Raiders send Terrelle Pryor to Seattle

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The Seahawks have just acquired another intriguing weapon.

Per a league source, the Raiders have traded quarterback Terrelle Pryor to the defending Super Bowl champions.  Terms of the deal are not yet known.

A third-round pick in the 2011 supplemental draft, Pryor spent three seasons with the Raiders.  He has one year left on his rookie contract, at $705,000.

Pryor presumably will remain a quarterback, competing with Tarvaris Jackson for the opportunity to back up Russell Wilson.  Jackson’s one-year deal, however, is guaranteed.

From time to time, speculation has arisen than Pryor could play another position.  Though he fully intends to remain a quarterback, Pryor would likely be far more successful as a tight end or a receiver than Tebow ever could have been.

Plenty of questions will be answered in the coming hours and days, starting with the compensation the Seahawks gave to the Raiders for Pryor.  It’s likely a conditional pick in 2015 premised on Pryor making the 53-man roster.  If so, it makes it a low-risk proposition for a Seahawks team that is constantly committed to getting better.

91 responses to “Raiders send Terrelle Pryor to Seattle

  1. Coach Carroll is a great coach. Pryor showed some potential with a horrible team. I hope he gets another opportunity whether in Seattle or any other team. Best of Luck

  2. What is with the Raiders and QBs?? Is it any reason they continue their strive for incompetence every year with bone headed trades and draft picks!

  3. If nothing else he just increase his chances by miles to be sporting a possible SB ring. So with that one move he is a winner today from

  4. good luck Pryor! team is going in a different direction. Wish you well in seattle.

  5. If they would’ve traded him to say, Cleveland, the headline would have been “Raiders dump Pryor on Cleveland” but since it was the Seahawks now its “The Seahawks acquire another intriguing weapon.”

  6. Probably a great scenario for Pryor. Obviously he won’t see the field much unless Wilson gets hurt…but this is a great spot for Pryor to watch and learn.

  7. Whenever you’re able to get something, ANYTHING for a guy that everyone in the entire league knows you’re prepared to release the next day, you have to chalk that up as a win. Nice Job Reg.

  8. Pryor fits perfectly in that system. I wish him luck. The current Raider staff and front office didn’t want him from the very start.

    He won more games than Schuab and McGloin combined last year.

  9. great spot for him. zero pressure to play. probably 3rd string with a guy like R.Wilson to watch prepare. not many players as focused on football as Russell Wilson is. also has a fantastic coaching staff to work with. its a good opportunity for him.

  10. The last of Al Davis regime is now gone. Too bad his sorry ads son couldn’t have gone first. Hue Jackson and Amy Trask were rebuilding respectability. Mark Davis made the ( Commitment to Excellence) into the ( Commitment to Embarrassment).
    Damn shame.

  11. Daaaamn, I really wanted Pryor on my team, but, oh well. Everyone saying he was a perfect fit on SF, so, he is now a great fit on Seattle and they can stick it on SF.
    And since I like the guy, Im glad he is not going to the 2nd most dysfunctional team in the league.
    Best of luck, Pryor.

  12. He’s not a QB … Never was, never will be .. Maybe they need a punt returner ..

  13. I’m surprised the Seahawks didn’t trade for another Vikings castaway.

    Seattle tries so hard to emulate the greater franchise known as the historic Minnesota Vikings.

  14. He’s better than Tarvaris Jackson (35.4% completion percentage while at Arkansas) and B.J. Daniels. Before the 2010 NCAA football season started, everybody and I mean EVERYBODY had Terrelle Pryor rated above Cam Newton. He still has potential as a mobile QB (low end accuracy, top notch athleticism), wide receiver, and tight end.

  15. I don’t see him as actually playing.
    Seahawks do want players to always compete for their positions, so this may be just a QB for preseason.
    The other thought is that this will end up being part of a draft day trade.

  16. i agree wayneflores….Reggie is determined to rid the house of any of his picks, and get his kind of “guys”.

    Time will tell, but hoping it pans out. Not sure if he is going to find a guy who is 6’5 , 235, and 4.3 speed although. The 93 yard TD will go down as his greatest play as a Raider . Also the longest run ever buy a Raider from scrimmage, and the longest run ever by a QB in NFL history. Good luck TP in Seattle, as the Hawks are getting one heck of an athlete. Plus you brought back dignity to the #2 jersey in black

  17. The Seahawks basically have given up the “Mr. Irrelevant” pick (at least if there weren’t compensatory picks at the end of the last round.)

    That pick is basically a nothing pick for a guy that if they are interested in kicking the tires on, they would have absolute LAST priority to pick up off the waiver wire. All 31 other teams would have a chance to pick him up first; and someone else would have taken him on a flier.

    Was a smart move on their part. I say that even though I am no Seachickens fan, though i am also not a hater.

  18. The NFL should have an auction process and put that on TV too. The window stays open for as long as the program generates ratings that can beat out an average NBA game by 10% or more. Anything below that isn’t prestigious enough to be worth the aggravation.

