Brandon Marshall expects big things from Marquess Wilson


The release of Earl Bennett in Chicago opens up a clear path for Marquess Wilson to be the Bears’ third receiver next season.

Coach Marc Trestman would only say that Wilson will have “a chance to compete” for that job, but one of the two receivers definitely ahead of Marshall on the depth chart is expecting a bit more than that. Brandon Marshall said in an interview with that he’s feeling good and looking forward to his “best year ever,” but the subject of Wilson was more exciting for him.

“I really want to talk about Marquess Wilson,” Marshall said. “He came down and trained with us the whole offseason. We’re really looking for him to do some big things. This guy, he’s probably the steal of the draft last year. I’m going to say that. He came in, he put in the work, he looks like a body builder. Fast, strong, explosive. I’m looking forward to seeing him in OTAs.”

Wilson is 6-4, which would make him, Marshall and Alshon Jeffery one of the taller receiving trios in memory. Bennett wasn’t targeted all that often last season, but the Bears offense will be tough for defenses to measure up to in multiple ways if Wilson lives up to Marshall’s hype.

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  1. If Wilson comes on anything like Jeffery did after working out at Marshall’s facility, look out.

    And it would look like Marshall would be in demand at a trainer in his post NFL career. Can’t believe how far Marshall has come. Wow.

  2. He’s a beast they have the best wr corps in all the league . Yes better than Denver . He was a potential first rd talent who quit his college team over a new coach . Fell in the draft but is a baller . Both Chicago and the lions are the clear class of that division. Greenbay takes a bigger step back this season .

  3. The 2nd best wr core in the NFC north,behind the vikings of course.they will also behind the vikings in the rankings this season aswell.#NFCNORTHCHAMPS2014.SKOL

  4. Marshall has been an awesome teammate since joining the Bears! I just hope Wilson’s break out season goes better than Hester’s!

  5. @staffordcalvinbush said:

    Taller receving trio? Megatron is 6’5, Kris Durham is 6’6 and TE Fauria is 6’7

    He said ONE of the taller trios in memory……ONE of them. He didn’t say the ONLY one! I’m pretty sure he knew of others. But if you wanna get technical, he didn’t include TE Bennett…he said receivers so that would bring your trio down to a duo!

  6. danno1212 says:
    I am not sure what the definition of SKOL is, but if I had to guess from the posts on PFT, it would be the same as LOL?


    “Skol” literally translate to “bowl.” Not even joking about that. Vikings fans use “skol” in reference to the bowl their season gets flushed down every year without a championship.

  7. Don’t forget about their TE Martellus Bennett who’s 6’6″. That’s 4 huge receivers. If Wilson can play then watch out. The Bears offense will be among the best in the league.

  8. Jay Cutler is the Bears’ all-time passing leader in completions, attempts, yards and passer rating.

    Matt Forte = Top 3 RB

    Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery and Martellus Bennett.

    A much improved O-Line


    The only thing different this year is adding this kid, impressive.

  9. What would make the Bears truly scary is a speed guy to compliment Jeffries and Marshall.

  10. They should draft kelvin Benjamin and his 6’5″ height lol but seriously they have a pretty good group but maybe they should look for a speedster to spread the field and return kicks.

  11. Marcuess Wilson had great numbers at Washington State, but quit on Mike Leach and made a bunch of claims that were investigated by the school and the PAC-12, and were shown to be false accusations made by a prima donna. Hope he works out better for the Bears than he did for the COUGS.

  12. All the players are in place for the Bears to be a top Offense, again. What they need to put themselves over the top is for Cutler to be more poised in the pocket and work through his progressions a little better….

  13. The other NFC north teams are always paper champions around this time of year. If the Bears were going to take that next step, my goodness they had the opportunity last year. But it’s not gonna happen as long as Rodgers is healthy and Cutler’s in Chicago.

  14. gofor2with3pointlead says: Apr 20, 2014 8:45 PM

    What the Bears need to concentrate on is their historically bad defense.

    What do you mean “need”? Living under a rock? That is EXACTLY what they have been doing.

  15. Marquees Wilson is the all time record setter in receptions, yards and many other categories at WSU. He played only 2-1/2 seasons, his first at only 17 years old. He walked out of a 1am team discipline session, intense conditioning, imposed by Leach at 1 am on Sunday night after the Cougars stepped off the plane following a loss to Utah. He was suspended by Leach and never was reinstated. He did not quit the team.

  16. “All three receivers could be 8 feet tall, but if they don’t fix that shabby o-line, it won’t matter as much as it should.”

    Their line gave up 19 sacks last season. Pretty damn good improvement.

    ““Skol” literally translate to “bowl.” Not even joking about that. Vikings fans use “skol” in reference to the bowl their season gets flushed down every year without a championship.”

    Well done Packer fan, lol, well done. /s/ Bear’s fan

    Funny all the people who ripped on the Trestman hire last season. Looks pretty solid so far.

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