Odell Beckham has visits with Eagles and Dolphins this week


On Saturday, MDS passed along a report from Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald regarding the Dolphins’ interest in draft-eligible wide receivers and what it might mean for Mike Wallace’s future in Miami.

One of the receivers mentioned in the report is LSU wideout Odell Beckham and the Dolphins will get some more information about Beckham this week. During an appearance on Sirius XM NFL Radio on Saturday, Beckham said that he will be visiting with the Dolphins on Friday and Saturday as he winds up a busy week. Beckham confirmed that he will visit with the Jets on Monday and Tuesday before moving on to talk to the Eagles in the middle of the week.

“It’s been a fun process,” Beckham said. “It’s been a little tough at times to be able to catch your workouts because you’re traveling for days at a time. It’s been fun to go around and meet coaches and general managers and just be able to reach out.”

Beckham also said that he has already met with the Bills, which he called a “fun experience,” and Bengals while making the rounds of interested teams. There will likely be other interest as well as Beckham is almost certainly going to be off the board before the first round comes to an end on May 8.

10 responses to “Odell Beckham has visits with Eagles and Dolphins this week

  1. that’s not big news but i gotta tell you, i keep coming here to find out if there’s one more morsel of information impacting my jets upcoming season. i’m lookin for the nfl to expand to a year round operation as soon as possible. eighteen? forget it lets go for 40

  2. as an Eagle fan I’m still hoping one of the 2 top safety’s fall to the birds at 22. Beckhman would be a great fallback pick though, I like him better than Cooks or Lee.

  3. Eagles are going to take the best WR available and make DeSean Jackson a memory. They seem to have a front office that knows what it’s doing and has proven that by moving in a certain direction and being successful while doing it.

    That’s why in reality, there are only two teams in that division. Eagles and Giants because they have the best front offices in the division.

    But right now, the Giants are in transition so the Eagles will win that division by default. Real Simple.

  4. It means nothing to Mike Wallace or his tenure with the Fish, weather or not Beckham visits or not. BUT,,,Joe Philbin is the head coach and anything is possible,,,he hasn’t a clue of how to coach a football team, thus the reason Jordan rode the pine for much of last season,,,Philbin just doesnt know when to use players or when to sit players,,,remember he had to clue of what was going on inside his own locker room,,,,,Philbin is a waste of time and money,,,

  5. Overrated? I’m not a huge college football fan I usually watch the first weekend(football starved) and then the championship games and bowl games at the end. But I seen he had it as a reciever on that first weekend of last season. He went up and grabbed the ball on every catch and showed some nifty moves afterward and said to myself this guy is pretty good. In my book he’s #2 after Watkins.

  6. …and if Jordan hadn’t rode the pine they never would have known what they had in Vernon. Jordan wasn’t ready. Dang impatient people should just go play with their bobbleheads and wait for the season to start before they start whining and crying like they know something.

  7. Instead of bringing in good players like Beckham, Jr. And Sammy Watkins, the Browns are wasting their time on bringing in Derek Carr and Johnny Manziel 2 stiffs that wont last 3 years in the NFL. Same old 4-12 Browns. And they wonder why they blow every year.

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