  19. Wow. I had to read that headline twice. That being said, I’m interested to see what the deal was… especially with the rumor that he was going to be released anyway. Also makes me wonder if there were other teams interested, although we’ll probably never know that.

  20. I agree that Pryor is an “intriguing weapon.” He’s big–at 6-4, 235 lbs. (although I’ve seen him listed at 6-6, 240 as well)–and extremely fast (particularly for a big man) with a 4.38 40 at the combine. These attributes open up a number of intriguing possibilities for the Seahawks, ranging from playing him as a back or receiver, on the Wildcat, or as a change of pace at QB. The guy can make yards with his legs, and I think he makes the ‘Hawks stronger.

  21. Team just won the sb and suddenly they don’t know what they are doing? Internet GMs will learn them Seahawks good.

  22. “Constantly committed to getting better”– is that what we call PED use these days???

  23. Interesting, Pryor wasn’t not a very good QB in Oakland, didn’t really read defenses, didn’t go through more than a couple reads etc. However the guy is 6’6″, runs a 4.38 and is young and pretty cheap. He would be able to sit and improve at QB, or if he’s willing to switch positions, he could have some use I’m sure.

  24. doubt it was for nothing more than a 5th and that’s a stretch. good value if you could get a 6th and the Seahawks have an opportunity to develop a QB or WR.

  25. Day late and a dollar short. The one and done cry hawks had their time and the lesion of womb will be torched this year. Cheat Carroll and the 12th man/giant speakers will know no end of misery and defeat as they grow fat and complacent. The entire NFC West is doomed, doomed I tells ya!!!

  26. Why does everyone seem to think it’s easy to switch an “athletic” QB to TE ? You would have to be an absolutely off-the-charts athlete to make this work, which was why the Tebow to TE rumors were so laughable; Pryor is a better athlete but it would still be a massive project. And the biggest issue is likely buy in from the player; they would need to commit completely to the switch, and most of these guys stubbornly continue to insist they are really QBs if someone would just give them a fair chance…..

  27. Nice completely unnecessary slam on Tebow who is now an NFL irrelevancy. But since you brought him up…Pryor a better TE than Tebow?!? LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

  28. Thank God. Now we can dump Tarvaris Jackson. We know Pryor is better than him.

    Then again, so is everybody on this website…

  29. This is just payback from the Raiders for Seattle dumping Matt Flynn on them. Touche!

  30. The last time Carroll and Schneider surprised me like this was when they signed Terrell Owens.

    They’re like those guys on American Pickers.

  31. Was he brought in to clean up the locker room, scrub toilets, and take out the garbage? He certainly wasn’t brought in to play football….unless Pete is spending the offseason in Denver with some of these cannabis lovers

  32. Bigger, faster and better than Johnny … for a 7th round pick. What a steal. Some nutty GM is about to lose his job over Manziel, when Pryor is a much better version.

  33. I think this is a good fit. Give him a chance to learn from a good coach on a strong team with a winning culture. He’s likely destined to be a career backup, but his raw talent is still intriguing. Best of luck to him.

  34. I wish Pryor well. He worked hard, was a great teammate, a class act and despite the fact he’s not quite there as a passer he has developed a ton since he first came into the league.

    In terms of pure athleticism, he’s a man among boys.

    Hope McKenzie didn’t botch this one.

  35. Really? A guy who couldn’t cut it with a QB starved franchise, who is now a member of the same club as JaMarcus Russell? This is who warrants the description of “intriguing”?
    Must be a slow news day. A bust is a bust now matter which uniform he is putting on. Welcome to the Bust Club Terrelle, let JaMarcus pour you a glass of the purple drank for your toast.

  36. I didn’t think he had any trade value this year.
    At least conditional no value is better than nothing. I’m surprised they found a taker.
    At $770k he’s almost free.

  37. Funny how sad Viking fans try diss this trade but Pryor would be better than any of their starter QB and depth chart. I think this is a great pick up, we have a hard time getting those 7th round picks on our practice squad these days.

  38. Of course, Seattle may not have gotten him if they wanted a camp body.
    They have the last priority waiver claim.
    Maybe that’s why the conditional pick in trade.
    They cut him before the 53 man roster is set, they might owe nothing.

  39. He can learn the secrets of switching positions away from QB and becoming a pro bowl caliber player from Michael Robinson.

    Or we can put him out wide and run screen-pass-passes…

  40. Guys come from other teams to ours to have a chance to win Super Bowl rings.

    Guys like Steve Hutchinson go to the Minnesota Vikings to watch their Super Bowl dreams picked off by Tracy Porter.

  41. pryor is an amazing athlete. a rare offensive weapon. but not an nfl qb.

    he would be great in the wildcat. or carrying the ball on end arounds. or catching a screen pass.

    but not as a qb.

