Tom Savage will not attend the draft


Former Pitt quarterback Tom Savage has quickly gone from an unknown to a hot prospect, to the point where he received an invitation to attend the NFL draft. But Savage won’t be there.

Savage has declined his invitation and will not attend the draft, Josina Anderson of ESPN reports.

Just a few weeks ago, no one would have even expected Savage to get an invitation. But the buzz around the league suggests that NFL teams are growing so enamored with Savage’s size and arm strength that some teams may think he’s worth a first-round pick.

Savage started as a true freshman at Rutgers in 2009 and showed a lot of promise, but he suffered a hand injury and lost his starting job in 2010, transferred to Arizona and then transferred again when new coach Rich Rodriguez implemented an offense that didn’t play to his strengths. At Pittsburgh in 2013, he completed 61.2 percent of his passes, threw for 2,958 yards and had 21 touchdowns and nine interceptions. Moving around so much makes Savage one of the toughest prospects in the draft to evaluate, but some people think he’s going to hear Roger Goodell call his name early.

When Savage does hear his name called, it will be on TV.

42 responses to “Tom Savage will not attend the draft

  1. Smart kid. They just want drama.
    Why would he want a camera in his face every time his name isn’t called?
    Good call on his part. Let the made for TV stuff happen without him.

  2. Good for him. The media only wants to exploit him for ratings so they can make some more money. They don’t pay these guys to sit in their “green room”.

  3. Who the hell is Tom Savage? He won’t be at the draft? Oh no. There goes ESPN’s ratings for day 1.

  4. I love all the raider haters out there. Making comments like reaching for this guy. Ya sure, maybe when they were still ran by al. Jokes old now though. Reggie’s in there and won’t reach, at least not a mike Mitchell type player in the 2nd round. Last year he got his guy and was able to trade down to acquire more picks and still get him. The raiders still may be trending down in some eyes, I think just because of the division they are in, but those jokes are tired and old. Get some new material.

  5. BUT I WILL STILL BE THERE!! Last year was my first year. Sat next to the ESPN desk, talked with Luke Joekle’s grandparents. Did the backstage tour, sat at my teams table, stood at the podium, AWESOME!!

  6. Come on. There will almost be enough QB’s for every team to get one in the first round.

  7. At first glance, it would be fun to go to the draft and be there for your selection. At second glance, it is an opportunity for the entire nation to watch you sweat with every team that passes on you. The couch sounds way better.

  8. I would love to see the Packers draft Tom Savage and have Mike McCarthy a Pittsburgh guy work with him. He’s a gunslinger like Brett Favre and a couple of years in in Green Bay learning from McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers would do wonders for his career.

  9. His agent has given him some excellent advice. Why risk sitting there and getting passed over and over. That image stays with you for a long, long time.
    On the other hand, if he gets picked early, he is pictured at home with his family and it is a wonderful surprise. Fans will love it and cheer him on. Great way to start a career.

  10. When you look at what he had to work with, this guy looks pretty good. I think Savage would be a “diamond in the rough” on the right team with good QB coaching like NE, GB, SF, Minn, or Chi.

  11. Just heard that they have completed the first stage of preparing Mel Kiper’s hair….it should be perfect by the time Goodell makes his way to the podium.

  12. Since when did NE have good quarterback coaching? When Brady retires we’ll see how great their QB coaching is.

  13. Good decision. Going to New York City for the draft is overrated. Philip Rivers and Joe Thomas both stayed away.

    Tom did the correct thing because he rarely is mentioned as a first-round pick anyways. Why go when you may have to sit in the green room for day one, but you would have to wait until day 2 to actually get drafted?

    Plus, your own clothes and bed are comfier than a suit in a green room of stress anyways.

  14. Mike Mitchell is one of the better strong safeties in the game right now. He was let go only because they couldn’t sign him, no cap space. Raiders have made a lot of bad moves in the past but Mitchell was not one of them. The Bears were going to take him had Al Davis (RIP) not.

  15. I saw Savage as a Pitt QB (season ticket holder). He reminds me of Scott Mitchell the water buffalo who was a drop back pocket passer that takes the sacks (5th round pick). However, if you give him protection, he is a 2nd round pick. He stands tall in the pocket, can make the throws, he’s hard to bring down in the pocket like Big Ben. I personally felt that the Steelers were secretly hoping that no one liked him because I think they like him. I would draft Savage to groom to take over for Ben in about 4 years. Much like the Green Bay situation of Farve/Rogers. Savage is better than ANY back-up the Steelers have right now as a passer.

  16. Oh, forgot to mention, Savage has a lot of upside because he only started 2 years of college ball because he was too busy transferring around to find the right fit for his style of play. Pitt was perfect for him. I wish he played at Pitt for 4 years. You can just tell he has a very high ceiling and untapped potential.

  17. Raiders wont take him. If they take any QB it will be Carr, if available. They have breathing room with Schaub, McGloin and somehow everyone forgot about Edwards signing with them in beginning of the year, so they neednt go into thinking ‘franchise QB’ panic mode.

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