Peyton gets paid $105,000 to speak at Oklahoma State


Alabama coach Nick Saban got Peyton Manning’s time for free.  Oklahoma State had to pay a bit more.

According to the Tulsa World, Manning received $105,000 for a 30-minute speech and a 30-minute question-and-answer session in Stillwater.  The money was paid by the OSU Speakers Board.

So what did they get in return?  Apparently, a laundry list of fairly obvious lines that appear in any of the various motivational books that can be purchased for 99 cents on the clearance shelf.

“I challenge each of you in this arena tonight to invest your time to become a game-changer.  A game-changer looks deeper and senses something others don’t and then acts on it.”

“You either get better or worse every day.  You don’t stay the same.”

“Enjoy the journey, not the destination.”

“This is your world.  Own it.”

Actually, this isn’t our world.  It’s Peyton’s world.  The rest of us are just paying the rent.  At $105,000 per hour.

Seriously, though, we’ll never complain about a guy finding a way to get paid for his time.  We’re all worth whatever someone will pay, and OSU’s Speakers Board decided Manning is worth $105,000 per hour.  There’s not a thing wrong with Peyton collecting the cash.

But here’s the bigger issue.  At a time when the NCAA and various member institutions are fretting about how to afford the inevitable obligation to pay student-athletes, the fact that $105,000 can be scraped together by Oklahoma State for 60 minutes of cliché and rah-rah reconfirms that, when the time comes to cough up fair market value to the kids who are bringing in millions, the schools will find a way.

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  1. Uh no. They shouldn’t pay college athletes. They get to go to school for free and have priority in everything (classes, housing, etc). Then get a chance to be millionaires after college as long as they aren’t complete morons.

  2. Mark Emmert is doing more cartwheels than Manning ever could because he doesn’t have to see Oklahoma State paying that much to any of its players.

  3. And Tony Robbins has made 200 million+ peddling the same dross. At least Peyton has achieved success in something other than telling others how to achieve success.

  4. Yeah, but hearing those words from one of the hardest working and best players in NFL history has a thousand times more impact than reading it out of a book from Joe Schmo.

  5. Waste of time. Should have got a speaker who has real world advice and experience instead of a guy who can throw a ball better than most people.

  6. I’d rather have Peyton deliver these cliches than read them in a book. Having one of the greatest QBs come to your school and talk/answer questions is kinda a big deal. Just sayin

  7. This guy just made in an hour what it takes me two years to do! And that’s not even his full time job.

  8. He should not accept money for giving this speech. The earnings should go into a scholarship fund for student athletes or a charity. Knowing Payton Manning…the money is probably going toward those efforts.

  9. Oklahoma State: We are willing to pay 100k for Peyton to come to our school and speak to our students.

    Peyton’s Agent: Are you out of your mind? Peyton is worth at least 110k.

    Oklahoma State: 105k?

    Agent: Done

  10. Excellent post.

    Yes, on an individual basis players should be free to enter into agreements to get paid for their off-the-field work. I would take the analysis a bit further. What are the sources and uses of cash associated with both college and professional sports? Investigative journalism needs to follow the money in sports.

    Public money pours into these ventures and there is a real question as to whether those expenditures are good investments. A few owners, star players, and corporations seem to be making a ton of money while local governments are stuck with the expenditures to provide infrastructure, many players end up with no degree, poor job prospects, and life limiting injuries, and workers (e.g., at companies like Papa Johns) get low pay and few benefits.

  11. As if his head needed to get any bigger! At 105k an hour that enormous skull has to be close to bursting.

  12. What a waste of money. 105.000 for 1 hr. Most of us don’t make that in a year. Take a football away from Peyton and what would he be? Nobody’s words are worth that much.

  13. Peyton Manning can`t do anything for free or at least donate the money He is supposed to be a good QB and can`t even win the Superbowl for Denver WHAT A SHAME. He has to cheat other people out of their money what a shame

  14. Last time I checked, Peyton has not been arrested for drugs, not got a DUI, not rapped any women, is not a felon, did not run a dog fighting ring out of his backyard, ran over anyone in his car while drunk, not failed any drug tests, yet somehow is headed to the nfl hall of fame. I’d say money well spent to instruct the youth.

