I don’t know why people still treat Kiper like he is relevant. He’s not a very good analyst, he’s simply the first one to have done it. So many analysts have passed him by now, but he is kept around purely for nostalgia…he was just some guy in his basement banging out draft analysis on his typewriter. He doesn’t have a football background, doesn’t have any real connections to the teams or GMs, he was just the first to do projections. Kudos to him for starting the phenomenon, but the guy knows jack doodly about football, so it baffles me when whatever he says gets reported. His projections are usually not remotely accurate.

  32. I like reading the various “insiders” input on what’s going on but, keep in mind, it is impossible to do more than an educated guess at the future.

    So much depends on the team, their management and their coaching that drafts any given player. That’s why certain teams stay good and often find gems even in undrafted players. Also, the best player for your style of play may not be the best player available at that position.

    The Browns bring in Colt McCoy to QB a pro style play under Mangini. Then bring in Weeden to QB a West Coast offense, under Shurmur. These were decisions made by Mike Holmgren, a supposed QB/WC genius. WTF?

    Bridgewater may be the “most ready” of the QB’s but his smallish stature concerns me. Hopefully, he can land with the right team.

  33. Considering no team ever actually decided to select him near the top of the draft, or actually at any point in the draft, Bridgewater has not slid anywhere.
    All that has really happened is the people (or one particular person) who make predictions about where players might get selected have changed their guess as to when he would be drafted.

    Why do we buy into this notion of falling and dropping? The teams evaluate, then on draft day they make their decision. They do not sit there and say on Jan 1 decide they will take this guy, on Feb 1 decide they will take that guy, then on April 17th change their mind again.
    The notion of dropping and falling is a product of the draft predictors being able to say “so and so dropped” as opposed to “I was wrong when I thought and said Rodgers would go in the top 5.”

  34. After watching back a few games for each guy and listening to all the talking heads and such. I wouldn’t take either bridgewater or manziel in the first round. Bortles and Derek Carr should be the first two selected. I’d take Bortles first because I think he is a sure thing but Carr has the highest ceiling in this draft at qb.

  35. Kiper pulling his mocks out of his butt. Teams made their draft boards months ago based on their own scouting reports and review of game tapes. The combine and pro-days are just to confirm their analyses. They’re not going to listen to draft experts when they have their own scouts and data. I’m sure some teams would spread rumors as a strategy that a targeted player would fall in the draft and be selected a lower spot.

  36. Mel Kiper is a functional illiterate. Bill O’Brien wouldn’t draft Bridgewater if he were the last QB wannabe on earth. Whomever pays a salary to Kiper should be investigated for criminal stupidity. The man is barely an imbecile.

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