Browns continue getting acquainted with Derek Carr

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The Browns previously spent plenty of time with quarterback Derek Carr during an on-campus workout.  They’ll now be spending even more time with Carr in Cleveland.

As explained by David White of the Fresno Bee, Carr heads to Cleveland this week for his official visit with the Browns.

If they like him enough to draft him, the question becomes whether the Browns would take Carr at No. 4 or No. 26 in the first round.  But there’s another alternative.

They could trade down from No. 4 and draft Carr in the teens, like the Ravens did when acquiring Joe Flacco six years ago.  This would give the Browns an extra pick or two as the latest new coaching staff tries to put together a team that fits the new schemes and systems.

Trading down invites a risk of being leapfrogged.  If the Browns decide that Carr could be the franchise’s first franchise quarterback since Bernie Kosar, why screw around?  They should just take him at No. 4.

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  1. ugh my head hurts with all this
    cleveland please draft Blake Bortles he’s better then carr and better athlete in the AFC north we need QBs who are tough carr looks like he cant take any hits u played in the mountain west conference wow what a division!!! be smart cleveland and draft the better guy with more upside

  2. With the Raiders, Bucs and Vikings just after them, they better go #4 or not count on getting him.

    Unless they’re listening to the “experts” saying he’ll be there late. And even the Browns aren’t that dumb…right???

  3. Sammy watkins at 4 and carr at 26 would be a good foundation but probably wishful thinking. Gordon, Watkins, Cameron, and tate would be a nice young group for carr. Better than anything his brother got to work with in texas.

  4. Trading down is a way of sugar coating it all in case the guy is a bust. Odds are only 1 of your 1st round picks is going to pan out and I’m guessing the GM is hoping it’s the QB pick.

    If you want the guy, grab your friends and have some fun.

    So, be a man and draft your bro.

  5. I don’t believe Carr will still be there at #26 but, spending #4 is a bit high. I’d rather WR Watkins or LB Mack at this point. While adding another pick, trading down does present risks. It’ll be interesting to see what Ray Farmer & Company bring to the table on draft day.

    I’m still hoping the Browns pick up a second QB, too. Deep draft for QB’s; Mettenberger, Fales, Gilbert, McCarron, Murray, Savage and others. I would love to see the Browns take a chance on Savage.

  6. Then again, say on the day of the draft a team like the Lions REALLY wants Sammy Watkins and offers you their picks at #10 and #45 for your pick at #4.

    In what a lot of people are calling a very deep draft, that would leave the Browns with picks at 10, 26, 35, 45, and 8 total picks in the first 4 rounds.

    Would you take that deal? I would.

  7. Overrated. Half his passes were behind the line of scrimmage. Will be just like his brother.

  8. There’s too much placed on draft positions. A team is just picking a player at the location that their record has put them. If their need player happens to be graded as the best at his position that year,ok. 78 drafts and only 16 of the number one picks have won a SB or NFL championship. Many of those guys won after leaving the team that drafted them. If they draft and develop a QB that turns out to be average,it’ll be an improvement over what they’ve fielded since the reboot. And many of those guys never got a fair shake. The Browns have had zero patience with developing players. We’ll never know what Tim Couch,Brady Quinn,Colt McCoy or even Charlie Frye could have been with some stability and proper coaching. If they do select a QB,I just hope they give him time and not expect too much too soon.

  9. Wrong. The Ravens traded UP to get Flacco. The Texans traded down and drafted Duane Brown, which was widely panned by Todd McShay. Great call on that one Todd (insert sarcasm.)

  10. The reason you don’t take him at number 4 is he’s not worth it. Watkins if available should be the 4th pick. Hoyer is serviceable as the starter for 2014 and who knows, maybe beyond. No more rookie QB starters. Please!!! Offensive line is another great need. I think any of these QBs are a reach in round one, including number 26. Brian Sipe was taken in the 13th round of the 1972 draft. Brady was taken in round six. Many more examples are available.

  11. Stupid Brownies.He is the LITTLE brother of the AWFUL David Carr.What in the world do they smoke in Cleveland???

  12. I’ve always felt teams should target a select group of players and do what they can to get those players. Who cares if some nitwit on TV thinks you could have gotten a certain player a round later.

  13. The worst thing is that this probably isn’t even a smokescreen. He’ll be the biggest 1st-round bust in Cleveland since Brandon Weeden. How can you have basically a top 10 pick every year and not have had some sort of a steady quarterback? Only the Browns!!

  14. Crazy how draft projections move up and down so much as we approach the draft. Teams have been set for weeks on their draft boards and the media has changed the stock value of Carr from mid rounds to mid first round. I’m pulling for this kid. His bro could have been great had he not played behind 5 TEs and been ruined.

  15. Or the Browns can take Watkins at 4, then use some of their extra picks they’ve acquired to move up from 26 to get Carr too.

  16. Not sure he’s a first rounder after some armchair analysis. Guy’s got bad mechanics; throws off his back foot ALOT. Relies too much on his arm strength. Bad coaching?

  17. Not necessarily. The Browns could have a pre-arranged, but undisclosed trade in place, take the player the other team wants (and who the Browns could live with if their target is no longer available), then make the trade when the other team is on the clock.

    It has happened a few times that way. DT Kelvin Pritchett was taken by the Cowboys then traded to the Lions afterward.

  18. Even though I don’t like it I agree! If this is their guy, draft at 4 and move on. If he turns out, you are a genius. If not, well it’s my Browns and we are used to it.

    Me personally, I want best player at 4, best QB at 26. One of them will still be there. Guaranteed. Seen a mock that had Watkins at 4 and Johnny football at 26! Perfect!