  42. Seattle your getting a good kid who wants to learn. Best of luck to you Terrelle


  43. And I said we couldn’t trade him . Well I guess we were able to get the very very last pick for him . Yay !

    Good luck Terrelle .

  44. “If so, it makes it a low-risk proposition for a Seahawks team that is constantly committed to getting better.”

    Making it sound like the other 31 teams are not constantly committed to getting better.

  45. You people who say Seattle doesn’t know what they are doing or bashing the Raiders for trading him don’t know what you are talking about. Seattle has the luxury of adding a player like Pryor, no risk and if it works out they have another player opposing defenses have to prepare for. Oakland moved a player who did not fit their plans anymore and who could have been a major distraction in the locker room and in the press if they struggle early. Good deal both ways and a good deal for Pryor.

  46. I like it… how can you not like picking up this kind of athlete for the last pick in this years draft?

    He has more of a chance to make the 53 man roster than some rookie, fresh out of college.

  47. TP Seems like a good kid,but he thinks he is a NFL starting QB. Which we all know is insane. The Kid has 1 or 2 good games followed by a bunch of real bad games and was replaced by a undrafted QB.

  48. Wilson might as well keep the starting job. He gets credit for touchdowns even when it’s really an interception.

    9/24/12 Worst call ever.

  49. The Seahawks management has done it again! Acquiring Tyrelle Pryor for the lowest draft choice was a striking move, especially when you consider they snatched their prize away from a likewise interested Niners’ staff. Scenarios of the NFC championship game spring to mind, when Kaepernick & Co. nearly stole the right to represent the NFC in the SB out from under the Seahawks’ noses in their own backyard. Oh but for that last interception! You have to think, weren’t Carroll & Co. wishing they had their own Colin Kaepernick? And now they nearly do. Forget for the moment relative performances in the NFL, and dwell on the possibilities excellent coaching staffs like those in SF and Seattle can bring to a young QB, rather than what a floundering Oakland organization could offer. Consider, instead, college performances of Tyrelle Pryor vs. Colin Kaepernick. Since TP only played 3 years of college ball and CK played 4 (probably gaining from his experience to do better in his 4th), let’s extrapolate TP’s 3 years to 4-year stats (for comparison purposes only).
    TP passing: 636 comp of 1044 att for 60.9% & 7.9 y/a; 76 TD, 35 INT, 144.6 rating
    CK passing: 740 comp of 1271 att for 58.2% & 7.9 y/a; 82TD, 24INT, 142.5 rating
    TP rushing: 581 att for 2885 yds, 5.0 y/a & 23 TDs (4 rec for 3 TDs)
    CK rushing: 600 att for 4112 yds, 6.9 y/a & 59 tds (1 rec for 1 td)
    Their passing is highly comparable; TP’s rating is slightly higher than CK’s.
    CK clearly did better in the rushing department (6.9 y/a vs 5.0 y/a), but they’re not that different. A good teacher in making decisions as to when to run and when not to might make a big difference in TP’s efficiency. The bottom line is that Pryor, with expert coaching, a winning organizational philosophy, and a highly competitive environment, could be another steal for a superb management team in Seattle.

  50. The seahawks could sigh Yamon Figures and the fan base would call it a great move cause he is fast. Pryor sucks. Nothing can fix him. If he can barley play QB what makes you think he could play other positions.

  51. Niners get Gabbert for a 6th Seahawks fans say The Niners were robbed. Niners say meh, 6th round pick, whatever.

    Seahawks get Pryor for a 7th (when Niners didn’t want to use any of the three higher seventh round picks), Niners fans say OK/interesting pick. Seahawks fans say it’s an amazing masterstroke from Carroll.


  52. Sorry to see him go, great athlete, wish he’d switch to WR- which could (will) be interesting to watch. Glad he’s not in the AFC west. Perhaps Reggie can swap a couple 7th round picks to move up and get someone they want on day 2.

  53. SO the Raiders drafted him in the 2011 supplemental draft because they needed a QB, thereby losing their 3rd round pick in 2012. Three years later they trade him for a 7th round pick in the 2015 draft. And thus you know why they haven’t made the playoffs in over 10 years. BTW they still need a QB.

  54. The Raiders were going to CUT him! Getting a 7th round draft pick for him isn’t much different. Matt McGloin was a better QB than Terrell Pryor. Pryor scrambled on every passing down without waiting for his WRs to get run their routes. His NOT an NFL QB.

    Good move Reggie! Mobile QBs don’t win SBs!

  55. Russell Wilson is a Running QB. More of them will win SB’s. Allen & McKenzie owe their 3rd Year to this kid. $6.5 mil to Flynn is 3x what Pryor made in his Time in Oakland.
    Terelle, as a Raider Season Ticket Holder, Thanks, I’ll never forget that 93 Yarder. This kid has desire to be Great. I hope he Gets there.
    Reggie Lost me when he let Veldheer Go,6’8 330lbs Tackles with excellent Feet that are tough don’t come around Every Day.

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