Raiders plan to cut Pryor on Monday if they can’t trade him

One way or another, Terrelle Pryor will no longer be an Oakland Raider by the close of business Monday.

That’s the word from Alex Marvez of FOX Sports, who reports that the Raiders will cut Pryor on Monday if they can’t trade him before then. That’s not a big surprise; it had already been clear that the Raiders have no plans for Pryor going forward, and that means it makes sense to send him packing before the start of the offseason training program.

It seems unlikely that anyone would trade for Pryor when the word is out that he’s about to be cut. Then again, he did show flashes of promise last season, and he’s only due a salary of $750,000 this year, so it’s possible that some team might think he’s worth a seventh-round pick.

Pryor is a phenomenal athlete who made some big plays last season, but those big plays were more with his feet than with his arm, and he still has a lot of work to do as a passer. If a team is willing to work with him as he develops, there’s still a chance that he’ll be a franchise quarterback. Just not in Oakland.

100 responses to “Raiders plan to cut Pryor on Monday if they can’t trade him

  1. If a team is willing to work with him as he develops, there’s still a chance that he’ll be a franchise quarterback.

    No there isn’t a chance.

  2. Somebody could have a player that they wouldn’t mind swapping to shore up their QB position. The Raiders just need to create a list and hand a phone to McKenzie. This is the moment you were trained for, now go to work and find us a buyer!

  3. My advice to Terrel Pryor is seeking a tryout with the Chicago Bears Mark Trestman is a quarterback guru and if anybody can bring on his talent it would be Trestman. The other alternative for Terrel in my opinion is to Google the words to O Canada and start learning because something tells me you might be needing to know them pretty soon 🙂

  4. I’d be curious to see what the QB whisperer Marc Trestman could do with a talent like Pryor, given what he’s done with McCown, but I don’t know if Pryor fits what Trestman wants in a back-up, he’s more of a 3rd QB for a year that needs to learn the system before he’s ready for a back-up role.

  5. Minnesota needs to trade a 7th for Pryor, cut Ponder, and draft Bordles for the future. Along with Cassell as this years starter, that would be a decent QB lineup.

  6. Conditional 7th rounder, easily. Training camp arm, no signing bonus, cut him if it doesn’t work out with no consequence.

  7. Its to bad, i would of really liked to see what he could do with a decent O-line. The guy was running for his life 80% of the plays last year.

  8. Teams aren’t stupid they know the Raiders will release Pryor so I doubt Reggie can get anything for it. I’d love to even get a seventh rounder for him. More realistically can Reggie trade Denarius Moore and get a 4th or 5th round pick?

  9. Why waist a perfectly good pick if the Raiders are going to cut him anyways?

    Sure you get exclusive rights to the guy but it would behoove Pryor to go somewhere that gives him the best chance to start. The Browns, Vikings, Jaguars, should be a good match… heck, even the Raiders need a backu… oops, never mind.

  10. He needs to play the hybrid TE/WR. If he wants to get on the field, that is. Otherwise it’s the back-up thing.

    If he had gone on to play college hoops, he would have gotten a late round flyer as a potential TE.

    He’s too good of an athlete for there not to be a spot for him somewhere.

  11. Anyone just looking at him as an athlete ? Returner wild cat option receiver type? I’d take a flyer on him in those roles

  12. This guy made every wrong decision possible from the beginning…ranging from the autographs to his decision to go to ohio state. He should’ve been converted to a wideout because he has awful throwing mechanics. Also, he could’ve just stuck with basketball and made it to the NBA with those fully guaranteed contracts.

  13. Pryor will be in the league long after Colinterception is serving his sentence in prison for his forthcoming 2nd assault conviction. Long live Al Davis!

  14. Why leak the fact that you’ll cut him if you want to trade him. Who is going to give anything up for someone they can sign once waived? Raiders being Raiders. Raider Fan, hardest job in sports.

  15. Typical Raiders.They won’t get a darn thing for him and he’ll go somewhere else and develop into good player

  16. This is a Big Mistake…
    Here is a person with a Desire to be Great.
    Had he not helped McKenzie & Allen to 3 Wins… They would be Gone.

    Tyrelle deserves another shot somewhere with better coaching.

  17. Just before his release Monday morning the Vikings will sneak in and give the Raiders this years 2nd round and next years 3rd draft picks…..oh those sneaky Vikings…… 😉

  18. If he becomes a franchise QB somewhere and we go again into losing streaking seasons like the past years
    this may break the came’s back for me as a raiders fan.
    No I won’t go and root for another team because thats fool, I may just quit watching football all together. act as if the team is dead and…

  19. Let’s see: He could possibly start w/ the Jags, the Texans, the Vikings, the Browns, the Titans, the Bucs, and the Cards. He’d be a serviceable backup (if not eventual starter) w/ the Chargers, the Chiefs, the Rams, the Jets, the Cowboys, and the Steelers. I thought he was a punk in college, but he hopefully has grown up since then.

  20. He would be a good puck up for Washington, 49ers or Carolina since his game is similar to the QBs starting, it would make for an easier transition if an injury occurred.

