Jim Kelly returns to Buffalo, will continue treatment


Former Bills quarterback Jim Kelly has returned to the Buffalo area to continue to be treated for sinus cancer, his brother, Dan Kelly, said today, according to multiple reports.

“Jim’s coming back, and he wants to fight cancer here in Buffalo. He will be continuing all his treatments here in Buffalo,” Dan Kelly said on Saturday, according to the Buffalo News.

According to the News, Kelly arrived in Buffalo on Saturday.

Kelly reportedly began chemotherapy treatments about two weeks ago. He had been receiving treatment in New York City.

21 responses to “Jim Kelly returns to Buffalo, will continue treatment

  1. He did, but better doctors were in NYC…I think he’ll resume treatment at Roswell.

    Either way, it’s great to see him home and in good spirits…lots of fans showed up to welcome him home. That’s why us Bills fans are so great and why we deserve to have someone come in and save the team.

    Honestly…how many other teams would show the love and support for one of their heroes, like we have for Jimbo and Ralph?

    Not many, it any at all. #BuffaloStrong

  2. Much respect from this Giants fan. Wishing nothing but good things for you Jim! Fight the good fight!

  3. Best wishes to Jim and his family. Times like these should make us all Buffalo Bill fans.

    And as someone that had their Sonics uplifted and moved, I’m pulling for the people of Buffalo Nation to keep their team in Buffalo. Small market teams that still pack the house to a sellout crowd to watch a subpar team in freezing temperatures like Bill’s fans will always have my respect.

  4. Hes moving back to Buffalo for treatment. And this news comes on the same day thet his brother suggests hes going to put in a bid for the Bills. Jim Kelly is one hell of a guy.

  5. Jim has had some tough times. His son, now him. I wish him strength in his fight. Happy Easter to all.

  6. “He did, but better doctors were in NYC…I think he’ll resume treatment at Roswell.”

    Actually, he started treatment at Erie County Medical Center (ECMC). Kelly never went to Roswell Park. When his initial treatment didn’t take, seems as if his doctors at ECMC had him consult specialists at Sloan-Kettering in NYC. I hope he makes a full recovery now. Jim Kelly’s as tough as nails in every respect.

  7. This might be the dumbest question of all time, but is Kelly able to benefit from that stem cell therapy that seems so promising?

  8. Jim,
    As you are aware of that the Buffalo Bill Fans and the city of Buffalo wish you well and stay strong. We will be praying for you and others with this deadly disease Cancer. For my own self, I wish you speedy recovery. Wish you was still playing for the team and have the original team of the nineties.
    God Bless

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