The full Chris Johnson contract details

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Last week, former Titans running back Chris Johnson agreed to a two-year deal with the Jets.

Reported as having an $8 million base value, the details show that it indeed does. Here’s how it all breaks down.

Johnson gets $3 million to sign. (Of the amount, $500,000 has been deferred to March 1, 2015.)  He receives a non-guaranteed base salary of $1 million for 2014, which as a practical matter is guaranteed — unless the Jets choose to let him walk away before Week One with the $3 million signing bonus.

Technically, Johnson’s deal is worth $4.5 million in the 2014 league year, because the deal contains a $500,000 option bonus due on the 22nd day after the post-Super Bowl waiver period begins. The technique, which moving could be used more often with veteran players, allows a team to move on without having to cut the player. The downside for the player is that he doesn’t hit the market until the first day of free agency.

If the Jets pay the option bonus, Johnson will be in line for a $3.5 million base salary in 2015. The salary potentially escalates by $1 million, based on Johnson’s production in 2014.

Either way, Johnson will at least get $4 million for one year and a chance to hit the market again. He’ll possibly get $8 million (and maybe $9 million) for two years with his new team.

7 responses to “The full Chris Johnson contract details

  1. Does the team have a compensation bonus plan if he has a massive year, such as what if he ripped 2500 yards and had the greatest season a RB ever had, then what happens?

  2. That’s a good team friendly deal. Good not great
    player in a position of need. The signing
    makes the fan base happy that they are trying
    to improve. And if he has a big year…. that
    Is a bonus!

  3. I said multiple times 2 years $8.5M… was pretty close.

    Hopefully they use him, he may benefit from a bit of a wakeup call coupled with a change in scenery and decreased work load.

  4. So one year 4 million unless CJ plays up to par. If he does, Jets position themselves to keep him one more year & for a RB turning 29 thia season will most likely be the end of his prime years being as most backs decline once thirty. Damm good deal IMO, if he’s a bum you dump him, it barely scratches any current cap space they have this year & if he’s any good you keep him for the extra year to scratch the tires & see if he’s got another season in him as he hits thirty. Why are people critical of John Idzik again?

  5. who cares, jet’s should have focused on real problems with their team this offseason. instead they still have tons of cap space and upgraded their run game, which was the only bright spot on the team last year without CJ2k (they finished 6th in rushing with the same RBs they have now other than CJ).

    it’s great to have a playmaker but COME ON, you don’t even need him

  6. ^^^the jets need every and any weapon possible that fits the mentality of the team, doesn’t matter where it comes from. we got runners who don’t turn the ball over, and if we ever do that

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