Andy Dalton defends himself against critics


He might not have a new contract yet, or a playoff win, but you can’t say that Andy Dalton lacks confidence.

As he reported for voluntary workouts with the rest of his Bengals teammates, Dalton insisted he was ready to prove his critics wrong.

“Well, I’m very confident in what I’ve done,” Dalton said, via Paul Dehner Jr. of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “The people who are the critics, they look at all of the negatives. They don’t look at all of the stuff that I’ve accomplished. They don’t look at that I’m one of three quarterbacks in the history of the NFL to do certain things. They don’t look at that kind of stuff. They want to find ways to tear me down but I’m not worried about that. They can say whatever they want.

“All that matters is what everyone believes in this organization and what I believe in myself. That’s how I go about my business.”

The Bengals, particularly coach Marvin Lewis, share that confidence. Well, owner Mike Brown sort of does, depending on the numbers.

There are obviously efforts to do something entering the final year of Dalton’s deal, but he seemed willing to bet on himself like Joe Flacco did, if need be.

“There’s obviously some risk when that goes on, but I am confident in everything that I have been able to do and what I am going to do this year,” he said. “If it comes to that then it comes to that but I think both sides want to get it done. So, hopefully it happens.”

Of course, if the Bengals continue to play it out that way, and Dalton can’t produce a Flacco-level happy ending, they might not want to invest heavily in him at all. But after three one-and-dones and a 56.2 rating, apparently only the “critics” see that as unlikely.

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  1. Dalton is quickly becoming the best QB in the league. He already has the best arm and by a wide margin. He is also developing into the smartest QB, as well. There’s no denying his ability. If Mike Brown would put a little talent around him he would be a 3x Super Bowl MVP right now.

  2. People will find that many of Dalton’s shortcomings were related to inept coaching from Gruden. He failed to get the ball to the playmakers.

    A competent OC utilizing all the weapons they have appropriately will show dividends. It will be interesting to see if Gruden takes his skill to thwart an offense to Washington.

  3. Andy Dalton is kind of like Joe Flacco without the postseason prowess. Whenever Flacco comes under criticism at least he has the earned-and-deserved Super Bowl MVP card. Dalton has certain things that only two other guys have done. Idk it just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  4. “They don’t look at that I’m one of three quarterbacks in the history of the NFL to do certain things.”

    What things are those, and who are the other two?

  5. The fact that he can’t admit he has downfalls speaks volumes. The guy compares himself to Brees, Flacco and others. He has yet to win a post-season game let alone a SB. Don’t pay him until he proves himself.

  6. the critics are right! the bengals need to cut him asap! move up and draft a rookie because history shows a rookie can come right in and start and lead your team to the playoffs right? recent history in fact and that would be the bengals….oh wait a minute that would be a positive and we do not want to stress that right? wait the defense got them in and once there it was all dalton’s fault they lost right? all 3 years in a row. look he did not play well in those games and he admits it but he is not the only one on the team that played badly. to say he is not a good qb and they should move on is insane. unless they want to go back being the bungles brown will end up having to pay him later or watch him lead the browns or another team that sucks to the playoffs.

  7. I just want to point one thing out to everyone here badmouthing Andy, even Peyton Manning lost his first three playoff appearances. It took Peyton 4 years to get those 3 appearances. Andy’s numbers stack up with some of the best in the league starting out so don’t be so quick to dismiss him as a loser. Hue Jackson may be just what he needs to step beyond where he’s gone so far and really the only major negative Andy needs to address is the number of interceptions. That’s the only knock I have on him but considering that he still throws more TD’s than INT’s isn’t a bad thing.

  8. How anyone can say they have confidence in Dalton after seeing the way he played in the playoffs? He choked 3 straight years. He didn’t improve at all in the playoff games from year to year. Hard to have confidence with a guy who didn’t improve in the big games.

  9. Flacco had a fabulous 2012 postseason. But prior to that, in the regular season, he was average to awful. Paying a QB based on a four-game postseason — instead of on a 16-game regular season — is just plain dumb, which the Ravens will discover, if they haven’t already.

