Didn’t take long: Rolando McClain says “I’m done”

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Well, that didn’t take long.

Rolando McClain’s return to the Ravens, which was supposed to begin today with offseason conditioning, apparently was a short one.

McClain told Seth Wickersham of ESPN.com that he was walking away from football, this time for good, saying “I’m done.”

“If football made me complete I would play,” McClain said. “But whenever I think of it my heart pulls me away from whatever reason.”

Every expectation was that the Ravens were going to give the former eighth-overall pick a chance to continue a comeback, even after a sorry performance in their conditioning drill.

But with fellow Alabama man Ozzie Newsome willing to offer him an opportunity, and McClain not grasping it, you have to wonder if we’ve (finally) heard the last of him as it relates to football.

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  1. I really wanted this dude to succeed. This the land of 2nd chances and I’m sorry this dude just need to focus on other things in life. Waste too much Ozzie’s time.

  2. La-la-la-loser!

    Can’t blame the Ravens for trying, though. This guy will be broke and in jail within 2-3 years.

  3. If your heart isn’t in it then it’s good to walk away. At least he isn’t hanging on just to collect a huge paycheck.

  4. Weak mind, weak mentality, and generally not a strong willed person. Did enough to get paid and mailed it in the moment Al called his name and done thereafter.

  5. What is really sad is that he “thought” the money would be enough and it’s not. This is the Pro’s and though we as fans and press will dog players quickly, if your heart is not in it in some sort of way, you can’t continue to compete.

    Rolando you had an opportunity to fulfill a dream and you found a way to pass on it.

    I think that says enough.

  6. Mr.McClain has more problems then football. He needs to find out what is making him so unhappy. He was given a opportunity many would die for and he did not grab it. I wish him well, however please do not try another comeback when you are broke.

  7. Well, you tried Ozzie, You’re a great man, and did what you could for the young guy. Too bad, he has talent, had talent. If your heart aint in it, you wont be.

  8. The “experts ” loved this Raiders pick Iremember Tom Jackson saying Oakland won’t need a mlb for 15 years wow he didn’t give Oakland 15 games really what a shame

  9. I ridicule ravens fans who praise Ozzie as much as the next guy… But this was never really see as a make or break move. They got him for nothing, paid him nothing, and really didn’t ignore the LB position thinking they could depend on Rolando in the first place.

    This is really just a moot point. I doubt it effects anything they were going to in the draft or the offseason. He would have been another body fighting for a spot. That’s it.

  10. This will not end well.

    I hope the kid has options, but I am guessing his entire life was geared towards earning a living in the NFL.

  11. I understand his heart is probably not in it, but you are one of a very few select people on earth lucky enough to play football as an adult and get paid huge sums of money to do it, to walk away from that is a huge decision so I really hope he knows what he is doing, best of luck to him though

  12. “Ozzie strikes again?”

    Yes, he did. A no-risk move. If McLain had the fortitude, it could have been a coup, like signing Burfict was for the Bengals. It wasn’t, but it cost nothing. Smart GMs take smart chances like this.

  13. The kid is 24 on his third chance in the NFL.


    Some of these players about to be drafted are around his age right now. He’s on his 3rd chance with his second team and all he had to do was show up for team workouts.

    As a Ravens fan I find it disappointing but as someone who was taught to take advantage of every opportunity you get I find it sicking.

    Please cut this guy so we never hear his name again.

  14. Are some of you commenters living vicariously through Rolando McClain? He doesn’t want to play football any more and you pile on the guy with hatred?
    What’s the matter with you people?

  15. 8th overall pick, but just another 1st round bust for the Raiders. If you want the real reason they can’t get out of the cellar, look no further than their draft picks over the last 10 years.

  16. “I ridicule ravens fans who praise Ozzie as much as the next guy”

    I dont know why you ridicule Ravens fans. The consensus is that Ozzie is one of the best GMs in the NFL.

  17. um…steeler fans. what great success stories do you have to talk about. ravens invested nothing and lost nothing on Rolando. but don’t worry…when he’s 34 Colbert will give him a 5 year deal

  18. I can’t help but wonder if another organization that wasn’t half as dysfunctional as Oakland had drafted McClain, would things have worked differently for him? If he had been under some much more strict tutelage and mentoring, he might have had a productive career and still be playing football now.

  19. Leave the kid alone. If he doesn’t want to play he doesn’t have to. And the person who said he’ll be in jail in 2-3yrs who are you to tell?

