Seahawks, 49ers both were pursuing Pryor

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The Seahawks have secured yet another victory in their ongoing rivalry with the 49ers.

Per multiple sources, Seattle and San Francisco were both pursuing quarterback Terrelle Pryor from the Raiders.  In the end, Seattle won.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Seahawks gave up a seventh-round pick for Pryor.  The 49ers presumably offered less; possibly, a conditional low-round pick in 2015 based on Pryor making the 53-man roster in 2014.

It makes sense that the 49ers and Seahawks, both low on the waiver priority list, would pursue Pryor via trade.  They had little shot at him if he had been waived.

The Seahawks had no shot, absent a trade.  They are at the bottom of the waiver list throughout the offseason and into the first few weeks of the regular season.  If the 49ers were interested, they would have secured Pryor via waivers over Seattle.

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  1. Traded for a 7th round pick. Can’t really see the downside to this trade, a lot of teams draft young backup QB’s in later rounds and Pryor is way more dynamic than any of them. T-jack may have been the leagues best backup (with respect to scheme) but Pryor is very exciting as we saw last season.

  2. If the 49ers wanted him maybe they could have suggested a big increase in value like say maybe a 5th Rounder which is way better, as long as the Raiders can see eye to eye on the right value for a player that the 49ers want to move. If they can find a match where the Raiders would have overpaid, then they could have unloaded somebody potentially for a premium by masking it together with the Pryor trade while Oakland is in a deal-making mode.

  3. Wow, either of those destinations aren’t getting Terrelle closer to a starting job. Good pickup for the Hawks at that price. Practically the Mr Irrelevant pick.

  4. Attention state of Minnesota…. No one cares what “you people” think..Jared Allen is going to kill POnder or whatever scrub you decide to put back there

  5. Well that sucks for Pryor. Can’t see him learning/developing any more than he already has by continuing to be on the bench.

  6. He won’t even make the 53 man.

    Seattle finally found their scout team Colin Kaepernick for the 2 weeks out of the season Seattle plays SF

  7. A bigger, faster version of Johnny Runziel. An absolute steal for a 7th rd pick.

    Further proof that NFL GMs are a bunch of suits, looking back and trying to duplicate what happened last millennium. Also more proof that teams like the Raiders , looking for the next Manning or Brady should be looking for another Russell Wilson or Cam Newton.

    My guess is that Carroll will get him on the field.

  8. The 49ers screwed this one up. Paperback won’t last a whole season and they would have had time to work with Pryor. He is only making 750k, was worth the chance. Watch Seattle make 49ers look foolish again

  9. As a Raiders fan I think the Seahawks have robbed the Raiders blind! 3 years in s row Curry, Flyyn and then TP for a 7rd pick, cant wait to see the young man work under a R Wilson and the packages they are going to have for him, not like in oakland were that clown DA never gave a fair shot, you may say they did but, not even T Brady would of made alive with that terrible o line.

  10. Probably best for both sides. He’s a good guy and we wish him well. He was 3rd on the depth chart as a QB in Oakland, so it’s a fresh start for him and a draft pick for us. Nice move by Reggie picking up a pick when most thought we wouldn’t get anything.

  11. Does this remind anyone else of Tom Sawyer pretending how great it was to be painting a fence, just so he could fool the other kids into doing it for him?

  12. and another day goes by, where I am left scratching my head……AGAIN!

    Go Raiders, (I know) G0 Reggie (I hope)

  13. All the teams lining up to spend a first or second round pick on the likes of Bortles and Bridgewater, and none willing to give up a seventh rounder for Pryor? Nuts.

  14. The 49ers couldn’t have wanted him.

    The Seahawks basically offered the Mr. Irrelevant pick for him…

    Any other draft pick in the draft was going to be better.

  15. The Raiders’ “braintrust” is so much smarter than these teams. They got rid of Pryor who won as many games as the guys they cleared him out for left on the roster put together last year. Think about that Raider fans and then wonder if its him or if its your team.

  16. And, for the record, Vikings fans, you are 5-8 all-time against the Seahawks since 1976. That includes two losses at home (to only three home wins). And you are a dreadful 2-6 in Seattle.


  17. What is with the Vikings fans on this site? Kray kray.

    So long TP! You were good for a few highlights, something JaMarcus didn’t manage.

  18. Pryor is a guy worth having, but Riaders have two guys they like better than him. Not enough reps to bring him along, plus he would be a distraction.

    He would have been a perfect backup for Kapernick in San Fran the way he can run the read option.

  19. No risk acquisition of a camp body.
    Nothing more. See TO. He’ll be in the final cut-down to 53.
    He had maybe 20 plays out of the playbook he could run last year. And that included bootlegs. After 3 years on an NFL squad.

    The guy doesn’t have the capacity or bandwidth to be an NFL quarterback. He’s basically just a big guy who can run. You can’t just run around and chuck it out there in the NFL. Sandlot stuff doesn’t work.

  20. Carolina should have went for him, especially with the Cam injury. He would have made a good backup for Cam. They could run the same offense.

  21. 49ers played that one well: show fake interest in anyone the Seahawks want, drive the price up.

  22. Nobody wanted to give up a pick for Desean Jackson and his 83 catches? SF wanted Pryor and they didn’t see fit to part with even one of their 12 picks? More then half of the players drafted get cut within a year which really makes me wonder what these GM’s are thinking?

  23. considering they have three higher seventh round picks The Niners couldn’t have been that interested.

    Not sure this was ever much of a battle to have “won”.

  24. Like it or not, Pryor played QB in the NFL and thus is an NFL QB. Heck, he probably won more games than guys like Weeden and Gabbert. Also, there are probably some things he even does better than Wilson, so having him line up against the Seattle defense could challenge them more in practice. Good move for the Seahawks and I can’t believe people call them “laughable” after they just won the Super Bowl. As a Browns’ fan, oh to be as laughable.

  25. who says Pryor will only be a QB in Seattle? Seattle needs decent QB backups, another arm in camp. Pryor can be morphed into a joker TE or WR given his athletic ability. Everyone knows he is not a starting QB, but the kid has talent.

  26. This no sense… If the 49ers were interested too why would n’t the Raiders have traded with them? They obviously couldn’t have offered worse than the last pick in the draft. I call BS

  27. All you Hawks fans can boast what at great move this is………..I hope we actually get to see this clown play for you this year (regular season). then your tune will change.

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