  10. Yeah confidence is half the battle, having the skills and mental toughness to win the big games is the part Andy just hasn’t shown to this point. The Bengals will once again look good during the regular season then flounder in first round. Eventually the decision makers, and somewhat intelligent Bengal fans will figure the Ginger Ninja is not the guy to take them to the promised land.

  11. Peyton Manning is one of only 2 other QB’s in the history of the NFL to put up more yards in their first 3 seasons than Dalton.

    Peyton Manning did not make it to the playoffs his first season. He didn’t win a playoff game until 2003, his 5th season. Many consider him the greatest QB to ever play the game.

    Then a game manager like Russel Wilson puts up mediocre numbers and wins a superbowl behind a great defense and nobody questions it.

    Dalton will be fine unless he truly has some mental block when it comes to playoff games.

  12. Pay him huge money. QBs with enormous egos like Brees ultimately cost their teams chances to succeed. Look at how many players are gone from the Saints because they couldn’t afford them, but Drew got his. Winning QBs like Brady redo contracts to help their team win. Losers simply take up cap room through selfishness.

  13. Could he say “I” any more? Wish he thought of it as, “don’t care what the critics say, I only care about the things that this team accomplishes.” But as it is, he doesn’t care what the critics say, he only cares what people in the organization think about him. Reminding me of Ochocinco…

  14. I don’t think Dalton is a great QB but the Bengals could do worse, that’s for sure. Dalton has three problems that Gruden was not able or even attempted to correct.

    The first is Dalton is reluctant to attempt the tight window throw. To be a successful NFL QB, he must make this throw.

    Secondly, he has issues with his eyes and reading coverage; he doesn’t seem to move through the progressions. I’ve seen him way too many teams throw into double or even triple coverage situations where he just doesn’t have the skill the put the ball on the money. Sometimes, he doesn’t even look to the left. He focuses in on that primary receiver and that’s where he’s going.

    Finally, his footwork. It seems a good portion of Dalton’s interceptions come from overthrowing the ball. That tells me he’s over-striding when he needs to throw a bullet.

    All three of these are correctable, it’s just a matter of if Hue Jackson and Ken Zampese can fix them. I’m hoping Jackson can create schemes where playmakers get the ball more. With the talent in Cincinnati’s WR core and backfield, Gruden didn’t rev up the offense enough.

  15. Three playoff appearances in a row after eons of hopeless mediocrity doesn’t just happen by accident, or because there are a few other good players on the roster.

    Let’s take one example, for comparison – Peyton Manning. He reached the playoffs in his second season, had two one-and-dones, then missed the playoffs altogether in his fourth year. He didn’t record a playoff win until his fifth year. He didn’t make it to the Super Bowl until his *ninth* year.

    Patience, people. Cincy’s got a guy who’s taken them to the playoffs in each of his first three years, in a bruiser of a division, and who won the division in the most recent season. This is a good state, and a good trend. This is the guy you want to keep, and develop.

  16. In all honesty the guy is money up until three games left in the season. If you look past his rookie season (cuz ya have to give all rookies a pass) he throws picks and makes bad decisions frequently in the last three games and then goes into the playoffs with either zero or fake confidence.

  17. “The people who are the critics, they look at all of the negatives. They don’t look at all of the stuff that I’ve accomplished. They don’t look at that I’m one of three quarterbacks in the history of the NFL to do certain things.”

    What has he done? Win a Super Bowl? No. Win a playoff game? No.

    He’s done nothing in the league.

  18. The Tony Romo of the AFC. Dalton finds a way to lose; especially in big games. Those who say he doesn’t have any “weapons” are idiots. He already has a defense that gives him the ball in pretty good field position and for a couple of extra series each game. AJ Green is a top 5 receiver. They have a pretty good O-line and very adequate receivers including at TE. They keep trumpeting about how good they are but cannot win a playoff game. They have provided the Texans with their only 2 playoff victories.

    Dalton is a loser at heart. He is an expert at snatching defeat from the yawning jaws of victory.

  19. You can point out all of the stats in favor of Dalton that you want, but doesn’t it say something that he could not beat a team with a winning record for the first 2 years of his career? And that he relies more on AJ Green and his play making ability (33% of his total yards) than any other QB/WR tandem in the NFL?