  20. When I watched him play at Alabama, I thought this guy was going to be an elite LB in pro football one day. It’s a shame he was nothing but a bust.

    His head just isn’t screwed on right.

  21. Why would any of us feel sorry for him, or care? I feel sorry for the guy that works 52 weeks a year busting his hump for 40 years in a real job so his kids can eat and he can send them to college. Wait, no I don’t. I feel proud of that second dude. He’s a real man.

  22. It’s amazing that people are angry at him for being a “quitter.” Just because he didn’t want to play football, who really cares? Some people need to get a life, and stop being internet trolls.

  23. Rolando is *totally* done.

    For damn near most everybody, it’s extremely difficult to crack an NFL roster – even if you come in with both guns blazing.

    And it’s flat out impossible if you simply don’t have the stones in that baptism-by-fire sink-or-swim environment. And Rolando can’t “bring the ruckus” — he’s no longer playing Billy Joe Bob from Ole Miss anymore.

    In the immortal words of Dirty Harry, a man’s got to know his limitations. Rolando evidently does.

  24. Wouldn’t be the first guy to waste people’s time in the NFL, so if anything you’d ask him if he really needed to run some sprints before he figured that out.

    But it is disappointing to read some of the comments here. Give the man credit for not trying to farm a team for money and facing up to a life challenge. Wonder how many commenters on this post are sitting behind their desks surfing the web because they’re camping unhappily in a boring job.

  25. 23 million guaranteed for his initial raider contract. Hopefully he didn’t buy too many lions and elephant for his backyard zoo.

  26. No one cares that he’s quitting… it’s WHEN he quit that is ridiculous and the reason for the scorn. He should have realized his heart wasn’t in it before April 2010, when an organization invested a very very valuable #8 overall pick on him and a fan base of millions pinned their hopes on him. Between JaMarcus Russell and this guy, no wonder the Raiders struggles seem to never end.

  27. Everybody keeps calling these football players “Kids”. When I was 24 I was married and had 2 real kids that I had to provide for. I don’t care if this guy plays football or not. He already got more money than I will ever see in my life several times over. He isn’t a “kid”; he’s supposed to be a man and if he is walking away as a man, more power to him. If he is some “kid” taking his ball and bat and going home petulantly, then he is garbage.

  28. Good riddance. I’m sure we will be reading about you shortly in the news. And not in a good way !!!!

  29. Let’s see now…lazy malcontent, with no desire, a criminal record and a drug habit to boot.

    He’ll either be a Cowboy or a Redskin by the end of the week. lol

  30. Nice…another Al Davis pick gone bad! This almost brings to an end the worst 10 year run of 1st round picks in NFL history; McFadden of course is still playing….barely!

  31. How can you even make it to the NFL with your heart not into playing football? He is going to regret this decision when he’s broke and working some crap job

  32. Dude made 40 million off the Raiders, appx $150,000 per tackle and sack while there. You have to give him credit for seeing the end rather then the new beginning the Ravens put before him. The Ravens were disappointed and shocked by his inability to perform, but still gave him a third chance to come back and train with the team. The Ravens tried to help this man but he couldn’t help himself. If he still has the bucks he made, invested, he will live in luxury for many decades. I did not see him making the Ravens with his attitude issues and work ethic he was lacking. Hopefully he takes care if his own business and his kids. $40 million wow!

  33. I dubbed this guy “Die Hard” McClain when he was drafted. Guess I was pretty wrong on that one. Good a luck to ya dood. Hope ya find what ya lookin for.

  34. It will be interesting to see what he will do with the rest of his, say, FIFTY years of his life. Could he POSSIBLY have ANY marketable skill at this point in his life? Football may not have made him content, however it surely MUST have contributed to making him SOLVENT. One wonders where his heart will pull him when his bills need payment after leaving The Ravens complex to become “complete?”

  35. That shine Ozzie might have had is starting to tarnish a bit. Compare that to the Steelers… And after June 1 we’ll have a better draft and more cap space than you.

  36. Ben has a great year…Steelers go 8 and 8. Joe has a bad year. Ravens go 8 and 8. Ben can’t carry a team without a defense. Joe will have improved weapons. back to the top of the division for the ravens

  37. “um…steeler fans. what great success stories do you have”

    Rocky Bleier and James Harrison come to mind.

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