Peyton Manning says he wasn’t in Alabama with Adam Gase


The NFL is looking into the possibility that Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and offensive coordinator Adam Gase violated NFL rules about coaches and players working together outside prescribed times in the offseason when they met with Alabama coach Nick Saban recently, although Manning has now joined Saban in saying the meetings took place separately.

Saban said that the two Broncos only saw each other to say hello and that the meeting he had with Manning was about Manning “asking questions about how he could get better as a player.” Manning met reporters Monday as the Broncos opened up their offseason program and also said that he and Gase were in Alabama separately while agreeing with Saban about the reason for his visit.

“I know there isn’t a rule that says you can’t get better,” Manning said, via Lindsay Jones of USA Today.

There is a rule against coaches and players working together in the offseason, though, and the league will decide whether or not Manning and Gase violated it in Alabama. We’ve heard complaints about the rule from Ravens coach John Harbaugh and others, which could lead to discussions about changing it the next time the union and the league discuss such matters.

56 responses to “Peyton Manning says he wasn’t in Alabama with Adam Gase

  1. Hopefully they didn’t happen to go to the same theater to watch “Draft Day”, I am sure that would be a violation of NFL rules.


  2. Its a foolish rule but still a rule and apparently another one Peyton is above bet if Tony Romo and his oc was somewhere people would be crying but i guess a 1~2 super bowl record puts you above a cba

  3. aban said that the two Broncos only saw each other to say hello and that the meeting he had with Manning was about Manning “asking questions about how he could get better as a player.”

    Why is he asking Sabin? Sabin is a good collegiate coach but sucked in the NFL…

  4. This is such nonsense. Does anybody really believes if Peyton Manning wanted to talk to Adam Gase about the season ahead they would do it in public at Alabama??

  5. Jayhawk – Manning’s lame repsonse matches his right arm. The most overhyped player in my fifty years. Not every QB has had the luxury of two likley HOF wide outs in his first stop and a plethora of Pro Bowlers at his next. Now the same kool-aid is already being drunk at the NFL Network. Oh – the Broncos are in an arms race with the Patriots. The only arms race the Broncos should be in is finding a QB with a live arm. You can’t make a living against a real defense throwing the ball 10 yards and under.

  6. manning just “wants to get better” so he figures he’ll break a rule and see his oc. He knows he’ll never get pinged for any rules violation, no penalty, no consequence, no fine, not even a warning, so he does whatever he wants. It may be a dumb rule, but it’s still a rule for the other players. Until it’s no longer a rule, he should pay the price….but he won’t.

  7. It is a stupid rule, but this looks like a case of making it up as they go after the beans were spilled…

  8. I get the intent of the rule and the rule should be in place to safe guard both the player and the teams….but maybe it should be worded better or revisited if it procludes players and coaches voluntarily being in the same place in a mutual effort to get better at the game of football.

    If these are the instances that the rule is enforced than the rule is flawed.

  9. “I know there isn’t a rule that says you can’t get better,” Manning said

    Smug punk.

  10. When pressed about where he was on the night in question, he yelled “Omaha, Omaha” in the microphone, then preceded to realign the reporters in front of him to make it harder for fans to get an autograph. Then he pointed at the channel 52 reporter, saying, “52 is Mike”, “52 is Mike” to which everyone around realized it’s still a few months from football season and they were wasting their lives feeding the beast that is media and the NFL

  11. Just happens to be in the same city at the same time….to meet the same person. What are the odds of that?

  12. All of you people saying this is a stupid rule aren’t actually thinking. If there were no rules like this coaches would bother the players 12 months a year. The players didn’t want that so they collectively bargained this rule.

  13. Can’t they just consult the tide charts for last week? If the tides were high, the gravitaional pull from Peyton’s melon tells us he was close to the gulf coast…

  14. How could Hick Saban possibly help Manning get better as an NFL player. Saban was a terrible NFL coach and fled the league faster than light.

  15. Last week Saban said that Manning & Gase were on a visit together. This week he says they were there but separately. So was he lying the first time, the second time or both times. Gase & Melon head should both be suspended for the season.

  16. How many if the people criticising the NFL offseason rules don’t mind it when their boss calls them into work during their vacation? Manning’s arrogant response is childish. All the time off he had and he just happened to be at the same exact college as Gase. Talk about a coincidence. He should be spending more time with Eli. Eli can teach him how to be clutch in a Super Bowl.

  17. Stupid rule or not, Manning is lying and making everyone look stupid.

    The Bronco’s are cheating again, surprise!

  18. i wonder if saban the pride of miami charged him 105 K.

    i hope peyton the playoff choker and gase got a package deal discount.

    HA HA HA

  19. i believe Congress should get involved and hold a hearing to get to the bottom of this.

  20. Sounds like these guys can’t get their stories straight. The donks have never had problems bending or breaking the rules. I suspect that Peyton and the coaching staff are working together in the offseason to gain an unfair advantage. The donks should have ZERO picks in the upcoming draft.

  21. No, I wouldn’t want my boos to be able to demand that I come in on the weekend. But I would like the option to come in on the weekend if I so choose.

    Stupid rule.

  22. If Peyton said it, it’s good enough for me.

    Never given me a reason to doubt his word.

    I never blamed him for the extra crowd noise on the loudspeakers, that had to be Polian or Saint Dungy.

  23. Archie – your boy has over $100M in the bank (he may own the bank by now), but being caught out lying like this is not a good look. Remind him where he came from and the principles of honesty and integrity that you always stood for. Those things get taught at the Manning QB Coaching Academy, don’t they?

  24. “Johnny U” is always trying to get the upper hand by getting a jump on the season, but asking somebody for advice who loses games in the last 6 seconds, WHAT A JOKE!!

  25. I just have to say these are some of the funniest comments I’ve read in a while.

  26. After watching this year’s Super Bowl, apparently there IS a rule that says you can’t get better.

  27. For those who are calling for Peyton to be suspended for the season..(raider, charger, chief fans) keep dreaming.. Your nightmare won’t be over for at least 2 more years… Losers

  28. Well New England cheated and got away with it !! And johnny football took cash and not a check and got away with it ! So what’s the big deal !! Lol

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