Dolphins make front-office hires in wake of Incognito-Martin mess

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The Dolphins hope to avoid a repeat of last year’s embarrassing episode involving former Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin and former Dolphins guard Richie Incognito.  To do so, they’ve added some key employees.

The Dolphins announced Monday that former Toys R Us and Target executive Dan Caspersen will run the human resources department, and that Joe Cicini will supervise the team’s security department.  Also, former Dolphins finance and legal affairs specialist Brandon Shore will be placed in the Dolphins’ training facility as a “dedicated resource” of the human resources department.

While Caspersen and Cicini drew more attention in the release announcing the changes, the shift in Shore’s responsibilities represents, in our view, the far more significant move.  By having someone constantly present in the training facility looking out for potential harassment or bullying or other improper conduct, employees who in the future may be experiencing difficulty in the workplace will have a much easier way to seek help.

And if/when someone ever publicly claims harassment or bullying or other improper conduct without previously making a report to Shore, it will be easier for the Dolphins to prove that the team didn’t know and had no reason to know about the situation.

Other teams would be wise to adopt a similar approach.  And the NFL would be wise to apply a more modern sensitivity to federal and state employment laws.

Given that the NFL-endorsed film Draft Day has a subplot involving the Browns G.M. learning that he has impregnated a subordinate employee, it’s safe to say the league still has a long way to go.

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  2. We can’t protect our QB who can’t hit the deep ball to our 60 Million Dollar WR. In addition we can’t get 1 yard when we need one. Not one! We’ve been trying to fix the O-line since Sparano and the Tuna stunk the place up. At least they could get 1 yard.

  3. 1) The owner, Stephen Ross, doesn’t put on a uniform on Sunday. The most you can actually attribute to him in the mess is poorly handling the media to which he’s proven on countless occasions he’s ill suited to.

    2) Philbin leaves a lot to be desired as a head coach, but he doesn’t call the offense. If you want to point a finger, point it at Mike Sherman for developing poor offensive game plans and at the OL coach for being unable to corral his unit.

    3) You honestly think that just firing everyone and starting from scratch is the best way to get to the playoffs? Because that’s been working so well for us since 1998?

  4. It’s up to the head coach to make sure the locker room is properly policed. Clearly, Philbin is not qualified to handle the job of head coach, so none of Ross’ superficial moves will be meaningful until he hires a head coach who garners respect from the players. Until then, the Dolphin organization will continue as the NFL’s laughingstock.

  5. So they are going to have more supervision and change the climate? That can be a good or bad thing. The players might feel uncomfortable with the new person watching what they do and say, and maybe they would prefer if the HC or coaches filled the void of supervision or aid or mentorship that they might be lacking without having to snoop over them.

    It may sound risky as a contrast to this plan, but if you can get through to the players and build a healthy football attitude in each one of them and give them more freedom and space and comfortability with the climate then that would be even better.

    You can supervise your workers, or you can build them up and empower them to not need the supervision.

  6. Toys-R-Us and Target executives. Yeah I see how they would translate well to a pro football front office…

  7. It’s up to the head coach to make sure the locker room is properly policed. Clearly, Philbin is not qualified to handle the job of head coach.

    Amazing…..I have yet to hear a single Dolphins player speak out that they saw this “bullying” behavior taking place or they knew there was a problem between Incognito and Martin. In fact, the opposite is true in that most of the players thought the two were very close friends. Yet somehow, even though the players in the same locker room didn’t see it, Philbin should have. What nonsense.

    Clearly, the HC is responsible for all that happens on the team, but lets be real…even the folks closest to this situation never saw it coming.

  8. The important thing is that players understand they need to seek out and follow the chain of command and give the organization a chance to address issues and grievances, then make corrections. Going to social media or taking off like that other guy did merits no compensation from the team and a review of their future with the team.

    Upper management needs to strike a balance by becoming more aware of what is going on with the team top to bottom without becoming over lords.

    Lastly, they need to address this issue in contracts, meaning, you cannot escape bad behavior by seeking trades, etc. Bad / criminal behavior should be the same in all teams.

  9. So much for the “it’s OUR locker room” mentality. Welcome to the REAL workplace environment. I would tell them to go flip burgers if they don’t like it, but… There are rules there too.

  10. Perfect choice… bring in the Toys R Us HR Exec to deal with the children in the Dolphins locker room and organization

    Very fitting. Well done Fins!

  11. Perhaps the players will spend there time trying to win games and stop the petty crap, leave the bull crap at the door and stay out of the strip clubs and perhaps they can win a few more games, act like kids, then you will be treated like one. Bill…… As far as the so call N word goes, if any employee use that word, then deal with them, and that goes for the black players as well as the white ones, something they tried to cover up with there witch hunt.

  12. Here is another BS idea from this comic of an NFL owner Mr. Stephen Ross. A New York and now global real estate highly successful investor playing pro football owner. Never anything to do with winning NFL games always some politically correct maneuver .

    Please Mr. Ross go away. Signed Football fans.

  13. I’m not a Dolphins fan, and have been very critical of the organization in the past. But this is a very good first step….you have an executive and/ or employee dedicated to an EAP program (employee assistance program) where players with problems can go, it’s documented, they get help, and, hopefully, it remains confidential from start to finish. Confidentiality is crucial, but if something is leaked, at least the team will have a record of it, and the player can also document that he enlisted help from the team with the issue. I thought the league had something like this in place, if they don’t, they should. Social media…well, that’s a double edged sword for some of these players.

  14. Feigned ignorance is just that. This was a CYA disaster for everyone in the Dolphins upper echelon and they sacrificed the ceremonial goat to salvage their own butts. They made major FA acquisitions that failed last year and they blew a playoff spot by not being able to win just one game at the end of the season and anyone thinking that it is a mistake to change coaches will see that there isn’t enough cap space to buy a championship with this team with the individuals they have from coach to owner. Dolphins aren’t starting over changing management because your not clearing the locker room. Remember, players play and coaches blame everyone else.

  15. Or you can be the franchise the Rooney’s built. They don’t need a stinking lawyer in the training room to make sure people at work don’t behave like guys at a frat house.

  16. Looking at all the DUI’s and problems this off season with players, it’s probably about time these “so called grown ups” need some help.
    They behave like idiots because they have too much money, and no clue how to deal with it.
    The Dolphins aren’t the only team with idiots on it, it’s clear the 49ers and Seahawks recently need some attention.

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