Geno Smith: I think competition will make our team better

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When the Jets brought in Michael Vick as a free agent this offseason, incumbent quarterback Geno Smith said it was “awesome.”

Nothing’s changed over the last month. Smith met reporters on Monday as the Jets got started on their offseason conditioning program and said he welcomed competition even while saying that he expects to win it and remain the team’s starting quarterback.

“I think it will make our team better,” Smith said, via A.J. Perez of “I’m all for competition. I want to compete, no matter who comes in. I think we have a good guy in Mike, who brings something extra to the table as far as veteran leadership into our quarterback room. The starter will be named at the end of the training camp, before the start of the season. I understand there’s a competition. Honestly, it comes down to what we do on the field and that’s what I really look forward to.”

Smith said that watching tapes of his 2013 season has been “painful” and the Jets are hopeful that Vick’s previous experience with offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg makes for fewer horror films next season. Whether that’s because his presence pushes Smith to new heights or because he winds up with the job remains to be decided.

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  1. I look forward to seeing what Geno can do with a receiving corps who can approximate separation and catch. With a new piece or two from the draft, this will be a fun Jets team to watch.

  2. Oh OK Geno and I have a bridge to sell you…. oh yeah, and its from Brooklyn. Clueless! Or Rhetorical nonsense. Make your choice.

  3. Geno has had the right attitude since he was drafted. Modest, unassuming, yet confident he can get it done. Prior to the season, people scoffed at his playoff prediction.

    They fell a little short at 8-8, but nobody thought that was possible. So many haters want him to fail, it’s not funny. To take that group to 8-8, was actually not a bad job.

    If Idzik can transfer the Seattle model to NY, competition will be good for any team.

  4. geno played great last month of the season now with some weapons on offense it’ll be fun to see what he can do….im rooting for him to win the job over vick…this is an actual competition tho it’ll be fun to watch…

  5. It would be better if this was last year, so even if he lost the job he could sit behind him and learn. But I think Vick will win the job and half way through the year he will come in and be rusty. And 2015 first round pick will be a new qb.

  6. Bash Geno all you want. He started 16 games and somehow led his team to a better record than 17 other NFL QBs.

    Not saying he’s a great QB or even the Jets’ QB past this season…but for a rookie QB to go out there and get you 8 wins with zero playmakers on offense is somewhat remarkable.

  7. i think the best thing that could happen would be Vick to win the job outright and that way you get Geno on the bench learning a bit more. he’s not prime-time ready and could really use the time to sharpen his skills. let be honest, vick is injured by the time Halloween rolls by and Geno will be in there, but those few weeks will be useful i think.

  8. Let’s hope his WRs this year have 15 foot long arms, ’cause that accuracy is not going to get any better.

  9. Geno can’t punch myself out of a brown paper bag if his life depended on it!

    This dude should be run out of town!!!

  10. I think it will work if Vick has something left in the tank. No way he plays all 16 games, so Geno will get his shot, but the weight of the franchise will be on Vick not Geno.

  11. Vicks only value is if he plays. How is he going to help from the bench? He’s never been known as a cerebral QB. Is he going to tell Geno after an int; “I would have run there”?

  12. I think having a RB like Johnson to throw to out of the backfield, not just on screens but on releases and some other throws designed for him, will help Geno a lot. Those easy completions can easily turn into big gains, but more importantly it helps build rhythm and confidence for a QB. Of course, Decker will help and I assume we’ll get another couple of pass catchers through the draft and who knows, maybe there will be some surprising post-draft cuts and some veterans will become available.

    Bottom line, all he has to do to help the Jets win is limit his turnovers. His numbers won’t matter that much because of their defense and running game. He doesn’t need to be the reason they win on a weekly basis, he just can’t be the reason they lose. That’s good enough the way the Jets are built.

  13. Fran Tarkenton, Warren Moon, Rich Gannon, Matt Cassel, Jeff George, Brad Johnson, Wade Wilson, Gus Frerotte, and Tommy Kramer are all MUCH BETTER than Geno Smith.