  19. But if he isn’t a lock to go in the top five and they can get him and another pick later in the draft why wouldn’t they traded down. Especially when there are 5 QBs available that are not sure things predicted to go in the first or high second round.

  20. When very few analysts in the NFL see any of the available QBs as a top 10 pick, Carr at 4 would continue the Browns tradition of wasted first round selections.
    QB #21 since 1999. Maybe 22 will be the guy?

  21. There is no way they’re taking him at 4. They have to take the best available there. If he drops to 26 or if they want to trade up from 26 I’d be fine. But I think I speak for a lot of us by saying I would be furious if they take him at 4.

  22. What a disaster for Cleveland fans. A guy with great numbers against mediocre competition who wilts in the big game. And they’d have to pass on Manziel and Bortles to draft him.

    Cleveland would be better off sticking with Hoyer.

  23. Take the gauranteed playmaking receiver Watkins at #4. If Carr is available at #26 take him there. If the Browns are worried he wont be there at #26 they have enough picks to trade up and get Carr. Hoyer should start while Carr watches and learns. Gordon and Watkins would make one of the best WR tandems in the NFL. and would give opposing defenses nightmares regardless of who the Browns have under center.

  24. The Browns need to take the best player available, with every pick. If it happens to be a QB, fine. Forget trading up or down to be in the position to take one of this year’s quarterbacks.

    None of them are worth that…

  25. Trade down from the 4 pick to say Detroit who likes Watkins, take Mike Evans grab the extra pick and use it to trade up from 26 to grab Carr if they really like him, if not you got a 6’5″ guy next to Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron, and an extra if not multiple extra high round picks…#armchairGMextraordinaire

  26. 2 months ago this guy wasn’t even in the discussion. Now he might go #4 overall. And there have been no games played. Madness!

  27. Would be sweet if CLE could trade down a bit to get a CB like Gilbert or Dennard.

    If not, go Mack or Matthews at 4. Use 26 & 35 on the best QB & CB available. Unless its Bortles at 4, they better not got QB.

    Coach Pettine has referenced the Seattle model of winning- efficient game manager QB with great D & run game.

  28. Before getting injured, Hoyer was looking good. Grab Watkins, and with Gordon/Cameron, they’ll have a formidable offense.

  29. This guy isn’t going @ #4. Manziel is the pick for the marketing aspect alone, talent will help too. Derek Carr did NOTHING in college. Yeah, he’s a big body who can move and throw, but if you think he’s Tom Brady you are mistaken. Browns need to either take Manziel or get the best receiver they can @ 4 and then go find a QB in the later rounds.

  30. Cleveland would probably be better off just ‘letting the draft come to them’, as they say, and maybe take Sammy Watkins at #4. With Watkins teamed with Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron, and with Ben Tate at RB, and a healthy-again Brian Hoyer at the controls, spreading the ball around behind a solid O-line…the Browns look like a very formidable offense.
    They always have that #26 pick, or a high 2nd-rounder to take a young QB that they like, both as a hedge against Hoyer getting hurt again or failing, and to further develop.
    Unless they are absolutely CONVINCED that Carr, Manziel, or another QB is their guy, that’s most likely the best way to go.

  31. agree with the readers who sees them picking Watkins and #4, a QB at #26, and maybe O-line help at #35. Hoyer can run things while a young QB develops.

  32. Locking in on players as hit/miss as QB’s is dangerous. Carr may very well be available at 26. If he isn’t, then take Garrapalo or McCarron and you are probably in just about the same boat.

  33. If the Browns wouldn’t have hit the panic button on Weeden then we would have to worry about all this. And if/when things didn’t work out this season we could go after Mariota or Winston next year. But nope, its the Browns

  34. I like Carr but not #4.
    He won’t be around for #26.

    Mack or Watkins #4 and best QB available #26.
    The 26th pick is a gimme.

  35. No QB in this draft is causing a seismic disturbance of any proportion on the Richter scale. Browns will take best player available for their needs at #4 and that would be a WR or one of the beasts at RT. The QB comes with the 26th pick or in the second round.

  36. here we go again. browns taking a random QB because for some reason they believe he’s the one. ignore all the top prospects and go for the underdog. i will never understand Browns GM logic.

  37. The Browns don’t need Carr, their future is secure behind Brian HoyHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA man I can never get through that without laughing…

  38. Trade down and miss an elite prospect? No no no trade up from 26 for Carr with Miami to get ahead of the Cardinals.

  39. Carr has the most potential imo yet is least NFL ready. For Carr Arizona would give him a couple yrs to develop.

  40. Smokescreen… As is the Johnny football publicity. Browns prefer Bortles. That’s why there’s been no chatter about him. It’s just my speculation, but the Browns are playing it so close to the vest right now that anything that is out in the public is hard to believe. It’s the guys the Browns AREN’T talking about that are the guys they’re targeting.

  41. If the Rams don’t trade down again, I say they pick WR Watkins @2, OT @13.

    If LB Mack is available @4, take him, otherwise the best OT. Let’s shore up one of these positions.

  42. Just take him at 4? What? Take an average talent at 4 when superior players are available at other positions? I don’t even think he is woth a teen pick. I believe to pick based on need alone got them Weeden, and you see how that worked. Value says pick another player at 4. If he is available at 26 then I wouldn’t be as mad, though I still would be because I don’t like him as a QB for my team. If someone slides in front of us then we take a lineman at 26. 2 of those can start on your team while only 1 QB can start, and it doesn’t set you back as much.

  43. hey browns fans how about this browns trade the #4 pick for first roound pickthis year and next and still draft Derek Carr”?

  44. I think it would be a successful first round if the browns end up with Watkins at #4 and one of the projected top Qbs. that may fall to them at #26 whether it be Carr, Manziel, or Bridgewater.

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