One owner says Trump’s confirmation wouldn’t be a slam dunk


Recently, an NFL ownership-level source told PFT that it could be difficult to muster nine votes to keep Donald Trump out of the world’s most exclusive club of billionaires.  Another owner has told Gary Myers of the New York Daily News something very different.

He did try to bring the NFL down,” the unnamed owner told Myers.  “Certainly, a lot of owners aren’t around anymore.  Maybe some of the new guys wouldn’t bear the same type of resentment that some of the older guys would.  Do you think he would be a good partner for us or be somewhat of a maverick and be in it for himself?  All questions that have to be asked.  It’s not just the USFL stuff.  Who knows how serious he is.  He likes to have his name out there.  Let’s put it this way:  I don’t think his confirmation would be a slam dunk.”

Myers notes that 15 of the NFL’s 32 teams are still owned by the same person or family who owned those teams when Trump and his USFL cronies filed an antitrust lawsuit against the league.  Of the 32 teams, 24 owners must approve the sale of the Bills to Trump.  And Trump arguably has given some of the owners more incentive to oppose him with the intelligence-insulting claim that the USFL, not Trump, sued the NFL.

The AFL, with owners including the late Ralph Wilson, once battled the NFL toe-to-toe for players and fans and attention.  Ultimately, the AFL and NFL put their differences behind them and made a stronger league.  Trump would be wise to own what he did 30 years ago, and to hope that the owners who vividly recall the battles of the 1980s would be willing to treat Trump the way the AFL owners ultimately were treated.

“[Trump] said a lot of stupid things, and a lot of us still remember it,” said the unnamed owner, who reportedly laughed at Trump’s claim that he didn’t sue the NFL.  “If he ends up being the only guy interested in buying the Bills, then he could be it. I know Jon Bon Jovi is a serious contender. I think there will be some competition.”

Bon Jovi may be a serious contender, but he may not have the cash.  Trump apparently has the cash, but it’s unclear whether he’s serious about buying the Bills or whether he’s simply serious about generating free publicity by talking about buying the Bills.

Either way, if he’s going to try to buy the Bills, Trump’s best move would be to quit talking and start writing a check.

75 responses to “One owner says Trump’s confirmation wouldn’t be a slam dunk

  1. The bloated gasbag Trump is not buying the Bills or any other NFL team. He is an actor who PLAYS a “billionaire” on TV. He doesn’t have anywhere near enough money to buy an NFL franchise and even if he did he’d be nothing but a huge embarrassment to the league in every imaginable way. The last thing the NFL needs is that weird creepy egomaniac spouting off and drawing attention to himself, which is all he lives for.

  2. Wow. If there’s a more difficult fatal flaw on a resume than he wants to be accepted in the entity he aggressively tried to bring down — it’s hard to think of one.

    Though ALL owners are in it for some element of selfishness, Trump always has been in it for himself to such a bizarre extreme – that it would likely be a very bad fit.

    Part of what made and makes the NFL awesome is the revenue-sharing that Rozelle implemented decades ago — and one thing Trump is not known for is being selfless and looking out for the others to serve the greater good.

    The Donald looks out for the Donald — probably best to look for better options.

  3. Bon Jovi would be backed by MLSE in Toronto. The new NFL team would most certainly join the long list of losing Toronto sport franchises. Funny city, the franchise they like to ignore, the CFL’s Argonauts, are the only team that ever wins championships. They must love the punishment. Keep the Bills in Buffalo.

  4. The three most dangerous places in New York City are in between a camera and Donald Trump, Chuck Schumer and Al Sharpton…

  5. You know Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder hate the idea of having an owner that will soak up a lot of media attention.

    I would imagine they’ll fight it behind the scenes.

  6. The NFL is a monopoly, and with the amount of money the owners charge for tickets, and the exclusive contracts they sign with companies like Nike, they take advantage of their monopoly status.

  7. Trump’s the biggest douche ever to inherit Daddy’s money. The current NFL owners would be idiots to let this jerk into their exclusive club. It’s bad enough that they have Jerry and Daniel… can you image one more loud-mouthed stooge like Trump to fill out the missing third of a good trio? God help us.