    I’ll leave it at this: Megatron is a freak. But people say Stafford is a bum, and without Calvin Johnson he would be terrible. Megatron accounted for 32% of Stafford’s yards. So would you say AJ Green’s stats are because Dalton is great? Or Dalton is the benefactor of having the best WR in the game to lob it up to and utilize his size? Me thinks it’s the latter…

  20. I honestly felt like this past season was the Bengals big chance to break through and make it to the AFC Championship game. Losing in a completely uninspired effort against San Diego at home was a total setback.

    Now they are starting to leak pieces off their core – Johnson, Hawkins, and so on. Zimmer was a HUGE loss in the coaching staff, Gruden not so much but replacing both coordinators in one season isn’t going to be easy.

    Dalton played miserably in the playoff game the past three years, his biggest dud showing up last season against SD. I fear he has placed a giant Romo-esque monkey on his back that when/if he gets to the playoffs again he will start making mental errors almost guaranteeing another Red Romo cameo.

    The Bengals are already saddled with not having won a playoff game in roughly 25 years, now this entire core is going to have to carry that monkey along with the one they’ve created for themselves

  21. He’s got one of the weakest arms in the league. When you can’t even put enough zip on a pass to through a short out pattern it makes things easier on the DB’s. Having said that he’s also a good guy and considering his weak arm he really has accomplished good things. Stick with him for now.

  22. It’s all about the clutch for a quarterback and until he does something other than spit the bit he should close his pie hole – it’s one thing to lack arm strength another to get baited into dumb INTS which San Diego did – he has better weapons than the other QBs in the division so no excuses – he’s earned the criticism

  23. Apparently the bengals are one of those cusp teams that are only a #2 WR away from a championship.

  24. Before people criticize Dalton they should remember the state of the team he inherited. The Bengals won only four games the previous year; the prior QB (who shall remain forever nameless) publicly announced that he was so disgusted that he would retire rather than honor his contract; the team was prevented from attending OTR’s and missed several pre-season practices; and Dalton had never taken an NFL snap or seen the team’s playbook. Considering these circumstances his accomplishments deserve applause, not criticism.

  25. Guy has the second best wide receiver in the league, a quality back that can catch out of the backfield, and two very average TE’s.

    There’s no question he should be putting up better numbers with that group.

  26. Dude has a defense that clowned Rodgers and Brady in the same season…. Yet he can’t even win a playoff game, dude just has to be a game manager and he flops attempting that.

  27. I’m a Bengals fan and not a huge Dalton fan but to say he isn’t a winner is crazy. Four year starter at TCU and I believe one of the winningest QBs in NCAA history. I believe Hue will have him taking huge steps. And I think Hue will be the next head coach too. And as far as the playoff games go. Dalton has sucked it up, but they had terrible game plans against Houston both times. And the defense let Arian Foster look like a HOF RB. As for this past year. That was just sad, I honestly think they thought San Diego was just going to lay down for them.
    I believe changes at the coaching level will push this team to the next level and I don’t know if enough have been made. But in Marvin we trust. Oh and Mike Brown needs to step down or die whichever comes first I’m cool with.

  28. “They don’t look at that I’m one of three quarterbacks in the history of the NFL to do certain things.”

    Eagle scout? Part-time farmer? Master fire juggler? Competition cow milker? Do shots with Lady Gaga?

    Well, that irresistible goof being said, the kid is all right. So what if he sucked in playoffs? Look at Bengals history, I’m always startled to see when they are playoff bound. I say this is the year we will really see how good he really is, 4th year tells the tale, new OC or not. He’s a blooded pro now, should have the tools and mentality.

  29. I was afraid we’d be stuck with “the Red Pick Machine” but he just punched Mike Brown in the greed-Bengal fans may have dogged a bullet, because if he was humble and and a team guy, Mikey would have over paid him what He’s worth to stay here…and the Bengals would have kept either just missing the playoffs, or being one and done-now there’s some hope of something better

  30. Too funny.
    I remember several of Flacco’s early playoff games when the Ravens coaching staff went out of its way to hide him. He was a nonfactor in most of his postseason games. Winning without much help from a quarterback is quite possible. I know. I live in Pittsburgh.

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