Report: Loucheiz Purifoy was caught with drugs, avoided arrest


Loucheiz Purifoy, a former Florida cornerback who is expected to be drafted next month, reportedly was caught with drugs last month and avoided arrest by agreeing to work as a police informant.

Now the matter of how Purifoy avoided arrest is the subject of an investigation. The Gainesville Sun reports that Purifoy never made himself available to officers to serve as an informant, so the Alachua County sheriff, whose officers originally stopped Purifoy, has asked the Gainesville Police Department to conduct an independent investigation into the matter.

According to the report, Purifoy was caught with marijuana and the synthetic drug known as bath salts. Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell wrote in a letter to Gainesville Police Chief Tony Jones that after Purifoy failed to act as an informant an arrest warrant issued for him was quashed, and now the matter needs to be investigated.

“Based on probable cause developed by the deputy, an arrest warrant was issued for Loucheiz Purifoy for April 4, 2014, after he failed to fulfill his end of the bargain,” Darnell wrote. “The action to quash the warrant is highly unusual and, as a result, I have numerous questions as to the propriety of how this occurred.”

Purifoy was previously arrested for marijuana possession in February of 2013, and the Gators suspended him for the first game of the season. If he can stay out of trouble off the field, Purifoy has the talent to be a major contributor in the NFL: At Florida he was a starting cornerback, played a little wide receiver and was outstanding on special teams as a returner, on kick coverage and in blocking kicks.

41 responses to “Report: Loucheiz Purifoy was caught with drugs, avoided arrest

  1. Nice way to get started in the NFL. Busted for drugs, then agree to be a snitch…wouldn’t want him on my team.

  2. Highly technical determination with the “bath salts” thing. There are/were dozens of Research Chemicals that were sold as “bath salts” to hide the true intent from authorities and fly under the radar. Some people have the misconception that these are actually bath salts that people can ingest and get psychoactive effects. It’s like if someone was trafficing cannabis hash as “plant fertizler”.

  3. Why is law enforcement telling the media that he is supposed to be working as a confidential informant? Stories like this really grind my gears!

  4. It said he agreed to be an informant and then didn’t comply but was still let off and now its all being investigated and I also find it disgusting that this report of him making an agreement to be an informant was released. I think that it was reckless and of poor judgment, it just might get this young man killed because in some places yes sometimes snitches do get stitches and worse. This kind of stupidity and carelessness by a professional organization like a police department should be punishable by law whether the kids an idiot or not it doesn’t justify their actions

  5. How is this info even made public ? That’s why its calls a “Confidential Informant”

  6. Yeah….Bath Salts always sounds like a great idea until you start eating the flesh off of one of your friends….That happened in Miami…How could this dude not know about this?

  7. @x716…

    “Misconception?” It is not a misconception. I worked at a shop in South Carolina that produced and sold this stuff, mainly “herbal incense.” We completely cleared the shelves once we started realizing what it really was and the effects it had on people.

    It is deadly. Probably the worse “drug” there is out there. One dose can kill you…or make you eat your neighbor alive.

    Stick to the good herb, that won’t hurt ya.

  8. This is the very reason WON’T come forward and help wipeout illegal drugs. When they do help, the IDIOTIC media put them and their name on front page news…

  9. SNITCH??? Would you mind if someone helped stop your children from doing drugs????

    This macho thing about snitch is for prisoners only, so grow up America!!


  10. If he agreed to snitch in order to avoid charges and failed to live up to his end of the deal, then he has no one to blame but himself. Charges should be reinstated and the circumstances of course will come out. They’ll need to justify why he avoided charges initially. His own fault for bailing on his end of the deal….no sympathy. Waste of oxygen should have stayed away from the drugs in the first place. This is not irresponsible reporting. He put himself in this position.

  11. The marijuana isn’t surprising since so many young people smoke it. The bath salts, however, are extremely concerning. That stuff is no joke, do a news search for people going crazy on it and you’ll see what I mean. I wouldn’t touch this kid with a 10 foot pole.

  12. All he had to do is stay clean for a few months and get drafted. He can’t even do that. That’s more frightening to me than his possession of MJ and bath salts (although the bath salts are pretty disturbing). He’s lazy and not very smart. Now he may not get drafted at all. Who is going to want to babysit him?

  13. I don’t get why people are calling him a snitch. He’s getting in trouble because he FAILED to snitch for them. He just told them he would to avoid trouble (not the smartest move but I guess he was desperate).

  14. He agreed to be an informant and then backed out of it. So, how does this make him a snitch?

  15. Weed is one thing. It’s no big deal. But bath salts? Really? IF I were choosing players for an NFL team, I’d stay away from this guy like the plague.

  16. Gainesville Police dept must be idiots. As retired police officer 28 yrs on the street. When you arrest someone for possession of narcotics, who might give substantial assistance in order to squash his/her arrest report, you don’t just release them on their own recognizance. You hold your arrest report until they give the substantial assistance, then after and only after do you squash the original arrest report,,,,,very legal, but what this PD did was extremely dumb.

  17. It’s pretty obvious that UF and FSU own the police departments in their respective cities. Just look at all the incidents the past several years. Even when Cam Newton was at UF and he got caught stealing another student’s laptop, there were no charges. Then of course there’s the departments in both cities declining to do anything about the incidents involving Hernandez and Winston. After all the scrutiny GPD received last year after the Aaron Hernandez incident and how many times they looked the other way when he was in trouble, you’d think they’d be more inclined to walk the straight and narrow. Looks like they are still being paid off by UF though.

  18. First off, all you idiots making comments about how this guy would be great for the Patriots or Detroit need to take a look at their own teams roster. Every team has a few guys who have been in trouble with the law. Stop acting like your team has 54 choir boys.

    There’s no arguing that this guy iccomplete moron, but let’s be real. 95% of the people who post, including me, either drink or smoke pot or do some other drug from time to time. If you got caught right before you were about to be drafted and you had s choice of either being arrested and potentially destroying your career or agreeing to help out the police, most of you would do whatever you could to save yourselves. We all know that he should’ve stayed away from drugs with the draft coming up. Hindsight is 20-20, and people need to quit acting so righteous. Like I said, he’s a freakin moron. But you can’t criticize him for making a choice that you would’ve made too. He could’ve cooperated with the police and gotten other people in trouble. If he did that, this whole thing would never have even been publicized. We never would’ve known about this. But for whatever reason he didn’t cooperate. He’s NOT a snitch.

    The biggest problem I have with this story is the Gainesville police department. Why didn’t they initially arrest him, even if he did agree to help them? The police had to suspect that he may not fulfill his end of the agreement. Were they that stupid that they simply took his word that he would cooperate with them?

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