Nick Foles on DeSean Jackson: It’s surprising, but it’s a business

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles didn’t expect to lose his No. 1 receiver, DeSean Jackson, and didn’t see it coming before the Eagles sent Jackson packing.

You know, it’s surprising,” Foles told “But at the same time, you learn that it’s a business. It’s a tough business, at times. We develop a lot of friendships on a team and I’ve had many of my close teammates let go. It’s very tough, but at the same time, you know it’s part of the game, part of the business.”

Despite talk that Jackson was a trouble maker in the locker room, Foles said he never saw any of that.

“He was a great teammate to me,” Foles said. “We had a great relationship on and off the field. Everybody has other things going on, but to me personally, I really enjoyed playing with him and I’m excited that he landed on his feet. He’s a heck of a player.”

Now he’ll be a heck of a player for Philadelphia’s NFC East rival in Washington.

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  1. Hmmmm. Another Philly player that defended Desean on the record while most of his bashers remain off the record. So we have the star running back, starting QB, and former starting QB all come out and say Jackson was a good teammate. All you fans that have been bashing him and throwing insults towards the Skins for signing him don’t know what you are talking about.

  2. Chip Kelly and the Eagles brass owe us fans an explanation for his release. We are the ones who buy tickets, parking, concessions, apparel, memorabilia, etc. We are responsible for the giant revenue monster that is the NFL. With no arrests or tangible off the field issues reported, the Eagles owe a statement to their fans about why he was released. Hell, even if it was because they didn’t want to pay him $10 mil or he didn’t “fit the team culture,” but they need to say SOMETHING.

  3. It’s not surprising at all, especially given the way the Eagles dealt with another talented but disruptive WR: Terrell Owens.
    The organization is attempting to regain some semblance of morality, greatly bolstered by finally getting rid of Vick.

  4. What do you expect him to say? This doesn’t change anything. I like Jackson but anyone that thinks Kelly would cut someone as good as him if he wasn’t a complete pain is just naive.

  5. Don’t get excited skins fans. Foles could find nice things to say about hitler. He refuses to ever utter a negative word.

  6. The eagles could give Washington McCoy as well and still be better than them. Jackson is on a terrible cellar dweller team and his attitude will be worse than ever

  7. Regardless of where you stand on DeSean, would you expect a NFL Quarterback to say anything different?

  8. The BEagles can say what they want but if they think they can just find someone off the street to replace his production they are only fooling themselves. Do they really believe Darren Sproles at this stage of his career is the answer or that Riley Cooper is truly ready to assume that role and let’s not forget Jeremy Macklin is coming off of injury,please!!!! Chip Kelly is an arrogant dude who thinks his “system” can just plug anyone into and keep on rolling,well,this ain’t college dude,you do not have bluechip back-ups waiting in the wings for their chance to shine. I watched alot of Oregon games during his tenure,very entertaining to watch but could never quite win the big games(especially against the better teams),sound familiar!!!

  9. I am a Skins fan, and it really bothers me that Nick Foles seems to be a very competent, intelligent, likeable guy. And he’s pretty good. I want to cheer for him, yet I am supposed to hate him. Quite the quandry.

  10. Broncos had the easiest schedule last year. If you look at the record of each team they played (at the time they played them), they played like 2 winning teams.

  11. The Eagles are building for the future and they decided that giving DeSean a new contract for more guaranteed money didn’t make sense for them, so they moved on. If they could get DeSean to be happy with his current deal, they would have kept him, but they knew what a PITA he could be when he wasn’t happy with his contract. DeSean was broke and wanted a new deal, and the Eagles didn’t want to give it to him.

  12. RGIII, Luck, Wilson, and Foles are good guys and good role models gives us hope for the future of the NFL. Kapernick well………

  13. I think a lot of us young fans between 18-35 understand D Jack a lot better than older fans. I’ve been affiliated with some people that maybe weren’t the best role models but I always separated myself and kept a safe distance from some of their activities. Just because you know some people or hang out with people that do “bad things” doesn’t make you a bad person at all. A friend is a friend and most of the time you meet these people before you know what they do and you like them for who they are.

  14. After September he averages 66 yards per game, career stats,but it doesn’t really matter as the skins are usually out of the hunt by then. It’s strictly business Sonny, it’s not personal

  15. Get rid of one of your best players in the prime of his career after his best season ever … yeah, that’s all business.

  16. When will professional athletes learn…yes, it’s a business, but it’s less about being a business and more about, you know…winning. The best way to succeed on the business end is to win, and you need to make hard choices to win in pro sports – especially in a salary league such as the NFL.

  17. The only thing this demonstrates is that Nick Foles is a class act with a Peyton Manning-like knack for giving the right answer to the press all time time.

    Such an important quality for a QB, and something McNabb never had it.

  18. Jackson will be great in DC where they love guys who spend $20,000. for one bottle of champagne . Says a lot about the person who just signed a big contract. He’s doesn’t get the government gets 30+%, his new agent gets 10+% and he owes a boatload to his former agent plus what we don’t know.

    Anyone who believes the Eagles cut him for no reason doesn’t get pro football. The reasons will be exposed.

  19. Is foles coming out with his own logo? No, he doesn’t have an ego problem.

    “Now that teams have game tape year two will be much much different.”

    Kinda like RG3?

  20. The reason is exposed why DeSean got cut Chips big ego. Quit the sour grapes eagle nation. If you know anything about football you would understand that.

  21. A few quick thoughts. 1) the Eagles legally can not comment on the reason they cut a player (it’s in the CBA) 2)A billion dollar company does not get rid of an employee for NO REASON if they think he can help more then hurt them 3) re read what the players supporting DJAX said….each said that djax was a good teammate to them, they didn’t say he was a good teammate overall to the rest of the team. In fact, McCoy said there was a lesson learned that players can’t get away with certain things. 4) for everyone upset with unnamed sources against DJAX , all the other players could be unnamed supporting him…(if there was any)

    To sum it up, I did enjoy the big plays that Jackson gave the Eagles, but like soooo many of the WRs ….there’s only sooo much of their diva that can be tolorated

  22. It makes a lot of sense that Jackson was a good teammate to the starting QB. Terrell Owens is the
    only WR who went out of his way to alienate his QB . Now, if Foles was in a position of authority or a superior, it would be a different story.

  23. Hey fluke foles ur next on the list u bum. Your competition against back up qbs, holds the ball for years an throws prayers an the wr’s bail him out don’t believe me look at the tapes of many games.

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