  15. Methinks your envy shines through, as does your disdain for the man. Just how much do famous whozzits like Bill Clinton, Condaleeza Rice, Chris Matthews or Sean Hannity get for stopping by some gathering as the main event on the card? Peyton is pretty much at the top of his career and expertise. I suspect the $105,00 speaker’s fee is not out of line for a person of his stature. It is a whole lot more than either you or I could demand, but name recognition will do that for you.

  16. This tells me that Peyton is now really all about the money. As his playing career winds down he wants to continue to earn off opportunities. He makes over $20M per year, but still needs more. One of the greatest QBs of all time has set up his shop as an endorser and motivational speaker. It’s a pity he didn’t marry a Kardashian for the TV and marketing opportunities. Archie and Kris could be Executive Producers.

  17. The Liberal Ivory Tower give up a gravy train without a fight to the death?
    You’re crazy if you think they are gonna hand paychecks to student athletes. They may someday be remunerated for the off campus work they are prohibited from engaging in by the ncaa, but not in a million years will they be paid anything in the same universe as fair market value. Congress will outlaw the NLRB before that happens.

  18. The reason is that football will bring more revenue and attention to Oklahoma State University than the speaker who is a PhD in AstroPhysics that is paid $5,000 plus expenses.

  19. Mike, I could not agree with you more. I do not slam Peyton for being paid. He earned it. The NCAA and many of its member universities show no interest as ‘educators’ let alone as guardians of these kids-see Real Sports. As for Mark Emmert at the NCAA, he is a modern day Avery Brundage. The system must be corrected.

  20. The athletic department at OSU didn’t pay for this, so the correlation between paying for a public speaker and paying student athletes is invalid. As far as paying the athletes, how are you going to get past Title IX? If you pay the football players who are bringing in millions, aren’t you going to have to pay the women’s field hockey players, rowers, soccer players, etc. who are an enormous drain on an athletic department’s budget?

  21. If Athletic Directors and coaches can be paid millions of dollars per year, it is obscene to not pay players that risk their health to make those salaries possible.

    Giving an “education” to someone who neither has the time to exploit it (because of the commitments of his sport) or, perhaps, the innate intelligence to apply (not everyone is intellectually capable of succeeding at university) is hardly fair payment. Stop the fraud of the NCAA.

  22. As a WVU grad, I’m watching the Mountaineers struggle in a Big XII facilities & recruiting arms race in which they can only hope to avoid being lapped by UT/OU/OSU, not to mention competing OOC w/ most of the SEC/Big 10 & a few other schools. Athlete stipends are more likely to become another means for the elite programs to separate themselves than diminish the importance of the age-old booster payola that infests & completely stratifies college athletics. I agree that the players absolutely deserve a share of the pie & it’s going to come their way but how does the NCAA (yeah. right) shrug off the Delaneys & Swoffords to make some attempt at keeping the playing field somewhat level? Inevitably, some group of DC powerbrokers will get involved & ramrod reform down the NCAA’s throat; that will make for great headlines & influence peddling but hasn’t a snowball’s chance of reforming anything.

  23. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Maybe Peyton Manning used every cliche in the book but it comes off how he said it if it was worth the money, especially someone like Peyton Manning.

  24. He would command at least a million if he didn’t choke in the big game. It wasn’t Jacoby Jones catch that beat them in the AFC championship game two years ago, it was the interception to Corey Graham in OT. And last year, how many points did they score, 8. The Orioles did that last night against the Red Sox. No way close to the greatest QB ever, not even the best loser as that goes to Marino and maybe Kelly. Trent Dilfer has as many Super Bowl wins. Perfect proof that individual stats don’t make you a winner. His claim to fame is he is the most overrated player in NFL history.

