Seahawks QB coach: Regardless of record, we saw imperfections


The Seahawks start their offseason workouts on Monday, which marks the first official work for the team since they were crowned Super Bowl champions.

That title and the Seahawks’ limited losses from the roster during the offseason would seem to leave the team with few concerns heading into next season. Coaches don’t get paid to say that all is well and that practice will be little more than a necessary evil, however, so it’s no surprise that quarterbacks coach Carl Smith is focused on the few negatives he saw on film from last season as the Seahawks get back to work.

“What we saw was lots of problems, regardless of the end result,” Smith said, via the team’s website. “We saw the imperfections and there’s a lot of work that we’ve still got to do. What we did get cleaned up during our playoff run were penalties and our protections. We had problems with both of those during the season and it made a lot games harder than it could have been.”

The Seahawks protected Russell Wilson much better in the second half of the season, likely because left tackle Russell Okung, center Max Unger and right tackle Breno Giacomini returned from injury and forced backups back to reserve roles. Giacomini is now with the Jets, so his replacement will have to keep things rolling but the overall concern with the line should be mitigated a great deal if everyone stays healthy this time around.

If they do, the Seahawks’ attempt to become the first team in a decade to repeat will be enhanced and Smith will have to dig a little deeper next season.

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  1. Those are the type of things you need to say to keep your team motivated after winning world Championship. And Wilson has already said he still a work in progress. And he’s right.

    As Wilson becomes a better QB, all they need to do is keep the defense at the high quality it is and they get better naturally because their QB gets better.

    49ers, Rams and Cardinals have a hard way to go to catch the Seahawks. Because the Seahawks have the most stable, most focused front office in that division. They actually have vision and execute it.

  2. Without question the offensive line can protect far better than they did last year. Even in Wilson’s rookie year they had better protection, I think there was only one QB in the NFL they faced more pressures. Bailey/Bowie should be upgrades if they take McQuistain/Breno’s spot. Carpenter is also said to be down 20 lbs.

    Rewatching some of the games to finish the year the play calling was becoming an issue along with WR not getting separation. Wilson who got back on track in the playoffs didn’t pull the trigger on many throws. There were even some slants he was inaccurate. Its scary that this team can get better but on the offensive side I think with Harvin/Michael its going to be much more dynamic.

  3. I think the O-line–and hence protection–is still a concern. The hope is that Alvin Bailey will step into a starting role at guard and that Michael Bowie will step in for Giacomini and maintain the latter’s level of play (which wasn’t great, but adequate). There are a lot of unknowns lurking here, and I was hoping for a FA signing or trade for a guard or tackle. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the ‘Hawks draft one or two O-linemen.

  4. Yeah we had some O line problems all year with health problems too but we can fix it. St Louis game on the road was probably the most scariest than it had to be because our o line play.

  5. The Minnesota Vikings future QB Teddy Bridgewater will be better than Russell Wilson.

    And our defense will be more dominant without holding every play.

    Coverage wise – Xavier Rhodes > Richard Sherman

  6. Although I’m not a fan, I respect Seattle for the way in which they handled themselves in that SB. They were totally prepared, and executed their plan perfectly. They listened while the world told them that megahead was going to embarrass them, and put on a clinic for young Wilson. They still are not getting the respect and admiration they deserve. This season, they may have a hole or two to fill, but all in all, I fully believe that they will contend again, and unless my team gets there, I’ll be routing for them. They steamrolled NJ, was like watching 4 quarters of a freight train going fullspeed, great football.

  7. anyone else remember when the mike glennon led bucs were one play from beating the seahawks at home? they are obviously a very good team who got hot and healthy at the right time (like the most recent packers and giants Super Bowl winners), but they are not some unbeatable dynasty like their fans wishfully think they are.

  8. This the NFL and nothing is easy. The record was great. The result was great. The ability or potential to repeat is there. To do so will be a huge accomplishment that meant that the team didn’t rest on its past deeds. Don’t be fooled by the SB blow out. The NFC is very competitive and just to repeat as the NFCW Champion will be a huge challenge.

    I am glad that the Seahawks all seem to be taking the SB Year and using it as a building block for the team, as opposed to feeling they have made it to the top of the mountain with nothing left to prove.

  9. Yeah, article covers the time that the Seahawks played the bucs… down half the o-line, without percy…
    So what is your point?

  10. Wilson will forever be compared to brad Johnson and Trent dilfer.

    Keep running that cup cake 26th ranked pass offense and let your defense keep winning you games. Glorified game manager.

  11. Wilson had a two month to stretch where the defense bailed him out, starting in Houston.
    He played average compared to the season before, and losses to SF, the brutal early game vs TB, and especially the Cards, were the worst. Slow making decisions and then holding onto to the ball too long. That said, those games also smartened him and the the team up, grounding them and refocusing them.

    In fact, maybe closer to three months, his best game by far since early in the season, was the Superbowl, where he had the passing game down (touch pass to Baldwin in the first Q) and made decisive choices to run the ball as well.
    He’s got the mentality and tool to get a lot better, and certainly the desire.
    But yes, a lot of room to improve over a performance last year that was masked by one of the most dominant and athletic defenses in the last couple decades.