  8. My guess is if he has the money and he is the only person (or group) who wants them, Trump will get them. It’s not like you have hundreds of eligible candidates.

  9. I like the idea of Trump owning a team. Why not? If he has the money I say let him in. His name brings star power and that speaks $$$ to the NFL. Plus the entertainment value is off the charts.

  10. That’s ok it only matters if you get the score. This isn’t the NBA where style points are everything. A layup will suffice just fine to get the job done. This unnamed cowardly owner is clearly intimidated by the idea of an aggressive competitor joining the mix to shake things up. I don’t know why Trump wants in this business unless he’s serious and coming in guns a blazing to shoot these fish in a barrel. I wouldn’t enjoy voting for Trump if I was on the bottom of the food chain either.

  11. My fear is he will buy the Bills and then move them make 500 million on the deal the then run it up the flag pole how great of a business man he is. So I guess he will fit right into the Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder’s of the league of whom Ralph Wilson was not a fan.

  12. Trump would be just like Jerry Jones.Therefore-force Kraftto sell the hated pats to him instead so the NFLs biggest cheaters will finally get what they deserve:8-8 forever.Stupid stinky pati-rots.

  13. Didn’t he lose money on a casino? How do you do that? If that’s true, the owners should grill him on that.

  14. You people act as if Trump owning a team is going to negatively affect your lives … Here’s a hint… It won’t.. Who cares if he buys an NFL team or anything for that matter

  15. The NFL need not be associated with a glory-seeking birther. He’s not serious anyway. Just wants publicity.

    Just a comber-over, male version of Paris Hilton … famous for being famous.

  16. Trump is a clown!! He has no business in the NFL. He’d turn the Bills into a circus. The NFL has a “team first” oriented culture even at the upper executive level, which is something I’ve admired about the NFL’s business model. Trump’s selfish court jester antics have no place in football. This is nothing more than a ploy by a declining businessman to keep himself in the public eye.

  17. Trump has a serious shot at replacing Jerry Jones as the biggest buffoon in the NFL.

  18. As a city and community Buffalo has long had an inferiority complex about itself. It doesn’t have enough “cachet” or tourist attractions, or industry to make it a “destination”. All anyone outside of Buffalo knows or thinks about it is that it’s cold and snows a lot. Despite being on an international border, no one thinks of Buffalo as an international city on the order of Toronto. The NFL is the only thing that puts Buffalo on the lips of people nationally. And that’s why Buffalo NEEDS Donald Trump. Despite his history and flaws, Trump brings something that Buffalo wants badly. National attention. The region NEEDS Trump and PLEADS for him to buy the Bills and raise their beaten and battered psyche.
    Buffalo wants to be spoken of in the same tones as NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Toronto. Buffalo DESPERATELY needs a SAVIOR like Trump to erase their despair and misery. To make them not feel like the rustbelt backwater that it has been for decades. Buffalo citizens are on their KNEES begging for Donald trump to bring pizazz and glamour to their dreary existence. Donald, Buffalo will LOVE and embrace you and give you the love that you also need. Buffalo and Trump need each other.

  19. The Raiders owner would vote him in in a New York minute …”Look somebody with a hair style worse than mine”…

  20. “He did try to bring the NFL down.”

    Dude, whoever you are, that was 30 years ago! Get over it!

    Besides, how can he be any more embarrassing than an owner who gets caught on a DUI? Or more embarrassing than one of Denver’s high ranking officials who also got busted on a DUI? Or more embarrassing than Al Davis and his lawsuit? Or more embarrassing than the on-field product we got from Jerry Jones or the aforementioned Davis?

  21. Donald Trump owning the Bills would be akin to Frank McCourt owning the Dodgers and we all know how that turned out.

  22. He won’t even admit he was part of the group that tried to sue the NFL. He claims he tried to stop it. Keep him out please. He’s just a me, me, me guy.

  23. Donald Trump is perfect for this leadership, building this team into a championship franchise would be a challenge.

    But DT is a winner, and would put the Buffalo Bills back on the map.

