The McNabb trade, four years later

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The relative solitude of Easter Sunday in 2010 was disrupted by a stunning bit of NFL news.  The Eagles traded franchise quarterback Donovan McNabb to the Redskins.

In return, the Eagles picked up a 2010 second-round pick and, ultimately, a fourth-round pick in 2011.  Philly fans feared several years of being pummeled twice per season by McNabb and his new team.  McNabb emerged victorious in his return to the place he called home for 11 years, but then the Eagles and Mike Vick put a beating for the ages on their division rivals on a Monday night.

McNabb later was benched for Rex Grossman, and the Redskins traded McNabb to the Vikings after the 2011 lockout ended.  His stint in Minnesota was even less memorable.

The two trades resulted in the Eagles selecting safety Nate Allen in the second round of the 2010 draft.  He has appeared in 59 of 64 regular-season games, with 54 starts.

The fourth-round pick in 2011 was shipped to the Buccaneers in exchange for a pair of fourth-round picks, one in 2011 and one in 2012.  With the 2011 pick, the Eagles selected linebacker Casey Matthews.  The 2012 fourth-rounder was traded to the Texans for linebacker DeMeco Ryans, who has started every game during his two years with the team.  Matthews, who began his rookie season as a starter, was benched after three games but nevertheless has appeared in all 48 of his career regular-season games.

The Redskins, who got the short end of the first McNabb trade, did well with the second McNabb trade, landing the sixth-round pick that became running back Alfred Morris.  He has started 32 regular-season games and generated 2,888 rushing yards in two years with the team.

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  1. I’m convinced the DeSean Jackson trade where he agreed to take a paycut for Washington and the team didn’t have to provide any compensation to the Eagles is a much better trade.

    It would be nice if you could find trades like that all the time, but then again the game would be too easy and thus boring. It’s not fun or glorious to win if the opponent just gives things to you.

    I just still can’t get over the decision by the Eagles to let him walk to a division rival while also lowering his salary rate. That’s about as dumb as you can get.

  2. Football is a team game, and just because a player flourishes in one system, there is no guarantee that he will flourish in another. The Redskins learned this the hard way with Trotter and McNabb, who played well in the Eagles system, but floundered playing for the rudderless Redskins. DeSean Jackson is a good player, but he also played in good offensive systems under Reid and Kelly. There is no guarantee that he will be as good playing for that circus is D.C., where they change coaches and offensive coordinators on a regular basis. Plus, he doesn’t get to play against the Redskins anymore, so his production is guaranteed to drop based on that fact alone.

  3. Lest we forget, when Shanahan was asked why he thought Andy Reid would want to part with such a great QB for a conditional mid-rounder, he shook his head, laughed, and said “I don’t know… I just don’t know what he could’ve been thinking.”

  4. Never wanted Mcnabb!! But it seems both teams got something to go forward with still think AMTrak in the 6th is one of the biggest steals in recent history. I don’t think us signing DJackson is a trade. HTTR looking forward to the draft!!

  5. Eagles got the better of the trade?

    Not by much as evidenced by their history of poor draft selections.

    This year they will again miss on most of their choices….just watch.

  6. The Deadskins got luckyon this one because they amazingly ended up with the best of the three players acquired.

    I’ll take Alfred Morris over McFlabb or Nate Allen any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

  7. Here is a list of teams that could have used him–

    1. Oakland–he was on the West Coast at home when they cut him. The Raiders are well under the cap and they couldn’t use him??

    2. KC and Carolina–I bunched these two together becausse I read people said they didn’t have the cap room. If you want a player bad enough, you’ll create cap room. Reid didn’t want to deal with him again and Carolina, after letting nearly all of their WRs walk in FA, didn’t touch him either.

    3. NYJ–Morenwheig and Vick are there. Again, a WR-needy team that passed on him.

    4. SF–the 49ers need a speed demon to go down the field, yet they didn’t bring him in either.

    Mike Wise of the Washington Post detailed a couple of the Philly-to Washington moves that have been made and other than Sonny Jurgensen, they have been one sided for the Eagles. I remember when Skins fans were taunting the Eagles about Jeremiah Trotter–two seasons, mainly on IR, and Gibbs cut him. And of course McNabb didn’t work out.

    Just remember–Jackson is one player. He isn’t the OL line or the defense.

  8. Case and point why you don’t trade draft picks for veterans.

    The redskins did this so often from 2000-2010 and they missed out on a lot of players who could have helps them win along the way.

