Seahawks “excited” by “incredibly explosive” Pryor

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Both the Raiders and the Seahawks, one-time and long-time rivals in the AFC West, have announced the deal that sends quarterback Terrelle Pryor to Seattle. Both teams have disclosed the the Raiders will get Seattle’s seventh-round pick, the final non-compensatory selection in the draft.

The Seahawks were particularly effusive in their praise of Pryor.

“Terrelle is an incredibly explosive athlete and we’re excited for him to come in and compete,” G.M. John Schneider said in a team-issued release.

The release identifies Pryor as a quarterback, saying nothing about Pryor possibly filling other roles. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, he will indeed remain a quarterback.

Presumably, he’ll compete with Tarvaris Jackson as the No. 2 man behind Russell Wilson.

And, of course, if the Seahawks are serious about the commitment to competition, Pryor also would have a chance to supplant Wilson, in theory. But it would take a lot to overcome one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL.

Actually, Wilson isn’t just one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL. He’s already one of the best quarterbacks in the league regardless of age and experience.

101 responses to “Seahawks “excited” by “incredibly explosive” Pryor

  1. Are they excited to use him as a TE?
    He would have been a perennial all-star at that position, but instead he had to play the “I am a quafterback” card and essentially have an atrocious career.

  2. Man, to get a an athlete like this for the last pick in the draft, excluding the compensatory picks is unbeliveable value. I wish him the best.

    C’mon Reggie….you give the seahawks a 5th rd pick for Flynn, and all you can get is a the last pick for Pryor.

  3. The Raiders were excited about his “Potential” as well; then reality kicked in… a move to TE isn’t a bad ideal actually.

  4. Terrelle Pryor is a truly gifted athlete. I know we have T-Jack who is solid back up and BJ Daniels who looked exciting himself in pre-season. Pryor has the potential to supplant both of them. Wilson’s job as the starter is locked down without question.

  5. Wilson is not one of the best QB’s in the league, he is a fine caretaker who doesn’t screw up and he shows some potential. Check his stats out, there is nothing scary about his game.
    Seattle lets their defense do the winning.

  6. If they are referring to his explosiveness as a QB, perhaps it would be wise to remember that explosives are fraught with danger, as they at times, blow up in one’s face.

  7. Russel Wilson is not a great QB. Why people continue to praise him is foolish. He’s trent dilfer with speed.

  8. Wilson threw for under 60% completion in 7 of 16 regular season games last year, and 1 playoff game. Please explain to me how he is considered one of the best in the league? He’s not even top 10 tier QB.

    If it wasn’t for Seattles D and running game, he would be mediocre at best.

  9. If he finds any success in Seattle, then it would indicate (not that most of us need further proof) that the entire Raiders’ organization is as useless as their self-aggrandizing fan-base.

  10. Russell Wilson is not a top QB at all. He’s an very solid game manager type who can cause issues with his mobility. He’s smart and a polished QB who makes good decisions. He’s ultimately nothing special. He gets all the love because he is the poster boy for all the short little men who like to think that “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight…’

  11. The Hawks win one SB and think they are going to win one every year? If that were the case, they wouldn’t have lost eight years ago… win more than one before you start talking dynasty.

  12. This is exactly why I love the Seahawks. Coupled with the fact that they completely dominate the forty-whiners every time they play them. Best of luck to Terrelle. Long live Al Davis!

  13. And all that explosiveness only cost you the very last pick of the draft . Not only is he explosive you get to close shop early on the final day . Good times .

  14. Its really interesting because the Hawks signed TJack to a guaranteed 1 year deal and they don’t like to carry more than 2 QB’s on the 53 man roster.

  15. He’s pretty much a camp arm. Reminds me of TO.
    If they can turn him into a diamond, awesome…. If not, they’re out the last pick in the draft. Mr. Irrelevant.

    Not much risk.

  16. If Russell Wilson is one of the best QB’s in the league, then so is Joe Flacco. Joe Flacco is not one of the best QB’s in the league.

    There is no doubt that Wilson is talented, smart, and poised, but just because that team won a SB, does not make him one of the best.

  17. Wilson is the best QB in the HISTORY OF THE NFL through their first two years.

    Check the stats.

    And Hawks have been there. Unlike the rest of you we’re champs.

  18. Wilson made the seahawks what they are. Look at his numbers. TIED Manning for most TDs in first two years behind a cap offensive line and UDFAs at WR. His defense didn’t help that. I’d LOVE to see what Russell could do with Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron. And Joe Thomas and Alex Mack protecting him. Geez could you imagine that offense? You Wilson haters crack me up. The guy is legit.

  19. Pryor is undoubtedly relieved. Instead of being claimed from waivers by that NFL garbage dump known as the Minnesota Vikings, he gets traded at the last minute to the World Champs!

  20. Pryor will pretend to be Kapernick in practice and it will make the Seattle d better and more prepared to beat the Niners twice a year. Smart move

  21. The Seahawks’ team IQ dropped a few points, as Duh-relle Pryor began burning the midnight oil on a new playbook in yet another run at futility. I’ve never seen such a disparity between sheer effort/hard-work and results.

