With two first round picks, the Rams are next up in our draft previews

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The St. Louis Rams were a dark horse pick to take a leap forward and challenge for a playoff berth in 2013.

However, the Rams were slow out of the gates, Sam Bradford was lost for the season due to a torn ACL and the Rams finished last in a loaded NFC West.

St. Louis holds two picks in the top 13 of the NFL Draft and 12 selections in total to help fill in the holes on their roster. They will have to find several solid contributors in order to track down the rest of the division, who all finished with at least 10 wins last season.

The Rams’ defense has one of the most fearsome pass rush units in the league. With some successful additions, the St. Louis defense could become one of the league’s best. Offensively, the Rams still need to address their offensive line and potentially add a game-breaking receiving option for quarterback Sam Bradford.

With 12 selections overall, the Rams should have plenty of chances to find contributors on both sides of the ball. Click here to read the full breakdown, and cast your ballot below for what you think the Rams should do with their two first round selections.

20 responses to “With two first round picks, the Rams are next up in our draft previews

  1. They are in the toughest division in the league. They need to put up a lot of points. At this time I can’t think of one wide receiver currently on there roster. Sammy Watkins is the man.

  2. That st. louis offense has WAY TOO MANY holes.

    st. louis needs about 9 first round picks to turn it around.

  3. Pick 2 – Big Bird. 8’2″ redzone threat. Great locker room presence.

    Pick 13 – Snuffleupagus. What he lacks in speed he’ll make up by taking up 4 blockers freeing up the DEs.

  4. For all of you that continue to say the Rams need a wr, they are a RUN FIRST team! Zac Stacy had almost 1,000 yards in only 12 starts. Whether you are a running or passing team you need protection. They are also needing safety help. Grab 1 of the 3 top tackles and Ha-ha Clinton Dix and they will be in much better shape.

  5. Grab Mathews and Lewan. That front 4 is strong enough to cause havoc and not expose that weak secondary. Its very rare for a team to grab two of the best OLs in college.
    Then again if both turn out very solid, there is no way a team can afford both come end of contract.

  6. I’m torn between who they should take at #2. Bradford is a solid pocket passes but has zero mobility. They need to protect him at the same time all those wr they’ve drafted haven’t shown enough progression. Bottom line if Watkins turns out to be as good as everyone is predicting they can’t pass on him. Cut quick, draft watkins, Dix, in first round and a guard in second round. That scenario would be great if Jake long is coming along in rehab

  7. Clowney, or Matthews, then Ha-Ha. The NFC west is a defense/run division. You cannot win without stud backers/safeties and a powerful running attack. The qb’s are irrelevant. Bradford could win (provided his injury “luck” improves) with any team in this division. If the Rams bolster the safety, O-line, and run defense, they will be the best team not making the playoffs in 2013. Considering the toxic dump they became under the previous two coaches/owner, that is pretty good.

  8. Trade down twice and get 2 more seconds and at least 1 more first for next year. Then, b/c of depth grab S and CB. LOAD UP ON OL AND WR/OLB round 2 and that is five needs filled with online reload and a we or olb depth.

  9. Rams fan since 1975, the drafting of Quick and Plead was a waste of two 2nd round draft picks, which should have been two solid players.

  10. Oh, forgot to mention. Johnny Manziel to ST.Louis is a real consideration and under the radar pick for the Rams this year at #2. It is crazy to think that but look who Jeff Fisher has drafted in Tennessee.. Running quarterbacks who can change the game.. Quite frankly, I hate johnny football but the dude wouldn’t hurt the Rams because he can change a game. Maybe, just maybe, the rams need a game changer on offense who can keep defenses on their toes because 2 of the teams in the West have running qb’s so why not buckle up and add a third and go head to head with them. Sammy B can’t run and so you can go at him because he doesn’t have WRs, but if you have a running qb and no WRs you can easily scramble around and buy time. Crazy idea, it really is, but possible off the board pick for Fisher given his past.

  11. People saying the Rams need a new coach is a joke! Because the everyone who is a fan of the other three west teams are scared of what the Rams can do if they add a WR or RB on offense.. Not to mention drafting a lock down defender like Clinton-Dix… The Rams will go with Sammy at #2 if they don’t draft a OL.. Then with the #13 pick if the OL they want isn’t available they will probably go with Clinton- Dix and then fall to another OL in the second round or maybe even a QB! Yeah, a QB. Sam Bradford is an average starter but if the guy was a franchise QB then he would have had the contract extended by now. I have been a diehard Rams fan for years and seen them in their downs since the Super Bowls and then last playoff run and it has been awful until they found a new GM and great and very smart head coach. I HOPE Jeff Fisher retires as a head coach in STL! Snead and Fisher are the best thing that has happened to STL football since they won the Super Bowl.. This team if given the correct talent this year in the draft (and if you’re a Rams fan, then you completely trust fisher and snead on their decisions) but if given the talent then they will be a playoff team next year and 2 years at the latest! This team has turned it around in a short period of time without fishing for elite talent, they are building it from the ground up! Youngest team in football people, they went 7-9 in the toughest division that all had 10 wins, and we all know they could have went 9-7 if they finished games early in the year.

  12. fish and snead are doing just fine sure quick and pead have struggled but that was sneads very first draft he made a great trade for the rg3 pick they may have missed a couple picks but look at it this way. they had the #2 pick in 2012 have added brockers jenkins johnson tj macdonald and stacy all capable starters and yet they still have the #2 pick again fisher led a team that won 15 games in 5 years to 14 wins in 2 and when they were winning three games a year on average the called our division the nfc worst now we are the toughest division in football by far and we continue to improve will we win it all this year? probably not but at least we are competitive and a couple pieces on defense and we could be very good!!

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