Manziel worked out for Browns Saturday, will meet with them this week


It took the Browns some time to get around to checking out Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, but they’ll have plenty of information about one of the draft’s top signal callers by the end of the week.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Browns watched Manziel work out in College Station, Texas on Saturday, giving them a taste of what they missed at Manziel’s pro day earlier this offseason. Schefter also reports that Manziel will be in Cleveland for a meeting with Browns brass during the week.

Once that’s complete, the Browns will have met with and/or worked out all of the top quarterback prospects in this year’s draft. There have been reports that Fresno State’s Derek Carr has caught the team’s eye, but any final decision will likely have to wait until the Browns have a full picture of what Manziel brings to the table.

With the fourth and 26th picks in the first round and three more picks in the next two rounds, the Browns have plenty of options when it comes to adding a quarterback to compete with Brian Hoyer for the starting job. The audiences with Manziel should play a big role in which of those options they wind up choosing.

40 responses to “Manziel worked out for Browns Saturday, will meet with them this week

  1. if I were the browns I Would take a qb in the second round. if they could get 2 other impact players in the first they could actually have a chance to be a pretty good team

  2. The Browns don’t need to use a first round pick on a quarterback. All they need is someone to back up Hoyer who is a good quarterback. The years he spent in New England have taught him what it takes to win. The Browns management should get behind him and not subject the team to a game of musical chairs at quarterback. Teams that do that go nowhere.

  3. As a Ravens fan I hope they take Johnny Football. The idea of Cleveland having Gordon on one side and Watkins on the other is a bit concerning to say the least.

  4. just say no to this kid. to many question marks surround him . his unorthodox style will not fly in the NFL . he will get broke in half .

    Do the right thing Farmer turn this thing around . we deserve a winner !

  5. The thing about these drafts are the nonsense of “right price” or “value.” If there is a player you like that WILL help your squad now or in the future, draft them in that order. This best player on the board garbage means nothing if you have someone in his place. Draft what is good for you. Pick Watkins, if they like Manzel for their offense, package picks and move up. Find a buyer now.

  6. Please no QB with the first pick. Against the popular thoughts I would like a O lineman. Joe Thomas is getting older. Start the rookie on the right and later move him to the left. Then you can move Schwartz to guard. This is an even better pick if Clowney, Watkins, or Bortles is gone. Plus the Browns help push the QBs downs the board and can get one with the 26th pick. First round O lineman are never a bust.

  7. I am a Redskins fan and I will tell you (and I’m really trying to be unbiased here) that Kyle Shanahan does not want the QB to do anything outside of the script/scheme. Even to the point that it is rumored that he wouldn’t let RG3 read defenses and audible at the line. The play was the play, period.

    There are reports that Manziel would look past wide open receivers so he could juke around and go for the “big play”. If the Browns are doing any sort of due diligence (which, by bringing him in, they are), they will see that this isn’t going to be a good match.

  8. ESPN quarterback guru Skip Bayless says Johnny Texas is better than Tim Tebow. So, there you have it…

  9. Browns need Manziel! He will add an attitude and swagger the Browns have been missing. Him with Gordon, Mack and Thomas will make their offense dangerous. He’s not perfect but he is a gamer who doesn’t like losing exactly what the Browns need . I’m not a Browns fan but I think their fan base deserves players who will not settle for losing.

  10. I watched lots of Texas A&M games the past two years and many of the Manziel highlight films floating around the web. One thing really jumps out. All of his big plays come from his legs. Runs. Even his big throws usually come when he is running, causing a breakdown in the secondary. The kid is electrifying and fun to watch, but I’m not sure how well he can transition to the NFL. QB’s cannot run that much in the NFL…just ask RGIII. At least RGIII can make the big pass play from the pocket. Until Manziel can do that on a consistent basis, he’s a crapshoot pic. But if he can learn to progress trough all of his reads before taking off, this kid is dangerous.

  11. I am sure the Browns are just doing their do diligence in case they want to take him with pick 26 or their round two pick.

    From everything we have heard there is no chance the Browns would even consider Manziel or any of these QBs at #4.

  12. Owner Jimmy Haslem has made many changes in GMs, Head Coaches, etc. It will be interesting if he personally gets involved as a member of the “Cleveland Brass” that Schefter refers to. It could be a case of man crush love at first sight – Jimmy Owner meets Johnny Football. Guaranteed swagger, firm handshakes and deep manly voices. Jimmy knows he needs a star QB. Johnny needs a high draft pick and big earnings to feed his ego and future lifestyle.