  21. if colin kaepernick can make it in the league than this guy can, just has to find a team with a top 3 defense and run game to make up for his mistakes like kap has.

  22. @justwin. The eagles will give you a 5th for Moore right now lol .

    I don’t know what to think of Pryor. He still has all the skill in the world but he just doesn’t seem to be able to put it together. I’d have to agree with others that the bears would be good spot, but also the niners or eagles because they both run a zone option spread system that allows the qb way few reads on each play and maybe that would allow Pryor to play the game with out over thinking

  23. Why do people think Pryor is good? He is a great runner but a terrible passer. He was a terrible passer in college and he’s terrible in the NFL.

    The Raiders changed the playbook to favor him. It was simple as could be and still he struggled.

  24. Remember when Kordell Stewart was “Slash”? Pryor would make an excellent “Slash II” in the ‘Burgh. Now, if only Bill Cowher could be talked out of retirement.

  25. Wait a minute. I thought guys like Pryor were the future of the NFL? Oh, that was a couple seasons ago. I guess that future has passed already?

    Look at him this way. He is at least as good as Kaepernick. Put Pryor on the Niners, and the offense would be exactly the same as it is with Kaepernick. The only difference between the two is that one wants 20 million a year and has fans saying he is worth it, and the other is going to be cut on Monday and will probably have to take the base minimum to make a roster somewhere.

  26. That is why u keep tebow outta ur mouth if ur still in the nfl.. I dont know why he decided to mention the name in his press conference.. But the second i read it i knew it was the end for him.. And it was. Watch mccoy have a bad yr as well..
    Go RAIDERS!!

  27. He would certainly be an upgrade from Tyrod Taylor. With the pickin’s being so slim for QBs in this draft, the Ravens could well take him on for a year to see how he develops and if he doesn’t, draft a QB next year. I could see giving a 7th for him. They used a 7th on Wes Pate and a fifth on Troy Smith.

    Joe will not remain injury free forever.

  28. The fact is, if crazy Al hadn’t grabbed him in the supplemental, he’d be working in a warehouse someplace.
    Now, he wants to be traded to a team where he can start.

    Yeah. THAT’S gonna happen.

    The kid isn’t an NFL quarterback. It’s probably too late for him to learn another position.

    This is where he fades away….

  29. No Way on earth this guy makes it as a QB. Any Raider fan that knows anything about football should see that. Great Athlete yes. QB no way! You could put the best O line ever assembled and he would still suck.
    He has terrible accuracy,terrible footwork,stares down receivers. He should learn to be a TE.

  30. some delusional people on this board about this guy. he is just not an NFL QB. and that doesn’t make him a backup either. seriously claiming he would backup on a bunch of teams like KC where Chase Daniel had a far better performance and is far more reliable than a guy who thinks he is one of the best talents in the game.

    waste of a 3rd round pick, bunch of raider fans trying to justify the stupidity.

  31. “Some work to do on his passing” what a joke. This guy was a celebrated high school QB, celebrated college QB at a elite program, been in the NFL for some time now and still haven’t figured out the passing game. Are you kidding?

  32. (Two games vs. Denver Broncos in 2013

    Alex Smith – 47-87, 54.0 pct, 523 yards, 4 TD, 1 Int, 82.7 passer rating.

    Terrelle Pryor – 40-66, 60.6 pct, 488 yards, 3 TD, 0 Int, 98.5 passer rating.

  33. “Pryor is a phenomenal athlete who made some big plays last season, but those big plays were more with his feet than with his arm, and he still has a lot of work to do as a passer.”

    Exact same thing can be said about Tebow, but he’s out of the league. Only difference is he led his team to the playoffs and beat the Steelers in his last game as a starter.

  34. He was a bust at the OSu. Only the Raiders were dumb enough to give him an opportunity to prove it. Lessons learned.

  35. kd75 says: Apr 19, 2014 2:14 PM

    I’ll trade a gold medallion and a game worn jersey…


    I will raise you a autographed Bea Arthur pic. and a $25 gift card to the Olive Garden.

  36. @thefiesty1: Pryor was a bust at OSU? 31-4 record. Led team to three Big Ten titles. Led Buckeyes to two major bowl victories: 2010 Rose Bowl and 2011 Sugar Bowl. Was MVP of Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl. Would have owned the OSU offensive record book if he had played his senior season. Yet, he was a bust at OSU SMH

  37. When will these teams/fans learn…

    NOBODY is going to TRADE anything for a player that’s about to be released.

    And especially not for Terrell Pryor. Lmao.

  38. Genius! ‘Hey yall hold off now if you’re thinking of trading us Raiders someone for Pryor cuz we gonna release him on Monday so it won’t cost ya a pick or nothin’! 🙂


    A Raiders fan

  39. If Pryor was smart he would go across the bay where he could easily challenge Gabbert and be under the tutelage of the QB Whisperer Jim Harbaugh

  40. Drunkraider;

    I’d agree that he was running 80% of the time last year, but at least half of that was because he made one read and took off.