  22. All Wilson does is win. Never beats himself. He doesn’t need to be the best or be in the top 5 or whatever. I watched every Seahawk game last year. And Wilson is damn good! Good enough to beat Manning.

  23. I still find it comical that some of you don’t think Russell Wilson is very good. Add up his passing and rushing yards, and rushing and passing touchdowns and get back to us. Also google “most touchdown passes first two seasons” and let me know what you get.

  24. It’s amazing how many NFL fans are low info types. Using the QBR and WINNING, Wilson is the best ever over 2 years.

    I hate to think what would be said about Andrew, if he carried his record 192 NCAA QB passing rating into the NFL and actually won a Super Bowl his second year. There would not be enough ink to heap praise on him.

    But instead it’s Wilson who had the NCAA and rookie records and who has a SB ring. Suddenly, he’s not worthy? When Cam broke all the records, he wasn’t good enough, because his team didn’t win. Wilson wins and the defense gets the credit.

    OK, whatever makes you feel good. Wilson is one of the best by any measurement you come up with.

  25. If Terrelle Pryor had been actually developed by THE Ohio State’s awful coaches, perhaps he would have not been so far behind coming into the league.

    It’s clear the Raiders want a more traditional pocket QB, and Pryor plays a similar style to Russel (though he’s still mile and miles behind in play recognition), so this makes all the sense in the world.

    The Raiders have to be happy to get something back on their investment, and a 7th this year is going to be comparable to a 5th in many draft.

    Good move for both teams.

  26. Win win for both teams. Oakland gets a draft pick for a player they were going to release anyways. And Seattle gets a talented athlete (whether or not you see that as a QB or another position) for an extremely late pick.

    Good teams simply add talent where they can and that’s what Seattle did. They added a big athlete to their already stacked team. He can compete with Jackson for the backup role. But at the very least he provides a pretty good practice player to represent Kaepernick in practices. And that’s the worst case scenario.

    What it would be like to be a Seahawks fan where it seems like they make a good team move every day. Lions fan here that has no idea what that feels like….

  27. The Seahawks have a plan to turn him into the next Calvin Johnson and he only cost them a 7th. Watch and learn. There is not an athlete in this draft that comes close to the size speed combination that he brings. His limitations are all mental. He just is not a good QB.

  28. I laugh at the back-handed compliments some give the Raiders . . . Got a 7th round pick for someone they were gonna release. Really??? They are the idiots that used a 3rd round pick to obtain him. So typical Raiders and just so dumb. There is a reason that it has been more than a decade since that team has sniffed the playoffs. I wish my job had such low standards for my personal performance as the Raiders organization . . . buy high sell low I suppose is an acceptable standard for Raider nation. What a joke.

  29. Rumor has it that Terrelle Jihadi Pryor will be running with a backpack under his jersey. It’s expected that Pryor will run towards the defenders and that many defenders will fall down before tackling Pryor. The Seahawks expect Pryor to be explosive this year…….

  30. A 6’4 235 guy who runs 4.38? I get the feeling Seattle got a much better athlete than whoever goes with the #32 pick in the seventh.

    That’s the absolute lowest pick that can be traded – there are supplemental picks afterwards, but by rule those can’t be traded.

    A nice little pickup. May amount to nothing, but then, so do most seventh rounders.

  31. To those questioning whether Russell Wilson is truly “already one of the best quarterbacks in the league regardless of age and experience,” as stated by Mike Florio, consider this: he is, as far as I know, the only QB to rack up 100 or better QB ratings in his first two years in the league (along with just under a 64% completion average), and he has run for 1028 yards over those first two years. These facts validate Florio’s evaluation.

  32. The rich get richer…..
    Great athlete, questionable QB, the point is they paid the last regular pick in the draft…..minimal to zero risk.
    Maybe they can teach Pryor to read a defense, that’s more than Jim Harbaugh has been able to do with Kaepernick.

  33. How did this turn in to a Russell Wilson discussion thread? Must I always keep you kids on task? 🙂 Pryor is a decent young QB and to deal an end of the 7th round pick to have him compete as a backup is a good move by Seattle. I don’t see the downside here. Too many people on here are over – critical of every move by every team. I obviously have no great love for Seattle but I do respect them as competitors as a football team and front office. They lose nothing here. Will Pryor make the squad? Unknown. If it was up to skill and upside then definitely, but it also comes down to contracts and cap space. We’ll see what happens.

  34. When you have had a lot of success with picking up good players like the Seahawks have had, every move you make, people are calling it genius. I sort of think there will be reversion to mean coming for them, some of their moves won’t pan out so great. Percy Harvin was the beginning of that.

  35. QBs I would take over Russell Wilson: Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. That’s it. Wilson is EASILY one of the top QBs in the league and climbing.

  36. I don’t get folks who think that a career QB can easily change a position and it will work.

    – Can he run a route?
    – Can he block?
    – Can he catch?