  25. Peyton picked up a Dr Phil book at the airport in order to prep for his speech. Good work if you can get it

  26. Is it any wonder the college players want to get paid? They see guys like Manning making a hundred thousand bucks for doing nothing, and they look at how much money they help bring in for these universities, and it’s no wonder they want to get paid.
    I’ve long been of the opinion the NCAA and the universities are wrought with corruption. The amount of money these college coaches make is ridiculous, and if that’s not bad enough, they force their players to wear sneakers or shoes made by companies who are paying them millions, too.
    The Penn State Joe Paterno saga was bound to happen. When any man gets as powerful as Paterno was, they succumb to the Richard Nixon philosophy that rules and laws don’t apply to them.
    It’s a joke that Oklahoma State paid Manning that kind of money, and an even bigger joke that Manning took it. How much money does one guy need? He can’t donate his time for stuff like this??
    Oh well. Such is life in the 21st century when it comes to sports. It’s all about money, and anyone who says it isn’t is a liar. Goodell keeps telling the fans he much he cares about them, but that’s a crock, too.

  27. No big deal, that is the going costs for a well known celebrity to speak. So this one happens to be a football player.

  28. Obscene. For that money 3 or 4 kids could have gotten a 4-year degree without paying a cent. This country’s priorities are seriously screwed up.

  29. If Peyton did anything to motivate the teams we’ll know when they have a great regular season and lose in the playoffs or championship game.

  30. It’s ok for Papa Peyton to get paid, BUT shame on the young players when they charge for autograph sessions. And shame on young marketable athletes who come out with their own brand and logos. But Peyton, keep making your money. We deem you worthy enough to take our money, all the other guys are just greedy athletes who don’t care!!

  31. this is one reason i don’t like this guy. we all know over 20 million is never enough for one year. greedy blockhead.

    he makes stupid commercials; gives apparently stupid motivational speeches to even stupider people who want to be near a star. just wonder how much it would have cost had the broncs not gotten blown out in their last game…..

  32. Fishing for an issue. Peyton gets paid what he deserves. NCAA issues have nothing to do with that.

  33. At least Peyton has done something measurable in his life and can offer insight that has shown to work. I’d rather hear what Peyton has to say than some retired politician, from either party, who made it through life lying to people. Bill Clinton has made over $90 million dollars in speaking fees since 2000…

  34. I guess OK State wanted to learn how to choke in big games. They could have simply asked Oklahoma native, Wes Welker, that for free.

  35. hopefully, that was separate money from an alumni pot and not money that could have went towards medical research or campus security or orchestra or the ai lab. unlikely from the sports coaches compensation committee.

  36. So why are you blaming Peyton? Not like he put a gun to their head and demanded payment. You all do know who backs Oklahoma state don’t you? Not like Boone Pickens is scrounging around for pennies. $100 thousand to him is nickels to the rest of us.

  37. Bleacher Report listed Peyton as one of the most charitable players in the NFL. How do you know he didn’t turn around and donate the money he made from OSU? You don’t. “Income Inequality!!!!” Sheep.

  38. What is the over/under that T. Boone Pickens kicked in at least 50% of the 105K?

    BTW, why worry about what he said in the speech? It should be combed for insight after the Broncos once again end a season with a loss, so we can make fun of it next year.

  39. What a horrible waste of public money at a time when budgets are so tight. Whoever approved this expense clearly does not have the best interests of the students at heart and should be fired.

  40. They must have booked him prior to the Super Bowl, with no out clause. Don’t we normally reserve motivational talks for the winner?

    With the colleges arguing about playing the real earners, that’s one they could have passed on. If they had to have a NFL player, it should have been Russell Wilson or Malcolm Smith – the MVP.

  41. There’s a military vet sleeping under a bridge with a more compelling story, who would speak for a lot less.

    That would be more educational and enlightening, but we don’t like to hear from our used up heroes. They’re treated the same way college player who runs out of eligibility.

  42. He didn’t just get paid for an hour of work. There was an initial inquiry by the speakers bureau, a negotiation, setting up the logistics that worked for both parties, travel to and from Oklahoma, time to prepare his speech, and the speech itself. For most of us it is a lot of money to pay but there was a willing buyer and seller of services that set the price.