  12. The Seahawks turned over the ball 3 times in the first half on their side of the field meaning a total or I believe 50 yards neted 3 tds and two of which were trick plays of sort including a TE throwing a td pass to a RB .

    Yeah Seattle is beatable . But they were wire to wire the best nfl team . They never got hot and still won #1 overall seed . Pick a game they played perfectly besides the SB and or Saints MNF . Contrary to your hate filled points Seattle player a 6-7 game stretch with 3 and 4 offensive lineman missing or moved out of position INCLUDING THAT TB GAME ANE TEXANS EARLIER .. The hawks pushed through injuries other teams could not . Missing 3-4 offensive lineman and both top wrs is a curse for doom . And Seattle continued to win and find ways . This is why stats are misleading they don’t account for injuries and to whom . The hawks were 2nd in scoring and 1st in pass plays over 20 until week 14 and did so with the second lowest attempts in the entire league and without harvin or rice or an OLine . JS of course theirs improvement to be had they literally didn’t attempt enough pass plays to show that they can become a prolific passing team once they need to .

  13. LOL @ everyone nitpicking Seattle’s season. As if anyone since the 1972 Dolphins hasn’t had an off game or two (and they barely beat a very bad Patriots team that year).

    Offensive line problems have been listed as reasons the Steelers and Giants didn’t fare so well this past season. Seattle misses three OL starters, two of them Pro Bowlers, for large segments of the season and still gets #1 seed in the NFC and brings home the Lombardi.

  14. Our conservative and highly predictable offensive play calling is the weakest aspect of the Seahawks the last couple of years. Thankfully, it was much better in the Super Bowl. Look at the first halves of the @ Washington and @ Atlanta playoff games from 2012 to see what I mean, though. Idiotic play calling, and when it changed, we were far more effective on offense. I swear, not having Percy is like some kryptonite for Darrell Bevell, because even when Percy is playing in a game but standing on the sideline, his play calling is better…Sigh.

  15. I’m a Skins fan but you gotta respect The Seahawks. Pete and his staff have built a great team that wants to play for them. I hope Jay can do the same with the Skins.

  16. Everybody doubting Russell Wilson please repost honestly. How many Seahawks games did you watch from beginning to end. Then let me ask you if I can compare your efficiency to a stat line without paying any attention to your burger flipping tendencies

  17. Even if the Seahawks played a QB with a broken leg in a cast, he’d be better than any Vikings QB.

    Oh yeah, and the Vikings still have 4 fails in 4 attempts to win a Trophy. 0 Rings. 0 Trophies. 4 epic Super Bowl Fails.

  18. Wilson is the best QB in the HISTORY OF THE NFL through two years.

    Look at the numbers.

  19. Bottom Line: QB Wilson is student of the game and will only IMPROVE each and every season. I believe we’ll have a SOLID O-Line this year and draft some studs for maximum protection.

    GO HAWKS!!!!

  20. Yeah, Russell Wilson has more touchdown passes and wins his 1st 2 years than any QB in NFL history, plus a Super Bowl championship in which he had a 123.5 QB rating. But he can’t play.


    Enjoy watching 2 in row next year guys…

  21. If by efficient for Wilson you mean being really good at handing the ball off to lynch right in his stomach and being the best cheerleader for the defense….then yes, Wilson is very efficient.

  22. RW, Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson: all one-time SB winning QBs. Amazing comparison. Why not include Peyton, Favre, Rodgers, Warner, etc. in that list, or does that not support your cherry-picked stats? Speaking of which, if you still have the page open showing Seattle with the 26th rated passing offense, click on that Yards/Attempt column. Woah, they’re #2. This ain’t Fantasy Football, pal. The Seahawks will use their system as long as it gets results (i.e., championships).
    And for good measure, in their 28 combined seasons, neither Dilfer nor Brad Johnson had a SINGLE season with a 100+ rating, which Wilson has done in each of his 2 seasons.

  23. hawkstradamus says: Apr 20, 2014 3:34 PM

    It’s not yet may, but the
    Seahawks are already at 8-0 by virtue of playing in front of the greatest sports fans the world has ever seen.
    Actually, they’re 7-1 since they play the Packers at Century Link this season. GB is one of only 2 teams in the last 2 years to go in front of the 12th Man and beat the Seahawks. Seattle didn’t beat us, the refs did.

  24. I’ll go to battle with Russell Wilson as my QB any day!! The kid’s a baller and knows how to win. If he was asked to throw the ball 45 times a game he would put up the gaudy stats that Brady, Manning etc… do.

  25. In my years of observation of NFL football, no matter how good a qb plays in his 1st few years the ones that wanna be great usually don’t hit their stride until their 5th ot 6th year. If this holds true with Willson & they can put an O line that can actually pass protect (we all know they can run block) then Wilson will be one of the greats. I can’t wait to watch his progress & shut these idiots up that think he’s nothing more than a game manager. Those are the same jackasses that only look at stats & think they can evaluate a player based on stats alone. Most of em probably only see the hawks play on Monday or Sunday night. As the hawks offense develops they are gonna be a helluva scary team & fans of other teams; the 12th man is putting you on notice. Good luck to the also rans.

  26. Sophmore slump.

    Repeat – NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

    Take Seahawks out of Seattle and the comfort of home field (which they had most of last year) and then you’ll see what kind of team they are.

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