    It seems like you need a tad more than “Tall and fast”…

  37. Wilson isn’t just one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL. He’s already one of the best quarterbacks in the league regardless of age and experience.
    I could probably be a decent QB with that cheating defense giving me the ball back every 2 seconds..

  38. Let’s see how long before Pryor is convinced to play another position in Seattle because he proved in Oakland he is no NFL QB.

  39. I love how everyone is saying that Russell Wilson is not a good quarterback.

    Yes he is. He has the best TD to INT ratio for the first two years of a QB’s career of anyone in NFL history. Way better than Peyton Manning for instance, and he’s only going to get better from here.

  40. Seattle gave up the last non-compensatory pick in the 2014 draft. Talk about the proverbial ham sandwich! All joking aside, I watched several Raiders games last year and I think Pryor really has potential. I was hoping he would get cut and the Ravens would claim him.

  41. Pete Carroll loves exceptional athletes. He is all about finding out what they can do, not what they cannot do. He will move Pryor to a new position because it is clear he cannot play QB. Pryor may make it as a WR and become phenomenal.

  42. What potential does this guy have? The only thing he can do is run fast. For some unknown reason everybody thinks all the sudden since he is going to Seattle hes a good QB. Hes a bum. Terrible accuracy,Terrible footwork, Stares down receivers. You cant teach accuracy! Raider fans should be happy that your GM is getting rid of the bad choices of Al Davis. If teams thought this guy had a chance to be a QB they would have outbid a 7th round pick for him. Pryor will be out of the NFL within a year.

  43. too bad for pryor, if he was there last year he could have been the starting qb who rode his defense and run game to a superbowl win and took all the credit.

  44. Let’s be HONEST here for a change, Wilson’s stats do not make him one of the great QBs currently in the league. He’s not the type of QB that will bring a team back from a 3 TD or more deficit. But he does a great job of managing a game and leaving it up to his defense to make plays, create TOs and keep games close.

  45. “Pryor also would have a chance to supplant Wilson, in theory” … who are you trying to kid? there is no QB competition in seattle. won’t be for at least 2-3 years and that’s only if wilson completely blows it the next couple seasons

  46. In other words, Wilson is a game manager. He’ll never be in the conversation with the likes of Brady, Brees and Manning

  47. I thought he saw himself as a starter?
    If there was any truth to that he wouldn’t have gone to a team that is very happy with it’s QB.

    What good is a very explosive backup?
    Seems to me they might have other plans for him, and at the least want him to play the opposing QB in practice every week with all the young, athletic new QB’s out there.

  48. It is safer to run the ball than pass it. Also you eat up more time on the clock as you march down the field.

  49. I liked Pryor I was hoping that he would get another season here but come on to Seattle ?? he was complaining because he wanted to go somewhere where he can start.i seriously hate to say this but he will be nothing more than a tackling dummy there..and thats not a shot at him but Wilson just won Seattle there first super bowl theres no way Pryor takes over..even if he has a perfect pre season his job will be tackling dummy as long as Pete Caroll there

  50. Pryor can learn from wilson since wilson won’t get hurt, he’ll get good qb coaching and can still become an ok qb……nothing wrong with being a possible career backup….that’s easy money……and if wilson and jackson just mysteriously go down, he’d have way better weapons to work with than in oakland…..this is a good move by pete carroll

  51. This guy is good oakland just didn’t know how to use him. Watch him turn it around in seattle were they will know how to use him and will have a decent offensive line as well as good receivers.

  52. To all the haters on this thread who say that Russell Wilson is not an elite QB and is just a game manager, compare the combined stats over the last two seasons!

    regular season: 32 games played; 63.6% completion rate; 52 TDs/19 INT; 100.6 passer rating; 1028 yds rushing and 5 TDs.

    postseason: 5 games played; 63% completion rate; 6 TD/1 INT; 102 passer rating; 26 yds rushing and 1 TD.

    regular season: 32 games played; 61.8% completion rate; 59 TDs/19 INT; 93 passer rating; 50 yds rushing and 4 TDs.

    postseason: 4 games played; 58% completion rate; 5 TD/2 INT; 86.2 passer rating; 10 yds rushing and 1 TD.

    regular season: 25 games played; 66.9% completion rate; 56 TD/14 INT; 106.5 passer rating; 379 yds rushing and 2 TDs.

    postseason: 3 games played; 66.8% completion rate; 4 TD/1 INT; 97.7 passer rating; 51 yds rushing and 0 TDs.

    regular season: 25 games played; 68.5% completion rate; 92 TD/21 INT; 110 passer rating; -25 yds rushing and 1 TD.

    postseason: 4 games played; 68.1% completion rate; 8 TD/5 INT; 91.3 passer rating; -3 yds rushing and 0 TDs.

  53. You can put out all the stats you want, Wilson averages 200 yards per game passing and throws around 20 times a game, it’s a basic pass offense that is designed to put less pressure on the qb so they can run the ball, kill the clock and let the defense win games. Translation, he is a game manager.

    Alex Smith over the last two full seasons he played, 6500 yards, 60% completion, 40 td’s 12 ints. So your saying Wilson and smith are in the same category, then I agree.

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