Kicking off our draft previews with a look at the Texans

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The Texans are intent on making this interesting.

Usually by this point, there’s a consensus on what the team with the top pick is going to do. (Of course, by this point, they’ve usually already drafted.)

But the Texans haven’t tipped their hand, as to whether they’re taking a quarterback or another position with the top spot. And with recent reports, their idea of the best player available might not match everyone else’s.

But there’s no doubt they have a number of needs. Click here to read the full breakdown, and cast your ballot below for what you think the Texans should do with the No. 1 pick.

11 responses to “Kicking off our draft previews with a look at the Texans

  1. The Vikings will steal Teddy Bridgewater at #8

    He will fit perfect in our dynamic offense with top players like Adrian Peterson & Cordarelle Patterson.

    We will go 14-2 next season with a top 5 offense & defense.

    We will hoist the Lombardi, and oh will it be great.

    I can see the purple and gold confetti flying down already.

  2. Watt’s contract is a reason to pass on Clowney. In 4 years when it’s time to pick up Clowney’s contract extension, we won’t be able to afford both of them plus a franchise QB (assuming we can find one in next year’s draft after passing on this year’s franchise QBs and picking a loser in the second round this year). Clowney will be the second DE picked first overall by the Texans who won’t make it to his second contract with the team.

  3. TEXANS are committed to giving their fans a number one overall pick every decade. This cycle took 8 years, but with additions like coach Bill O’brien, gunslinger Ryan Fitzpatrick, and the impending pick of Khalil Mack, TEXANS fans can count on the next number one pick coming much sooner

  4. i want Johnny, but they will pick Clowney. He will be a bust, so no need to worry about a big contract in 4 years.

  5. No way Billy O’Brien chooses Manziel. I know it’s the sexy pick, but he is a NFL rookie coach, he’ll go with Clowney. Best available.

  6. The majority of people think JaDeveon “the clown” Clowny will go number one???

    OH GOOD!! that means the texans will be smart and not take the clown!!!

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