    Can’t blame it all on the o-line. When McGloin took over the sacks per game were cut drastically because McGloin would actually throw the ball down the field when faced with pressure. Pryor’s usual response was to spin, roll right and either throw the ball in the dirt, take off running or get sacked.

    Infuriating to watch. Can’t imagine what it must have been like for his 0-line and receivers.

  41. Why would they cut him? Maybe the scare that he might beat out the 2 other bums they got at QB AND MAKE THEM LOOK STUIP FOR BURNING DRAFT PICKS WHILE THEY GIT A STATRTER ON THEIR TEAM!

  42. To all of the people saying trading for him when he will be cut is a waste of a draft pick I have a question…

    If he gets cut he goes on waivers and there is an order to which teams can claim someone off of waivers. So waiting for him to get cut doesn’t necessarily mean a team will get him for free if there’s another team in front of them in the ‘waivers line’ who wants him.

    So if team A wants him but they’re afraid team B whose ahead of them in line also wants him then isn’t there some motivation for team A to trade for him now rather than risk letting team B pick him up off waivers?

    Serious question. Do I not understand waivers incorrectly or is there some other flaw in my thinking?

    Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.

  43. Unless someone hires Vinny Cerrato in the 24 hours no one is going to trade for Terrelle Pryor.

  44. I feel he has some definite upside, I cant see him starting next year. Maybe the year after. But doesnt make sense to trade for him if hes just going to be cut. The writing was on the wall when they traded for schwaub

  45. People, no matter if the Raiders leaked they were cutting Pryor, or held a parade saying they were cutting pryor or said nothing NOBODY was ever trading for him. It doesn’t matter that news that he was being cut came out today, “starting QB for the Raiders = about 3rd string QB for most teams in the NFL”Teams like the Vikings and Jags are going to draft their own project QBs to “work on” theres no reason for them to give up draft picks to take the Raiders project QB that still needs a ton of work. Pryor may get invited to a couple work outs, maybe allowed to come to camp somewhere, but no team was ever going to give the Raiders anything for Pryor.

  46. Rumor is the eagles will pick him up. They will then immediately plant a story that he is involved in several money laundering schemes , try to trade him for a third rd pick, and then cut him again. Kelly back to school in 9-10 months.

  47. Teams aren’t avoiding a trade because he’ll be cut, they’re avoiding a trade because he’s not worth trading for.
    Someone may sign him as a low cost camp arm, but he’s not the guy teams have been waiting for a chance to get.
    It sounds like people think that someone is just waiting for him to be available. Nobody has plans for him.

  48. Its crazy to me the Raiders are so quick to want to drop Pryor. He definitely still has potential. I wouldn’t mind my Niners picking him up. If Kaepernick was playing on the Raiders squad from last year he probably would have had a similar season to Pryor. He was playing behind a less then solid o-line last year. Not to mention his limited receiving targets. You would think he would get another chance, at least as a back up, after they picked up some nice wePons in the off season.

  49. I’d like to see him in Cleveland. We need warm bodies on the roster. Right now, it’s just Brian Hoyer and some kid who was throwing footballs into garbage cans on You Tube a year ago. Not much if a depth chart.

  50. Before last season Pryor was really raw and I had little expectation he could play NFL QB. But he worked tirelessly and was 300% better in 2013. He regressed some as the season went on, but if he can get back to form and improve his game further he’s going to be an absolute steal for whoever gets him. And if McKenzie isn’t already fired by then that needs to be the final nail.

  51. Seems like just yesterday that Raider Nation was crowing about how good “TP” was going to be. But now, they have Schaub (what happened to Flynn?) who apparently walks on water.

    Dont you ever listen? Dont you ever learn?

  52. Pryor has not adjusted to the nfl. his attitude has always been ,i’m a superstar, so play me. he took a pay cut when he left OSU for the nfl and would love to return to OSU for the money and opportunity to teach Braxton Miller how to throw a football.

  53. There are a lot worse QBs on NFL rosters that has never had the success Vince Young has had …(NFL Rookie of the Year, 2 Pro Bowls, Playoff experience and Mobility). Vince has a career winning record of 31-19…
    I hope he gets another chance even if it’s third string…
    GM/Coach, sit down and talk to this guy…I think he can help…..

  54. Niners, panthers, bears, eagles, redskins, browns, ravens…..potential backup spots…….some team with a good qb coach WILL give him a shot

  55. McKenzie & DA are not interesting in trading TP. Best case scenario for them is TP is released and no team picks him up which will prove their point that TP is not an NFL qb. It’s ironic that the man who saved their jobs is now in the dog house.

  56. Reggie is hell bent on getting rid of every single one of A’s guy…..have to wonder really how much longer to Branch, McFadden, and Reece really have?

    Same stupid reason he made the bone headed mistake with Vehldeer.

  57. Pryor is not a QB. And if i were a WR or TE, i would pray this guy is not coming to my team.

    One read. Not there. Run. That’s not going to get it done. Hence, his release.

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