    IMO the McNabb trade was a wash because neither team really made out in a big way. The Redskins could have drafted Morris with a 5th round selection or their natural 6th round selection and still had what they had now. The Eagles could have used another selection to acquire DeMarco Ryans and Nate Allen hasn’t really done anything so it’s not like the Redskins missed out on him or Casey Matthews.

    I guess the main difference in what happened with the trade was $, the Redskins paid a lot of McNabb for a season and the Eagles didn’t have to do that.

    Even then though, 2010 was an uncapped year so it didn’t mean much at all.

    “Megadethgod” the Redskins didn’t trade for DeSean Jackson, they acquired him through free agency, so that’s not the same thing

  9. Actually the trade worked out great for the Redskins in the end. The final result of it was that they got Alfred Morris, who is a legit stud!

  10. “McNabb emerged victorious in his return to the place he called home for 11 years, but then the Eagles and Mike Vick put a beating for the ages on their division rivals on a Monday night.”

    Vick sure did put on a beating for the ages, that was great!

  11. The Eagles wanted a safety to replace Dawkins so badly that they used a high second round pick on Nate Allen. Imagine if their first round pick was high enough to get Earl Thomas. Oh wait…

  12. An alternative way of thinking about it is they traded a couple average players for Alfred Morris, a top 5 RB, and a washed up QB they ended up dumping. They gave up a lot less than they gave up for Clinton Portis, and looks like they got a player of equal production.

  13. Knowing how the Redskins used to draft, I’m not so sure it was boneheaded to trade a 2nd and 4th for a chance at a decent QB. It certainly didn’t work out, but I’m definitely happy how things end up with Morris.

  14. trading for McNabb was the low point for Redskins.. kind of like hitting bottom..

    what Redskins did not realize was how thoroughly unprofessional, lazy, unwilling to take direction or work on skills… and how bad a guy McNabb was…

    Eagles stuck it to Redskins here…. but, Skins get lasting laugh with the steal of DJax (arguably Eagles best player in his prime)

    ultimately, there is a reason Eagles are only NFC East team to have never won a thing….


  15. Once again ….. Desean is a good player but I don’t see any rings on his fingers.

    And after a good hit across the middle … his arms get noticeable shorter.

    also remember Jerimiah Trotter – beware of Eagles bearing gifts.

    The worst trade for the Eagles with the skins was the Jurgenson – Snead ……While Sonny had the better career they both won the same number of superbowls ZERO

  16. Thanks for making my day! I didn’t realize the Vikings traded away Alfred Morris (via the draft pick that landed him in Washington) for an old washed up QB.

    Its been said the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. First BrINT Farve, then McNabb, then the signing of Freeman and now going into the season with Matt Cassel, at what point do the Viking’s realize that the strategy isn’t working? Another last place finish? That’s right around the corner.

  17. Never wanted this washed up loser on the Viking’s team. Keep the McFlabb stories on the eagles team site. Vikings fans can’t stand this negative POS. He is still pissed at the Vikings for giving him millions of dollars. At a time when he didn’t deserve it because he sucked. Go away Donavan.

  18. Can’t think of one good thing to say about this lazy jerk.

    nothing but excuses and entitlement for this tool… ohh.. bad Redskins, bad Vikings… Eagles keep this tool and it cost them a chance to win a SB.. then this tool scammed 2 other teams in to a payday, all the while not showing up for work..

  19. How did the eagles get the better of the trade, Nate Allen isn’t that great and Casey Mathews is no where near what Clay was. And the Redskins got AM, a top 5 rusher in his first 2 seasons. Yeah, sounds like the Redskins won on that. Oh and Jackson wasn’t traded, he was released then signed. Redskins will run away with the NFC this year, just watch what Griffin and this offense does to the PEDhawks.

  20. I have to post this periodically here because people keep slipping into the “skins got the eagles best player” diatribe while trying to pump up this move. So here it is again-

    1) Djax is potentially a big signing for washington, if he works hard.
    2)His production will be missed in philly, but is possibly replacable… or at least almost replaceable with a guy who will be cheaper and have a better attitude.
    3) Djax isn;t the Eagles best player. Or 2nd best. But it WAS completely understandable that skins fans may have thought that before this past year. Not after last year with Shady and Foles though.

  21. Lol BrINT Favre? Should’ve won the Super Bowl if not for the cheating Saints

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