Orlando Franklin moves to left guard


The Broncos spent a lot of time this offseason signing players to bolster their defense, but the offense is going to look different as well.

Orlando Franklin started 15 regular season games and all three postseason contests at right tackle, but he spent the first day of the team’s offseason workouts getting a handle on a different position. Franklin tweeted that he’s now at left guard and that he’s “excited to learn and improve” over the remainder of the offseason.

The Broncos had an opening at the spot with Zane Beadles’ departure as a free agent and it seems likely that Chris Clark will take over at right tackle. Clark filled in for Ryan Clady at left tackle last season, but was without a position on the starting line with Clady back from last year’s foot injury.

More changes could come in the draft. The Broncos would probably like to see Franklin win the job rather than get it by default, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see them add an option or two at guard next month.

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  1. Remember when every bronco fan claimed their offensive line was the best in the league and how manning never gets touched bc he throws the ball too fast to get hit ? Yeah so do I and every other Seahawks fan who told you jamming at the line if scrimmage would make him pat the ball and that manning who hadn’t been touched never played a defense as good as Seattle EVER .

    Manning luckily survived and if not for his grounding pass right before half on 4th down Thurmond and the Seahawks have 2 pick 6’s in one half ..

    Now all broncos fans complain about the line being a weakness . JS you went from nfl best to weakness??? . Every team including those who hate Seattle was laughing at your homerism . Your team is just fine and full of talent in its starters . But if any injuries happen and seeing how you play a physical sack hunting nfcw I will be surprised if you don’t lose atleast 2-3 key players and not even win your division. And I’m excluding qb injuries bc that can ruin any team .

  2. You’ve got to love Seahawk fans. 36 years of futility (the one exception being 2005) and now they’re talking smack about the Broncos. This after the Broncos OWNED them for almost a quarter of a century in the AFC West…

  3. I think there are 3 primary attributes to being a successful player in the NFL – Ability, Intelligence, and Desire.

    I admit I don’t know much about Franklin’s ability and intelligence, but that face has serious Intimidation and Focus written all over it.

  4. Seahawk fans remind me of the short kid, that got picked on in school that became a cop.

  5. Franklin lining up next to Clady. That does sound like a formidable combo on the left side.
    And yes, Seahawk fans are like your unemployed brother in-law right after he wins the lotto.

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