Report: Romo will be present for start of offseason workouts


While quarterback Tony Romo’s surgically-repaired (twice) back could affect his ability to perform at some point in the future, he continues to recover from the most recent procedure.

Calvin Watkins of reports that Romo will be present for the launch of the team’s offseason program on Monday, his 34th birthday.

That doesn’t mean Romo would be ready to play in a game.  It means he’s able to do whatever it is that will be prescribed for him during the lifting-and-conditioning sessions that launch the offseason workouts.  He quite possibly will be confined to ongoing rehab exercises for his back.

Romo’s status and his future will continue to be a topic of conversation, especially when the on-field portion of the workouts commence next month.  Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman, who retired at age 34 due not to concussions but back problems, has repeatedly sounded the alarm regarding Romo’s ability to continue to take an NFL-style pounding after multiple back surgeries.

He’ll be even more of a topic of conversation if the Cowboys land someone like Johnny Manziel in 17 days.  If the Cowboys emerge from the draft with an apparent heir to Romo, the two men have to coexist for at least one year.

As pointed out previously, a Romo trade before June 1 would trigger a cap charge of $32.5 million.  After June 1, the Cowboys would carry more than $10 million in 2014 in dead money, with the balance hitting the cap next year.

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  1. As much as people destroy Romo for his mistakes, because they happen at the worst times…… Trading Tony Romo would be a HUGE mistake for Dallas.

    He’s one of few guys in that circus that shows up every single week and gives his team a chance to beat anyone in the league. If you don’t worry a litte about your team going up against Romo, you honestly don’t watch that much football.

  2. I agree that to trade Romo would be a big mistake. I will agree that he does make some bone head throws sometimes, but sometimes what looks like a bone head throw is really a bone head receiver not doing what he is suppose to. As a Johnny Manziel goes, I do not think he will ever be an elite NFL QB. He will be average at best and also have off field problems/distractions.

  3. What exactly is the difference between Romo and Ponder other than Romo counts far more against the cap and occasionally puts up some numbers for fantasy nerds?

  4. …and the Cowboys will continue to be an 8-8 team (or worse) as long as Jerrah Jones is present behind the general manager’s desk.

  5. Tony Romo is the most overrated garbage quarterback in the league. Only Cowboys fans think otherwise. Let me ask you something Cowboys fans… Where has Romo gotten you? How many Super Bowls has he helped you get to? How many Playoff games has he won for you? As fans of “America’s Team” I think you deserve better. Don’t settle for a pretty boy who will never get your team the results you want to see. The ultimate goal is to win a ring. It’ll NEVER happen in Dallas as long as he is still there.

  6. Lots of stats, not many important wins.

    I guess, it depends on what you value… If you like lots of yards and TD’s when nothing counts. Then Romo is the man.

    If you like wins, playoff appearances and clutch performances with the game on the line, then Romo is wanting, big-time.

  7. The funny thing about these kind of attitudes: “The ultimate goal is to win a ring. It’ll NEVER happen in Dallas as long as he is still there” is that they imply that Romo has been holding the Cowboys back. If they could have just gotten a more “clutch” QB, they’d be SB Champs…. So you’re looking for a different QB that can both produce statistically like he can to keep them in the games that the defense or running game has been unable to do, AND also produce at an elite level in the clutch… Where are these QBs? Manning/Brady/Rodgers/Brees notwithstanding (bc they’re not going anywhere), where are these QBs? Because you act like the Cowboys are stupid for not going out and getting one. The Cowboys have not been an overall good team every year. They’ve struggled with historically bad defenses, bad coaching decisions, bad running games, bad receivers, and bad offensive lines, but you turn around say “They’ll never win with HIM”, like swapping him out for Russell Wilson = Super Bowl. Get real.

  8. It’s amazing to me that so-called Cowboys fans are willing to trash their defense, d-line, offense, o-line, WR’s, running game, coaching staff & everyone in between except for Romo. Maybe some of them are more Tony Romo fans than actual Cowboys fans. It’s a shame because every year when the playoffs start Romo is already on the golf course. This years draft is full of quarterbacks. If Jerry Jones was smart (which he isn’t) he’d find a way to get one & faze out the 2 injured stiffs he’s got behind center holding the team hostage for another average season. How many 4th quarter INT’s is Romo allowed to throw before he loses his job? Remember the final game of last season? His performance was laughable. I remember him throwing his helmet to the sideline. That too was intercepted. Is Tony Romo that QB who makes everyone on his team better? Get real.

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