    It is foolishness not to want DT as your owner, if you want the Bills to have a legacy of losing, then go find a generic owner.

    If I was a Buffalo Bills fan, I would be excited of having Donald Trump as a possible owner.

    Nobody is challenging New England in the AFC East, it’s time for a change,

    This board sounds like Patriot fans are nervous about Donald Trump becoming the owner of the Bills.

    They won’t be the Patriots “whipping boys” anymore!!!

    Go- Donald Trump and Grace to all the long suffering Bills fans.

  24. If Terrell Owens had the money to buy a franchise, he would be less of an attention hogging owner than Trump would be. Trump’s ego and willingness to turn any event, whether or not it has anything to do with him, into a headline focused on him is unparallelled in all of mankind.

  25. I peg the over/under at 3 days after purchasing the team before he changes the stadium name to Trump Field.

  26. There is no way Donald Trump would be able to sit back, realize that he is not a football expert, and defer the running of the team he owns to the people who actually understand football. Trump would be Jerry Jones on steroids and if he owned the Bills, we’d have ourselves a new all-time benchmark for poorly managed professional sports teams.

  27. If someone else with enough money tries to get the team, Trump will not get the votes. Bottom line. He tried to run too many of the current owners out of business with that law suit.

  28. “And Trump arguably has given some of the owners more incentive to oppose him with the intelligence-insulting claim that the USFL, not Trump, sued the NFL.”

    By the intelligence-insulting reasoning that because Trump did not stop the lawsuit, he alone was responsible for it.

  29. The only owners who fit the “unnamed owner” – John Mara and Dan Rooney.

    None of the big-named current owners – Jones, Snyder, Kraft, Lurie – were in the league in 1984. Besides Virginia Halas McCaskey and Mike Brown, Mara and Rooney are the closest thing to NFL “lifers” among the NFL owners, who would most likely carry a long grudge against Trump.

  30. My Entire life it will never get better than The President showing a picture of his Birth Certificate at the White House Correspondents dinner and cracking a joke about the people that brought the subject up. Then the camera cutting to Trump. Owners for the most part agree with his politics (or his brand of whatever) but no way they ever do stuff at that level (and lose).

  31. It won’t even get that far. Trump is very rich, but he’s not “that” rich and wouldn’t want to subject himself to the scrutiny to reveal that to the public who have heard him constantly brand himself as if he’s in the Bill Gates territory of rich people. The only way he’d be able to pull off buying an NFL team is to put together a group to do it.

  32. It probably was Jerrah who said that. Everyone knows that the NFL isn’t big enough for two Asia-sized egos.

  33. An exclusive club of “tax-payer subsidized” billionaires. Although I’m not sure if anyone of them has filed bankruptcy as many times as Trump.

  34. Whoa there, back up the bus… Is the NFL not an entertainment industry? What would be more of a shakeup than D.T. getting a franchise? I think it would be a high entertainment addition to a somewhat stodgy group of owners. All in all, I think it would be great for Buffalo and certainly fun to watch for all of us! Hey, he couldn’t mess it up any worse than that dude in Dallas has.

  35. If you read ‘The $1 League’, which everyone who has an interest in football history should, if you can find it, what you learn is that not only did Donald Trump participate in the NFL lawsuit, he was instrumental in steering the USFL toward a fall schedule and the lawsuit to begin with. It was this meeting that caused a lot of smarter owners, Alfred Taubman among them, to cash the hell out, because they knew where it was heading.

    And if that isn’t enough for you, just dig up the ‘Small Potatoes’ 30 for 30 and watch Trump in it.

    It’s worth mentioning, again, that if the NFL did not want Rush Limbaugh as a minority investor in a group trying to purchase the Rams, they sure as heck don’t want Donald Trump as a majority owner of the Bills. This isn’t the most liberal group of people on planet earth (just ask Woody Johnson).

    The responsibility of every NFL owner not named Jerry Jones is to keep his head down, shut up and enhance the brand equity and appeal of the shield and the value of all franchises under the ‘rising tide raises all boats’ business plan. Trump clearly runs counter to this in both his PR and business dealings and, as such, will never sniff NFL ownership.

