Josh McCown sees young QBs as “nice kids,” ready to be a mentor

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Buccaneers quarterback Josh McCown was brought in to be the starter, but he knows it may just be a matter of time before he’s replaced by a younger player, perhaps one the Bucs draft next month.

And McCown is fine with that. The Buccaneers have brought in some young quarterbacks for visits, and McCown likes what he sees from them.

They all seem like nice kids. They look so young,” McCown told the Tampa Bay Times. “It was cool to say hello to them; just briefly with Johnny [Manziel] and Teddy [Bridgewater] and Jimmy [Garoppolo]. Just, ‘Hey. How’s it going?’ and wish them well. It’s funny. You look at them, and you think back a few years and remember how fast it can go.”

The Bucs have another “nice kid” currently on the roster in Mike Glennon, and McCown will mentor Glennon as well. While McCown was out of the league in 2012 he briefly served as a high school coach, so he has experience as a mentor, and that’s a part of the job he welcomes. Even if the better he does mentoring, the sooner he could lose his job as the Bucs’ starter.

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  1. Glennon has the size and arm you want, given the opportunity with a solid supporting class he will do well, sitting a year would be a good thing. Remember he was the reason Russell Wilson was expendable at NC State

  2. dallascowboysdishingthereal says: Apr 20, 2014 7:35 PM

    If the Bucs draft one of these “nice kids” QBs and they have a lick of talent, McCown could find himself out of the NFL.
    And I’m sure the guy who almost retired a few months ago would be heartbroken to be without a job. Until he remembers his new contract pays out $4.75M no matter what!

  3. I agree with ytown. McCown knows that he isn’t playing much longer so why not take on the role for the next crop of QBs. It’s a competition, but I’m sure he’s fine with his position. If you remember, he was about to quit the league after the end of last season to spend more time with his family. Relocated to warmer pastures instead, but he knows it’s only a matter of time. This guy hasn’t been a big name in the league, but he’s still very much respectable.

  4. After calling them a good kid, McCown pulls out and gives the kid a werther’s original candy to chew on.

  5. McCown may be old but he is not stupid. he chose the money over a secure job where he would get paid a nice salary for holding a clipboard or playing 5 games in a high powered qb friendly offense. he knows what he can expect playing in a lovie smith offense and that is hand the ball off and throw lots of screen passes on 3rd. down. how hard will it be to mentor somebody to do that? glennon and any young qb they draft is doomed to failure playing for offense is part of the game? Lovie Smith.

  6. x716199121 says:

    And I’m sure the guy who almost retired a few months ago would be heartbroken to be without a job. Until he remembers his new contract pays out $4.75M no matter what!

    His contract has incentives that can pay him $15M for starting etc.

    To you, $4.75M may seem like a lot of coin but I think Josh would prefer to have the 15M. just sayin’

  7. McCown’s strategy for this season; when he gets out on the field, he’ll yell at ‘the kids’ on the defense to get off of his lawn.

  8. dallascowboysdishingthereal says:
    Apr 20, 2014 7:35 PM
    If the Bucs draft one of these “nice kids” QBs and they have a lick of talent, McCown could find himself out of the NFL.

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    Even nice kid QB’s with a lot of talent benefit from and should have a veteran QB on the team to help them as there is so much for them to learn…

    A wideout left the Bengals this offseason and he said that Andy Dalton was a good QB and the QB of the team but he would benefit if they had an experienced vet on the team to help him.

    Josh has a good head on his shoulders, he’s NOT a prima donna. He’s a pro and ANY young QB could use a veteran like him to help him along.

  9. As a Bucs fan I like that he wants to teach. So whoever we decide is the qb of the future will have someone who wants to help them learn the steps and not someone who only cares about themselves

  10. It sounds to me like McCown is subtly trying to discredit the concept of having a rookie starting QB just in case the team gets the crazy idea of drafting one in the 1st Round. Surely you won’t start a “kid” after already declaring a long-time vet to be your team’s QB because that would be a very bizarre message. He’s just reasserting his stranglehold as the team’s starting QB.

    If I was one of those “kids” and the Bucs drafted me I can tell you I would not be so “nice” nor would I be appreciative of being referred to as a kid as it is likely that I would think I’m already above McCown’s level if I’m drafted in the First Round. I would tell old man McCown that this kid is ready and is taking the QB job whether he likes it or not. He chose his words poorly and lost his opportunity to make friends so now it’s going to be a battle as I don’t see the value in this guy being my mentor. To me it’s the new 1st Round QB’s job to do everything they can to make sure McCown never sees the field again except in garbage time. If he can mentor from the sidelines then that’s fantastic, otherwise stay out of the way.

    I’m not a kid Josh, I’m a man on a mission and this is my team now. That’s who I am, nice to meet you.

  11. look buc fans all you have to do to see your future is look at the bears teams he coached. all defense and zero focus on offense. it was get off the bus running especially if you got a field goal to take the lead early. now in the event the other team managed to score against you waited until the final 2 min. to throw the football down field, then blame grossman when it did not work and they lost. now as bad as he was he did have some really good games when the game plan called for him to throw bombs to berrian early. but for the most part it was a hand the ball off offense.again this is a man who had a young Jay Cutler who was 1 of the best young qb’s in the game when they got him and refused to run a offense that matched his skills. one thing he did well was throw on the run but did the bears try and work that into the offense? no! it is like they looked at his game tape and said that is nice but we do not do that here. expect any young qb they draft to flounder whether they get mentored or not. only lovie benches they young kid they already have for a washed up vet. the kid looked decent playing for a dysfunctional team last year. imagine how much better he could be playing for a guy who knew anything about offense and had a little faith in him.

  12. McCown hasn’t exactly pulled up any trees but somebody like him knows what is like being a first rounder and then spending most of your career as a back up. Everybody that has made it to the NFL has got great ability but once there maybe coming out of college with big expectations after a few years of back slapping and plaudits you realize that its like eveybody at camp is all american, even the guys that get cut. McCown could be the best thing to happen to one of these rooks.

  13. What in the world did Josh McCown do to tick some of you all off? The man has never been a problem, he works hard, never thought or said he should start when Cutler was healthy again, he obviously loves football enough to try it again after being out, and he gets bashed in this thread?

    The man realizes who and what he is. He has worked just as hard at his abilities as many of the superstar millionaires. He guy gets a nice paycheck and its bash city. He is being paid nicely to bridge the gap on a bad football team. I say good for him……

  14. TB is a poorly run franchise.

    They didn’t need a QB. Glennon is fine and has a lot of potential. So they not only sign a free agent QB, they’re considering drafting another QB in an early round. Brilliant.

    And don’t get me started on Lovie Smith.

  15. Wait, is McCown actually allowed to be around when these kids come in for a visit? Isn’t the new CBA supposed to keep him from going in that building for a little while longer?

  16. McCown long ago realized he was a career backup, accepted his lot in life, and made a very nice career of getting paid well holding a clipboard with some starts here and there.

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