Lions keep bringing in guys they can’t draft at No. 10


If you assume the Lions aren’t delusional, you can also assume they want to make a move up in the draft.

Because they’re bringing in another top-five caliber prospect for a visit, when they’re picking 10th.

According to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, Buffalo linebacker Khalil Mack is visiting the Lions next week.

Along with recent visits from South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney and Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins, it’s clear the Lions aren’t limiting themselves to their present location.

Mack is viewed by many as a more natural fit in a 3-4 defense, but the Lions could use him in a Von Miller-type role as well. Or they could just be establishing a smokescreen in an effort to cut a better deal with someone in the top five.


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  1. I think the Lions are arguably the #1 team that is most likely to make a trade. They are in a unique spot where they probably aren’t willing to draft a QB in Round 1 and that 10 spot is right where their list of premium targets dries up if not enough teams take a QB ahead of them. I think it’s a forgone conclusion that they will trade, the only question is are they moving up or down? I just don’t see them using the 10th pick.

  2. Detroit is doing their diligence on players who could be there at 10.

    You can throw out most mock drafts halfway through the 1st round. Guys unexpectedly drop in the draft every year.

  3. I would be really surprised to see the lions move up in the first round. I think they are just covering their bases in the event one of these guys fall somehow. I could possibly see Mack falling to #10, not likely, but possible. Clowney or Watkins I think are gone among the top 3 picks and would cost too much to get for Detroit in terms of picks to move up.

  4. It’s smart to at least evaluate the top prospects. There will always be players that fall unexpectedly. If they fall in love with the guy, then they can always move up, though with their team needs it may not be the best idea.

  5. Trade up to 6 with the falcons, Mack could still be there. give up next years first and a couple 2nd rounders. Based on the recent mocks, Atlanta could still get Mathews or Lewan. Makes sense for both teams

  6. Probably looking to trade up to around 6 or 7 or where the last of the “can’t miss” players are on the board.

  7. Why lose an opportunity to evaluate a player when you can? Once they are signed you can’t tamper. Who is to say that 5 years from now Mack doesn’t become a free agent. They can go back to some of these notes (primarily character-related). It may also reflect to him that if he became available at a future date this team might be interested.

    Obviously these meetings are primarily for draft scenarios, but it never hurts to talk. The NFL is a small world.

  8. Let others know that you’re antsy to move up – the way to get good value. Sort of like telling a car salesman “Boy, that’s really the one I want to get!”

  9. As a long time Lions fan, the only thing I am sure of is that whatever move they decide to make will almost certainly be the wrong one. ><

  10. The Lions may want to move up, and very well may, but I would be willing to bet unless moving up cost them more than a second round pick, they will stay where they are and get a receiver or corner

  11. 6ball –
    2 of those 4th round picks the Lions have are compensatory picks and can’t be traded. As such they have to be used by the Lions.

  12. There’s no consensus on where any of these kids are going to get drafted, so why would they not be able to get Mack at #10?

    I’d be concerned more by the fact that they’re spending an awful lot of time scouting front 7 players again, when they have three of their past four 1st rounders tied up in that area of the team. They should probably be spending their time evaluating defensive backs and offensive linemen instead. That’s where they are really deficient.

  13. They should do whatever they can do to take Watkins. The wide receiver duo of Johnson and Watkins would be amazing.

  14. If you have studies Mayhew, you would know that he never gives a clue as to what his real intentions are…

    He thinks he is the smartest man in the room – unfortunately for us Lions’s fans, he is not.

    He is lying in the weeds to target one specific player, and it is not one of the three that he is/has brought in for an interview. It is also not a QB, obviously. The only remaining position that is rated that high: OL

    I hate the thought of an OL, but I fear that is what we are going to get, sadly…

  15. Finally, the Lions are behaving like a legitimate NFL franchise. You never know who may be available (and if they want to play for your franchise). The worst thing that could happen is if an opportunity arises and the Lions hadn’t done their due diligence.