  43. If Peyton gave the money to charity, he should be commended. If we all worked as hard and thoughtfully as Peyton the world would be a better place. Personally, I have a more secular and scientific take on life but respect that Peyton’s faith is a driving force in his life, a life that has affecting many other lives. He certainly has given us football fans some great times.

  44. edelmanfanclub says: Apr 19, 2014 12:15 AM

    “Uh no. They shouldn’t pay college athletes. They get to go to school for free…”

    This is a really tired argument.

    The schools have been giving this “perk” to athletes for many decades. Has anything changed for the schools in those many decades?

    If paying players is absurd, then why are coaches making north of $6M/ year, if all they are doing is mentoring STUDENT-athletes?!

    So schools now get to collect advertising money, tv fees, merchandising, increased ticked prices, etc, etc. Which totals in the Billions of dollars. And the “students” on scholarship get the same deal they did in 1915? Yeah, that’s fair?!

    Some schools are making more money than NFL teams (tax free!), and you think it’s fair that all they have to pay the players is tuition (for an education they can barely take advantage of), room and board.

    That is the equivalent of the Patriots paying Brady $25K a year and saying, “after your career you can maybe get a great job paying you $40k, but hey – don’t work too hard in the classroom. Football comes first!”

    I feel sorry that your life is so small, that you begrudge talented young men their fair due.

  45. Peyton encouraged the youth to go out and buy as many Papa Johns Pizza places as possible.

    Also buy a piece of the Memphis Grizzlies.

    Once you have your degree..

    All this is attainable…


  46. Isn’t Oklahoma where the phrase “there’s a sucker born everyday” was coined?

    I bet there are english and history and science teachers at that school who don’t have anough books and materials for their students too.

    Absolutely ridiculous world we live in. Oh well, PM wins….just not the Super Bowl.

  47. He enjoyed his ” journey” to the SB with all those regular season stats honors, but when he reached his “destination” he choked. He can charge whatever he wants to speak if people are stupid enough to pay it, but he won’t win the SB.
    43 – 8 scoreboard, forever in that greedy head.

  48. edelmanfanclub says:
    Apr 19, 2014 12:15 AM
    Uh no. They shouldn’t pay college athletes. They get to go to school for free and have priority in everything (classes, housing, etc). Then get a chance to be millionaires after college as long as they aren’t complete morons.

    I see your point. But what if that student athlete injures himself so badly it affects the rest of his life(paralyzed,back injury) and hes unable to make the money he wouldve had he gone pro? Not only would the school drop him, but now hes left with an injury that he has to deal with the rest of his life without the ability to make “millions” even if hes not a complete moron. I’m not saying the schools should pay them a lot but the amount of money big time athletes make for these schools is incredible. they should be compensated for it more than just the education. Which generally speaking costs the university very little money

  49. I think it would’ve been funny if Peyton would’ve audibled every time he changed subject during his speech.

    “So in short, life is what you make it……..WHISKEY CALL PAPA BEAR BLUE OVER OMAHA! OMAHA!!! …You know when I was young my Dad gave me the best advice…”

  50. $105,000? Was $100,000 not enough? It is nothing compered to what former Presidents get. Just think how much coin President Obama will get after office.

  51. rcali says: Apr 19, 2014 3:30 AM

    Last time I checked, Peyton has not been arrested for drugs, not got a DUI, not rapped any women, is not a felon, did not run a dog fighting ring out of his backyard, ran over anyone in his car while drunk, not failed any drug tests, yet somehow is headed to the nfl hall of fame. I’d say money well spent to instruct the youth

    Check out what he was accused of doing in college!!!

  52. I challenge each of you in this arena tonight to invest your time to become a game-changer. A game-changer looks deeper and senses something others don’t and then acts on it.”


    I think he is talking about Mike Tomlin

  53. Peyton has earned the right to be pd that kind of money. Those of you who think otherwise I’m 100% positive you guys would turn the money down & speak for free. Did u hear the sarcasm in that last sentence?

  54. Does there ever come a time in a Manning’s life when they have enough money?

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