  36. BTW, It was reported last week that the reason the schedule did not come out on time is bc MARA had some issues w/the NYG schedule (2nd yr in a row) & he made the NFL & his pal Roger make some changes…I’m so tired of it…isn’t the rest of the league sick of these guys? It needs to stop…

  37. drunkenagitator says: Apr 20, 2014 2:31 PM

    The last thing the NFL needs is that weird creepy egomaniac spouting off and drawing attention to himself, which is all he lives for.

    Yeah, the NFL already has Jerral to tick off all those boxes.

  38. Bon Jovi would make the Bills cool. Trump would make them a joke.

    As a Dolphin fan, I’m rooting HARD for JBJ…because even a division rival doesn’t deserve the clown show that Trump would make them. Maybe the Jets, but the Bills have solid, dedicated fans. I’m sure I speak for most Phin fans when I say I respect that fan base.

    Just say NO to The Donald. Not no, but HELL no.

  39. Donald Trump isn’t wealthy enough to buy anything bigger than an arena league team. His billionaire act is a charade, he does not have “billions” of dollars, as real billionaires do not have time to do reality TV shows or lend their names to sketchy Ponzi schemes. Trump is a blowhard TV personality who says “outrageous” things to generate attention. He will never own an NFL franchise, not in his wildest dreams. Anyone who buys into his phony act is a nitwit, plain and simple.

  40. Can you guys please stop reporting on this? Its simply not going to happen. He doesn’t have the money, he owns casinos and the owners don’t think he’d stay in line. Need more reasons?

  41. Not sure who will buy the team, but I am pretty sure that Jim Kelly will be involved with it in some way and that the team won’t be leaving any time soon.

  42. Almost everyone here is talking with their heart and not their brain.

    Trump’s not buying the Bills, JBJ is and there’s plenty of money behind him.

    Hello Toronto.

  43. Green Bay is still better than Buffalo! Does Buffalo have an Olive Garden? Didn’t think so! Plus, we have cranbarries! Does Buffalo have cranbarries?


    I am pretty sure Buffalo does not have cranbarries, they do however have cranberries!!!

  44. If Bon Jovi’s name is mentioned, the NFL owner probably is Bob Kraft. JBJ’s moneymen want to move the team to Toronto.

    I will take Trump over JBJ anyday. I know the PGA is very happy with it’s relationship with Donald Trump. Jim Kelly would also endorse Trump. Good enough for this Bills STH!!

  45. He already said he wasn’t moving the Bills. He can put money into that organization and the city of Buffalo. I say do it.

  46. I think political correctness is ruining the game of football with it’s absurd new rules and regulations. Trump is a conservative and would fight the liberal influence. I say hell yes.

  47. Lots of reason to dislike Trump but the odds of many owners holding the USFL against him are essentially zero. With the exception of few family owners who are holdovers from the old days, most owners are now billionaire businessmen who’d sell their grandmother for a buck. The NFL is just another business venture to them and they’re not going to care if some somebody was competing with it decades ago.

  48. I Cannot WAIT until “Apprentice: NFL GM” is on primetime TV with Deion Sanders, Janet Jackson, Warren Sapp and Gary Busey competing to be the Bills’ NFL GM for one year.

    …and still beat the Lions.

  49. Would Trump be a maverick in it for himself? Do you even have to ask that question?

    Trump is a buffoon if there ever was one- the NFL doesn’t need an owner to make Jerry Jones seem humble by comparison.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t really have the money. He’s been through bankruptcy what- once? twice?

  50. Don’t insult L.A. buying playing the “Bills are moving to Southern California card”, to scare the loyal fans of Buffalo.

    Nobody in Southern California wants the Bills. Not even Toronto wants the Bills.

    We have the two teams set up for a home coming, one is the Rams, and the other possibility will be the Raiders.

    That’s what L.A. will accept. Period. End of discussion and manipulating other football cities and tormenting their fans.

    L.A. Rams and Raiders in 2015.

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