  16. I think this is an effort by the Lions to make it clear to the teams in front of them that they are serious about moving up, but they are interested in more than one player, so they aren’t necessarily going to go balls to the wall like ATL did in getting Julio Jones a few years ago. Someone made a good point about Detroit being in a position where they clearly won’t have interest in a QB at 10. Some team ahead of them thinking QB might be interested in trading down to hedge their bet on what is in many people’s opinion some pretty dicey waters when it comes to the QBs in this draft. Specifically, the Raiders almost have to draft a QB with their first rounder. It would behoove them to move down and get a pick or two later to add more bodies.

  17. It doesn’t mean they are gonna draft any of these guys…it is more so that they are getting to know and learning more about these players…in the case they play them.

    It’s a typical practice that happens every year. Obviously a team can’t draft 30 players, so they use some visits to gain an advantage on a rival if they draft said player. It’s an age-old practice by every team. It’s actually a very good idea.

    I would think “reporters” would know this.

  18. Given the Lions history with second round draft flops, they may as well trade it to move up in the first round where they’ve had better success (as long as they aren’t taking WR’s from schools other than GT).

  19. Also…

    Next years 1st and a couple 2nd rounders to move up 4 spots? Wow, good thing you are not that general manager…moving up 4 spots would cost maybe a 2nd round pick.

    As for Mack…he is the best prospect in this draft class…I saw him a lot and have no problem saying I would take him #1 overall.

  20. Next years first should be plenty for the Lions to move up. It’s what the Rams were looking for at 2, so I think there is a fit there.

  21. smokescreen – lions trade suh and third rd to niners for niners 1st rd and 1 2nd rd. lions then trade niners 1st rd and their 1st rd to rams/houston then they draft clowney/watkins

  22. They are in win now mode, i would not be surprised at all if they trade up..please, please get the right player though.

  23. If they are smart draft according to need, that being said if I were the GM either Top CB like Gilbert or an OL Like Matthews or Lewan would economy radar.

  24. I think they could actually trade down (NE, GB, Den & Dal need to find their next QB), add a couple picks, and still pick up a top OT, CB, or even a good WR-2. This is definitely a deep draft.

    Lions are so close but, Megatron won’t last forever.

  25. it make sense even if there not planning on trading up, no player is gurenteed to be a top 10 pick there always players that fall they should be ready for any possibility

  26. Trade Suh and #10 to move up into the top 5. Hell, that might even be worth a top 3 spot,

  27. Why not do your homework and study all possibilities? I don’t see this as a shock? I see it as Rams and Browns picks are both up for grabs possibly. If we can get 4th pick way cheaper than the 2nd and Lions brass can say that anyone of the 3( Mack Clowney and Watkins) are all worth the trade then they can just take who falls. But in works outs and evaluating them they can find out if just Watkins is our man our any one of these guys can help us win now. Very smart by our scouting department ! Just saw that Draft Day movie and can’t wait for this draft!! Go Lions

  28. ….. Oh and it pays off after rookie contracts are up to already have some personal info on players when your a team searching for free agents or working for a trade

  29. Mack won’t make it past the Vikes at #8. Unless Johnny football is still on the board..

  30. Detroit can’t afford the 2nd pick. They’ve got Stafford & Suh who are picks 1 & 2 & Megatron if I remember correctly was a top 10 pick. These 3 guys take up a lot of cap space. At best Lions move up to 5 & take either Mack if he’s still there or the next best WR after Watkins

  31. Detroit can’t afford to move up. They have their salary cap tied up in Suh, Stafford and Johnson. Suh’s contract is killing them right now. They need him to restructure. They need their draft picks. Their secondary is bad. Defensive line is overrated. I wish those dummies would move up, it will set that franchise back.

  32. Suh has backed Detroit into a corner, I wouldn’t be surprised if Suh gets traded on draft day. They would get multiple picks for him. It also frees up a ton of cap space for them and they don’t have to play anymore games with him and his “new agent”. He is a beast of a player but he hasn’t helped himself by firing his agent and waiting to hire a new one, attitude, missing offseason workouts, with a new coaching staff. I don’t see him resigning here and best option would be to get as many picks as we can for him, before we get screwed.

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