  13. Fellow Browns fans, the conventional pocket passing qb has burned us for the past 15 years, why not try and go the unconventional route here? We need someone who has the attitude and desire to prove all you critics wrong on how his game can’t transition to the nfl and blah blah blah. And stop with Tebow & Colt comparisons, they don’t even compare to the skill set Johnny Manziel has. If there is a qb in this years draft that can help the growth of the Browns it is Johnny Football.
    If we go offensive tackle at #4 it will set the team back once again, this draft is loaded with offensive lineman who could step in and start right away.
    In my opinion Take Johnny at #4, then trade up with buffalo or someone around that 9-13 range and grab his college teammate Evans as our #2
    Need some excitement in Cleveland everyone!

  14. Watkins at 4, assuming hes still available. It would be typical Browns mojo to be 1 spot away or to take the wrong player i.e. passing on Julio Jones, and Tyrann Mathieu.

    I sure as hell hope Derrek Carr hasnt caught their eye, he blows. I want McCarron, Mettenberger or Murray.

    The reason they continue to blow every year is they are void of playmakers and make horrible draft decisions. They need Watkins and another stud WR to go w Girdon. They need a beast RB i.e. Jeremy Hill. Then they will have running and passing threats and depth. Not sold on Burleson and Hawkins being anything more than decent depth. Neither are playmakers.

    They need a shutdown CB also.

  15. It’s going to take a GM with a pair to select Manziel, he’s the type of player that will either make a bad team a competitor immediately or get the GM/coach fired in 2y.

  16. Wasting a first rounder on Manziel is something the Browns would have done under Lerner/Holmgren (or Lerner/Savage). Please continue to prove that the Haslam/Farmer regime wants to do things differently and better by NOT taking Manziel. I mean, I don’t get it. Hoyer played GREAT last year until his injury, and that was with one legit WR on the field. Give him two or three (and teach him how to slide) and let’s see how he does. Don’t be the “same old Browns” and grasp at straws on any QB you can get in the first round. Prove that we’re thinking competitively now and not just being enamored with busts…

  17. Manziel has average athleticism, small stature, and benefited from having a beast of an offensive line and a great receiver. I would not draft him.
    No QB in this draft is great, but at least the others have better measurables than Manziel. He is overrated. Not worthy of being mentioned as a first round quaterback. IMO

  18. I’m not a browns fan but I would like to see them be successful one day. Please Browns, don’t do this. I just don’t see it working out.

  19. If I were the GM for the Browns, I would take non-QB impact players. Pick up the better talent in the draft. All of the QBs in this draft are too “high risk.” There are other glaring holes in Cleveland. Fill those holes first.

    While carefully building the team, the Browns can sign a “filler” QB in the meantime. They could get a few at a bargain. There is no doubt that the Browns aren’t headed for the Super Bowl this season; thus, you can spend your picks on the long-term needs.

    You can always sign a journeyman QB (or even Tim Tebow) for the short term. Heck, I would watch Tebow in Cleveland. It would be fun to watch him succeed or fail as a starter.

    Manziel? I just don’t know what to think. I don’t see him on a team like Cleveland and I have some questions about his toughness when he is sacked 4-5 times a game by 300 lb defensive ends.

  20. I’m trying to remember an actual Brown’s QB that worked out for them for more than a couple of years. I thought it would have been Tim Couch, but I was wrong about that one also. Maybe Cleveland is the QB killer franchise, because I cannot count the actual number who have started for them in the past 15 years and lasted more than a couple of years. I see Brandon Weeden didn’t make it either.

  21. There are a lot of “pretty good” QB’s in this draft. They will be available from the late 1st round through the 4th round. No need to rush.

    Take the best player available at #4, whether he be a WR, OT, LB, or CB. Don’t even think QB until #26, or later. I would like to see the Browns pick up QB Mettenberg, Murray, McCarron, Fales, Gilbert, or SAVAGE! I believe Savage is the sleeper in this draft (at QB) and suddenly it seems like he’s catching on. Maybe RB Sankey or Hyde in the 3rd.

    We definitely need to shore up the O-line or it doesn’t matter who we draft at QB.

  22. Life-long Browns fan here… I’m sick of taking quarterbacks in the draft only to have them not work out… Hoyer was great last year when he was able to play.

    Watkins pls. K Thx.

  23. Funny how every first round QB has failed to pan out for the Browns since they returned to the league. Tim Couch, Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeded, the names roll off the tongue like vinegar.

    Having said that, I’m not completely sold on Manziel just yet. The one thing that concerns me is his maturity -or lack thereof. He reminds me too much of Michael Vick when he first broke into the league.

    That and unless he had someone driving into that skull of his that he must keep his Texas-sized ego and partying ways in check, this guy is his own worst enemy.

  24. I hope these Derek Carr spewings from MKC are wrong, or a smoke screen. Dude looks awful.

  25. I don’t pretend to know if Johnny Football is the real deal, a bust, or anything in between. And I laugh that so many people above think they know.

    All I know is I’m a Browns fan, and I’m tired of watching this team lose, and I’m looking to Ray Farmer et al to bring a winner to Cleveland. If you do with or without this kid, I don’t care, just so long as it is done.


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