Bengals pick up 2015 option on A.J. Green

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The Bengals have extended the contract of one of their Pro Bowlers by one season.

According to Albert Breer of NFL Media, the Bengals have picked up the 2015 contract option on star wide receiver A.J. Green.

Green is now slated to make $10.176 million in 2015, according to NFL Players Association data, a significant raise from the $3.06 million he is due in 2014.

The No. 4 overall pick in 2011, the 25-year-old Green quickly established himself as Cincinnati’s go-to target. Last season, he caught a career-best 98 passes for 1,426 yards and matched his career high of 11 receiving touchdowns. Green has made the Pro Bowl in all three of his NFL seasons.

Teams have until May 3 to exercise the right to add a fifth year to the contract of 2011 first-round picks.

20 responses to “Bengals pick up 2015 option on A.J. Green

  1. Woo! A reason to be excited. It’s exciting going from one pro bowl receiver to another. We’re the Colts of receivers. With that said though, I expect AJ to take his game to another level this year.

  2. Andy Dalton STILL doesn’t have a reliable #2 wide receiver (Marvin Jones is a #3 wr masquerading as a #2 wr. (SEE: mike brown’s cheapness).

    Factor in Jermaine Gresham’s lack of explosiveness and dependability, Mohammed Sanu’s invisibility, and the center and guard positions… and… Andy Dalton will still be forced to run 1.5 seconds after the ball is hiked against playoff defenses.

  3. Unless they told him he can leave to go play with a winner, it wasn’t much of an option at all. I’ve never felt sorrier for a guy slated to make $10M.

  4. Even with the Bengals secondary issues, offensive line issues, and lack of quality receiving depth… Andy Dalton will still lead the 2014 Cincinnati Bengals to win the AFC North in 2014.

  5. The only player if feel sorrier for is Antonio Brown. Pretty good receiver stuck on a losing franchise with aging players and upper mgmnt that has NO CLUE how it works……..laughable.
    That being said, Congrats on staying with a winner AJ.

  6. AJ is the best pure receiver in the league. Without a question. His hands and body control are what makes him the best. Calvin is a physical freak playing receiver. No DB can match up against him. He is too big and strong. AJ makes the catches no one else can. That’s what I think at least. And for Josh Gordon. I think the jury is still out. He had some amazing games. But now everyone knows about him and can he play with two or three guys covering him? AJ has been the only receiver on his team since he got drafted and has had over a thousand yards every year. Don’t see him slowing down anytime soon.

  7. Well, with “pound the rock” Hue calling plays.
    And Raggedy Andy throwing him one-hoppers,
    I find it hard to think he matches last year’s stats.

  8. That means the Bengals have him 3 more years because they would certainly franchise him in 2016 if they don’t get a deal done. I think they will probably get one done much sooner than that.

  9. They should have given him a signing bonus for each of the past playoff wins……..Oh Wait!! That’s Right!

  10. Maybe that’s why the Bengals extended him and he hasn’t signed a new deal? Perhaps he wants out? Remember indentured servitude via the franchise tag is over. No non QB player can be tagged more than twice. Can you imagine the frenzy for AJ Green? That means at the end of his 7th year he would be a UFA? on his 2nd contract? Can we say $150 million dollar man at WR?

  11. I’m a Bengal fan, and I love AJ like everyone else, but this god-like worship gets a little old sometimes.

    Folks criticise Dalton for his poor play, but lets not forget he dropped a perfect bomb right into AJ’s wheelhouse v The Chargers, which AJ plain drops….

    So, lets pay the guy; but he ain’t no Jerry just yet…….

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