Chiefs’ Eric Fisher had shoulder, hernia surgeries

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The first overall pick in last year’s NFL draft is recovering from two different offseason surgeries.

Chiefs offensive tackle Eric Fisher had a procedure on his shoulder and a procedure to repair a hernia, coach Andy Reid confirmed today at his press conference at the start of Kansas City’s offseason program.

Fisher started 13 games as a rookie but was disappointing as the Chiefs’ right tackle. Nonetheless, Reid has said he expects Fisher to be the starting left tackle this year, replacing the departed Branden Albert.

If Fisher is healthy and looks as good as the Chiefs thought he would be when they drafted him last year, the Chiefs have their franchise left tackle in place for years to come. If Fisher continues to struggle, questions will be raised about whether the Chiefs made a mistake when they made him the top pick in the draft.

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  1. As the 1st overall pick, he is a bust. 1st overall pick should be the best player, at least All-Pro. Clearly a bad choice by the Chiefs.

  2. Last year’s draft all together was weak as hell. Names that pop out include Eric Reid, Kenny Vaccaro, Cordarelle Patterson, and Kenan Allan.

    Star Louteti and DeAndre Hopkins are nice too. Other than that…blah…no one was really worth the first overall pick tho

  3. Word here locally is that Fisher struggles to understand the intricacies of the game.


  4. nothing worse than fans commenting on OL play. wait, yes there is, its fans who don’t watch this team commenting on OL play

    his run blocking was solid at the end of the year, moves really well in space. he was very Raw coming out of a small school. same people calling him a bust said the same about Dontari Poe after his first year. those same people totally missed how just like Fisher, Poe started to flash late in the year.

    Fisher back at LT where he belongs as he was never comfortable at RT, with no more hernia, should go a long way. maybe its just me, but playing with a hernia would slow me down.

  5. Joechel proved to be better? WHEN?

    how do people make these ridiculous judgements 1 year in. so they should just move on now then. should have moved on from Poe, or hey, Derrick Johnson took about 5 years to be a consistent player let alone a pro bowler. Tony Gonzalez had double digit drops his rookie year.

    wait until after the third year to call someone a bust. he may go out there full health, with offseason weight program under his belt, and dominate.

  6. btw fisher had little to do with charles’ season. the man averaged 6.4 ypc with a line that Larry Johnson managed 2.7 with. he is a beast that makes all OL look good run blocking. as the Dolphins will soon learn with their overpaid LT Albert.

  7. Chiefs haters amaze me. He is being called a bust even though he played hurt from the second game on. If he is as bad as the posters (ie Raiders fans) think don’t you think AR and Dorsey would have paid Albert to stay? Let’s have this discussion next April. Then maybe you can use actual evidence to make you point as opposed to the fact you like some other team.

  8. Coming from a jags fan.. Holy crap.. chill out on Fisher. He’s had one year for heaven’s sake. We don’t truly have a clue about joeckel. They had him playing right tackle for the first 4 games which he clearly was not comfortable doing. The minute they traded Monroe and put him at left tackle he broke his ankle. We won’t know anything for sure until this year.

  9. He is a bust. NO way would I be excited about him being on the left side. Especially after these surgeries, which to me say he was out-muscled and hurt himself trying to compete. His first two seasons will be a waste.

  10. you’re welcome for joeckel, jags fans. what a stellar rookie year he and your team had!

    and i’m not sure lane johnson fared any better, the way justin houston took him behind the shed on thursday night football last year.

    very few tackle prospects enter the NFL without a few bumps along the way. anyone trying to call any of these guys a bust after one season doesn’t understand the game.

  11. How good do you expect a rookie to be? He goes up against elite pass rushers, while trying to get acclimated to a new set of coaches/players/playbook, oh and not to mention the fact he has to learn how to mirror everything he’s been doing in his football life for a new position.

  12. Fisher actually played well the second half of the season, after about game 6. People need to remember that he was moved to right tackle, where everything he did was the mirror of what he has done his entire career. He’ll be just fine at LT, his natural position.

  13. he played well in the second half? when the chiefs started collapse mode?

    dude will be injury prone with all these surgeries and certainly wasn’t worth the 1st overall pick in last year’s draft.

    i know chiefs’ fans are biased but c’mon, he’s not a player to be excited about moving to LT when he was horrible at RT.

  14. He’s a left tackle that had to play right tackle as a rookie with the best players in the world. He will be back to normal on that left side!

  15. Why wouldn’t us chiefs fans be happy he is moving to left tackle??? He is after all a LEFT TACKLE! He played right last year. I don’t get some people. And the second half of the season the Chiefs offense was playing great it was the defense that went down hill. Haters hate. That’s all I can say.

  16. People who know nothing about the Chiefs shouldn’t bother commenting. Joeckel played a Few games before leaving the field for the cozy confines of IR. Fisher played more and will be great this season. What will the jags say when Joeckel gives up multiple sacks?

  17. He certainly is not a bust, but it can’t be a good start to have minor injuries to start, as this only gets worse. Nonetheless, answer me this as a Dolphins fan… How come Albert was the greatest when you wanted to trade him and then Miami gets him for nothing and suddenly he sucks?

  18. Dolphins may have paid a large amount for Albert (the going rate for a pro bowl LT), but at least they were smart enough not to give away draft picks last year.

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