LAPD Criminal Conspiracy Unit takes over Aldon Smith case


Charges have not yet been filed against 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith for his recent decision to tell TSA workers at LAX that he had a bomb.

If they do, the charges will come via the recommendation of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Criminal Conspiracy Unite.

Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area reports that the arm of the Major Crimes Division, charged with preventing significant disruptions of public order, will lead the investigation.  Police at LAX previously ran the investigation.

Eventually, the case will be forwarded to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office for possibility of formal charges.  Given the breadth of discretion that prosecutors possess, a decision ultimately could be made that Smith was making a very bad joke, and that LAX police overreacted.

Or, if the evidence of Smith making a false report of a bomb threat is as clear as it reportedly seems to be, prosecutors could decide to throw the book at Smith.

52 responses to “LAPD Criminal Conspiracy Unit takes over Aldon Smith case

  1. Gimme a break.

    I hate the 49ers as much as the next guy… but… this is ridiculous.

    Let me be clear: aldon smith IS a low intelligence, low character knucklehead

  2. If the Criminal Conspiracy unit is involved, the obvious infraction could be used as leverage if they are trying to find something else

  3. Tax freedom day is 3 day later this year than last year. This is exactly the reason why. The guy is a moron, not a terrorist. End of story.

  4. i AM a 49er fan and love the team, but this guy is a cancer. As good as he is on the field he just can’t get it straight off the field. niners need to move on

  5. Here’s my investigation. Feel free to use it our almighty leaders and save the people many many thousands of dollars.

    “Did the suspect have a bomb?”

    “Why did the suspect say he had a bomb?”
    -Because he’s a moron

    Well, case closed.

    You’re welcome LA, you’re welcome CA and you’re welcome USA.

  6. Clearly it was a joke, albeit made in the worst possible place you could ever make a joke like that.

    Let’s hope overzealous prosecutors aren’t trying to make a name for themselves, let this go as a serious momentary lapse in judgment, and drop all charges.

  7. A very bad joke? Overreacted? What were they supposed to do? If it were you or me, the criminal justice system would have had us indicted already.

  8. TV’s Law and Order producers say thank you for pumping up the relevancy and notoriety of another unit that could be launched for another spin-off show. Or they could find more cases of a broader variety to rip from the headlines and just go with Major Crimes Division since this unit is underneath that branch.

  9. This country’s gone completely nuts with all the phony airport “security” nonsense.

    The guy was obviously drunk and acting like an ass… and now our TSA Brown Shirts are turning it over to the LAPD Criminal Conspiracy Unit. Oh, scary!

    I guess this special unit will spend $10,000 taxpayer dollars investigating the case and then spend another $250,000 negotiating with Smith’s lawyers until they either put him in prison for 20 years or slap him on the wrist and send him to rehab with a $1500 fine.

    Some days I don’t even recognize the America I grew up in during the 1950’s. Sigh.

  10. How in the hell can TSA agents overreact when they are trained to handle such situations in the manner in which they apparently did?

  11. A very bad joke? It certainly was and now it time to pay the piper. This man supposedly went to college, whether he received an education is another thing. I believe my children know that the airport and schools are not places you joke about weapons and bombs. I really don’t care if the D.A. cuts a deal to report to jail after the season is over and I don’t want to see him spend a long time in jail (3-4 months without time off would be fine) but I think he needs to be taught a lesson.

  12. So the “rest of us” can do what Smith did and an arrest be labeled as an overreaction by the authorities? I think not. Don’t they tell you what can happen over the airport loud speaker if you choose to do exactly what he did?

  13. Why was he able to make it to his gate? Why didn’t TSA stop him when he made the statement? Is that what we do when we have bomb threats?? Let the person go about their business, and someone else will take care of it later.

  14. I’m sure the people who’s travel plans were interrupted, didn’t find his “joke” humorous or
    minor. Don’t see the need for a lengthy investigation,
    he did it or not. Charge him like anyone else and move on.

  15. Taking the statement seriously at the airport is fine but do we really need to waste taxpayer money on an investigation into it when it’s pretty clear he’s a moron that said something moronic?

    Just hit him where it hurts and give him a hefty fine and be done with it.

  16. 1000 hours of community service to be served continuously at LAX shagging luggage carts, picking up garbage, wheeling old folks to their gates, etc. while sleeping on airport seats and bathing in the public restroom sink. Movie to follow “The Terminal Idiot” starring Jamie Foxx as Aldon Smith and Catherine Zeta-Jones as the love interest.

  17. LAPD has a criminal conspiracy unit? really? does anyone else find that to be just a litttle bit suspicious?

  18. The guy is a drunk fool but give me a break here…he’s not a guy you take a bomb threat seriously. He’s a football player, not an al-queda shoe bomber recruit.

  19. Tough love, baby! 49ers need to let Aldon clean up his own mess by allowing the authorities to run him through their process, come what may. How else is he going to grow up. We’ve been co-enabling his laziness for a long time now. Enough!

  20. Lock him up! Being a fool, moron or other insulting phrases with those of less intelligence does not give them the right to break laws & threaten to endanger people & hold up their travels.