  14. I think Geno showed some flashes of being a more than competent QB in this league. He led some late game winning drives… He had absolutely no skill players helping him. Santonio Holmes spent all season moping around and not trying, kerley was hurt for some time and then it just drops off from there…… When kerley came back the last month of the season he played really well…. Curious to see how he performs with some real talent at receiver

  15. What is Smith supposed to say. That’s the perfect answer. Of course he would have liked to play better and of course he would like it if they didn’t bring in someone that had a good chance to take his job. He seems like he’s ready to deal with it in a positive way though.

  16. HAHAHAHA….yeah, that and a better QB will make you better. Oh and not being the Jets will help too.

  17. Translation: I hope Mike Vick gets hurt again so i can play and at least I won’t Butt fumble !

    No way in the world Geno is a better QB then Mike Vick. If he learns anything from Vick it will be to be a good team mate , work hard and sit and learn…His time will come. Just not this year

  18. I didn’t even need a calendar to figure out what month it is… It’s April when the Jets still have hope. Winning the Free Agency battles of Spring mean nothing. Just ask any Dolphins or Eagles fan. Now both Teams have quietly turned to football and will both be contenders. The Jets have a Coach and others on the fence of firing… Hence the big splash in Free Agency to save their jobs.

  19. better for the team, sure, better for you, not so much. when you can come to terms that you are a terrible qb it will make it easier for you to leave.

  20. I’m sure it’s not lost on Geno Smith that Mike Vick won last years TC competition….lasted 5 games before getting hurt and now look at Nick Foles….even if Geno sits on the bench for a few games he will play next year, and he might be better off for it.

  21. Sammy Bradford has 4yrs in this league and has yet to win 8 games in any 1season. B4 anyone bashes Geno, take pft’s message to heart… By record he was better than half the league.

  22. Um yeah generally competition makes a team better. Pretty obvious. Look at the seahawks for example, instead of going with the higher paid guy they competed and a 3rd round rookie got the QB job and it’s works out fairly well I’d say

  23. Memo to Jets and Jets fans: only way Jets do well is if they are underrated (which they won’t be..I expect experts to make them a possible contender because of the way they finished last year…heck it worked in Carolina…and to finish second ahead of Dolphins and Bills). Since they will be overrated and Rexy will predict at least the playoffs, I’d say Jets and Jets fans will be disappointed as usual. Dolphins found out last year and Eagles two years ago you do NOT win just because you have a great March and April!

  24. Geno smith needs to pick up that clipboard and learn a thing or 2, I can assure you no defensive coordinator losses sleep when they have to prepare for him , Now with Mike Vick that’s a different story , He still command coordinators to stay up.

    Under geno and company the jets offense was rank near the bottom at 25 in the league , when vick was healthy he had the eagles top 3 in the league, his problem was that his defense couldn’t hold leads.

    This quiet frankly this shouldn’t even be a conversation on who should start ,, the tamp bay bucs along with the raiders already name their new signing Qb’s as starters, If the jets are serious about coming out the block and winning , the last thing you want is to experiment and Hope with one geno smith .

  25. things we know 1. Vick knows Morninweg’s offense better than Smith. 2. Vick has a stronger and more accurate arm. 3. Vick has more N.F.L. experience. 4. Vick is an over all better athlete. Just where will we see any competition ?

  26. As a Pats fan I’ve been impressed with Smith. He seems mature for his age compared to a lot of other players and generally kept his cool in the games against the Pats last year.

    He’s handling the addition of Vick nicely whereas a lot of players might have flipped out when they hear about it.

  27. “things we know 1. Vick knows Morninweg’s offense better than Smith. 2. Vick has a stronger and more accurate arm. 3. Vick has more N.F.L. experience. 4. Vick is an over all better athlete. Just where will we see any competition ?”

    if it’s at all close, you play the guy with the greater upside. Meaning, the guy who is still getting better, vs. the guy whose best years are behind him and is injury prone. don’t get me wrong, I think Vick is a good player but he’s 34 & has been hurt every year. Unless Geno stinks it up in the preseason you have to play him.

  28. I find it interesting that many only know about Geno from last year they have no idea about his college career or high school either. All you have to do is look at his production from year to year under different offenses by the way and how much he improved.
    You want to bash his passing well he had a lot of passes dropped that were right in the receiver’s hands. One was dropped in the endzone against the Pats that would have won them the game meaning his 4 int’s in the fourth does not happen. Now if and I know if if if, that receiver makes the play guess what all the haters are sucking eggs wondering how he beat the Pats twice.

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