  21. All of you who are saying “it was a joke, let him go” – that’s called setting a precedent. If charges are not filed based on it being a joke, everybody who walks through the security area at LAX can tell TSA agents they have a bomb, then say to LAPD “it was a joke – you let Aldon Smith go!” TSA and LAPD do NOT want that kind of headache on a daily basis.

    Ask any planeload of passengers who had to be taken off the aircraft and fully re-screened (which then delayed them hours of time and made some of them miss connections) if they think “a joke about a bomb” is no big deal. That’s why the law is there… as Florio noted, to prevent public disruption.

  22. The ignorance of some of these players is startling. How much worse is this going to get? In 50 years are we basically going to have cavemen running around on a football field?

  23. I just love all the Smith supporters who feel he should be given a pass because it was an “ill timed” joke. He committed a crime people! Whether you feel that particular law is dumb or not it doesn’t matter. Smith has a proven track record of doing criminal things but yet you choose to stand up for the guy because he averages a sack a game. Maybe..just maybe….. some jail time might actually save his life.

  24. Regardless of how this case proceeds, Judge Goodell will likely have his own verdict. A suspension, fine, and/or anger management at the very least. Ban for a season might be appropriate, too. Have to protect the integrity of the game that obviously includes personal conduct.

  25. Yah,they searched him,knew he didn’t have a bomb,let him go than called the police while he’s having a cheeseburger.. no flight was delayed,no one was “threatened”. Huge fine and move on!

  26. Smith is not a “typical player from the SEC” because he never played in the SEC. Mizzou began play in the SEC AFTER he was already a 49’er.

  27. It’s funny how much the fans of other teams are like cut, ban him , suspend him, blah blah blah. The guy is obviously a hot head, got stresesed out the tsa screening and said it aint like I got a bomb, or you guys are treating me like I got a bomb, you think if he was yelling or saying that h had a bomb, he would have been able to walk away. Get real, and the gun charges he’s facing, lets think about this, he shot his gun off in the air after he had just been stabbed in his own house. If this had happened in any other state the cops would’ve been like why didn’t you shoot these guys. Guy clearly has a substance abuse problem , just like 65 percent of the country. Keep crossing your fingers guys, Aldon will be playing in 12 regular season games, barring injury.

  28. And this is the problem with society today……some random John Doe as myself does this, investigated for terrorist connections……a “star” athlete making MILLIONS gets nothing but a slap on the wrist, god help us ALL

  29. If he’s not a professional athlete he’s already in jail. The rest of us can’t do anything close to that without getting slapped down.

  30. “Los Angeles Police Department’s Criminal Conspiracy Unite” huh? So the LAPD has a special group that tries to bring criminal conspirators together?

  31. TSA is an arm of the Feds, and they are not the ones who arrested Smith. They called The LAX police which is separate from the LAPD. The LAX police are a “country club” compared to the LAPD. They don’t have the investigative resources LAPD has.

  32. He broke the law, and should be punished. Let the punishment fit the crime though. After the investigation, all we really have here is Smith said a banned word at an airport. There was no threat, no terrorist action, nothing more than the cost to complete the investigation. Charge Smith the cost of the investigation and call it a day. Besides a dislike for Smith or the 49ers, why would anyone think this crime would call for jail time?

  33. A lot of people believe in the psyche! defense (or the JK defense). There should be consequences for this act of stupidity. Not jail time, but he should be held accountable. We know the 49’ers will look the other way, but the city of LA shouldn’t.

  34. Wouldn’t everyone who’s not a niners fan love to see him in jail. This is a joke. Doubt he even gets charged. Doubt Niners don’t pick up his option and doubt he’s not back to wrecking fools.

  35. This isn’t the first time that an idiot showed up at the airport.
    Investigate and give him what ever the usual punishment is, and move along. Drunk and belligerent ? I am sure this isn’t new either.

  36. how do we know with absolute certainty that he did not have a bomb…???

    that’s easy…he wasn’t working for the FBI or the CIA…

    you think i’m kidding…take a close look at every so called plot since 911…

    you watching me…well i’m watching you too

  37. They should throw the book at him as well as the NFL, Today bomb threats are not so funny ask all that have been involved in any bomb activity and see what they say.

  38. Its funny how everyone here thinks they know what was said. I think dude has issues that should be dealt with but still do any of us know exactly what was said. That plays a lot in the equation. It is not a crime to say bomb at an airport, the crime is if you threaten to have a bomb. Now did he say “I have a bomb” or did he sarcastically say “Oh yeah you better search me because I have a bomb right?” The two are completely different. Or did he say “Its not like I have a bomb?” Either way he shouldn’t have said any of it but to say he should be charged with a crime without knowing the facts makes you just as ignorant as the man you are slamming. I for one think freedom of speech is still relevant. If he said something in a non threating sarcastic manner that is not a crime at all and he should go after the police for slandering his name. If he said it in a threatening manner than yes he should be charged and do time. But please wait for all the facts to come out. And for those like the comment above who say throw the book at him without knowing if it was said in a threatening manner you set a bad precedent for us to have speech taken away that is not harmful to the public. Obviously threats should be dealt with and you should not be able to make threats, but if his remarks were sarcastic (albeit in bad taste) what other sarcastic remarks will then become crimes? Then what speech will be deemed illegal to follow that. Bad road to go down and one our forefathers made sure we don’t.

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