Alex Smith says extensions talks are underway

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The Chiefs players started their offseason work on Monday, but quarterback Alex Smith’s agent and the team were already working on an extension.

That was the word from Smith on Monday as he reported to begin preparations for the final year of his contract. Smith said his agent Tom Condon and the team were discussing a new contract that would keep Smith in Kansas City and that he’ll be focusing on football. Smith doesn’t think the uncertainty about his future will have an impact on his play.

“I’ve played long enough, going into year 10 now, it’s all year-to-year in my mind anyway at this point,” Smith said, via the Kansas City Star. “You’ve got to continually prove yourself. I don’t think it changes anything as far as my mindset or approach to the game.”

If there’s no deal before the draft, the Chiefs may give a signal about the chances of reaching one during the selection process. If they don’t add a quarterback or pick a late-round developmental prospect, it will show confidence that Smith will be back in 2015 one way or another. If they pick a quarterback earlier, it would suggest they are leaving their options open in regard to a future with a different quarterback running the offense.

Smith’s familiar with the latter approach after watching Colin Kaepernick arrive in San Francisco as a second-round pick in 2011. That forecast his departure from the 49ers and the use of another early pick on a quarterback could lead to the same outcome in Kansas City.

19 responses to “Alex Smith says extensions talks are underway

  1. How much do the 49ers wish THEY were the ones having those extension talks with Alex Smith?

  2. I wonder in Niner fans ever ponder “what if” and think about where their team would be if they had drafted Rodgers. Replace Kap/Smith with Rodgers over the past three years, and its pretty scary.

  3. Smith is a caretaker QB. Those type of QB’s don’t
    win championships. Knowing Andy zReid and the way he always had a more then capable QB in Philly (Kolb, Vick) behind his main QB, Smith better know that the Chiefs will be taking a QB somewhere in the first three rounds.

  4. Smith is the best QB KC has had since Trent Green. They’ll give him a decent contract. His play by the end of his first year there was really good. The AFC West is going to be incredibly competitive this year. I like it.

  5. What a hot mess the Chiefs are.

    Kansas City, where players go to commit suicide.

  6. He hasn’t shown that he deserves a big money contract extension.

    Chiefs are the model team for overpaying mediocre players (see Dwayne Bowe).

  7. To all those saying the 49’ers wish they had Smith instead of Kap – really?

    If you recall; Smith, “the 8 year veteran and 1st overall pick”, couldn’t buy a first down against the Giants. 3rd down was his nemesis. He completed all of 2 passes to WR’s in the NFC Championship game. Williams may have fumbled, but Smith was a big reason they lost.

    Kap may be immature off the field, but he is a huge improvement over Smith on the field.

    Funny how Smith can suck for 7 years, but is given every chance to succeed, and Kap is labelled a “bust” by fans after taking his team to a SB and NFC Championship game in less than 2 years of service. Dude has only won like 5 playoff games in his short career. Smith has won only 1 in 9 years, and choked against Indy last year.

    Ask GB if Kap sucks.

  8. As a Titans fan, I would certainly take Alex Smith over any QB we’ve had in almost 10 years (since Steve McNair’s departure). That said, I think the ceiling remains very high on Jake Locker and am optimistic about his future.

  9. I’m not sure the 9er brass are worried about Alex’s contract and wishing they’d signed him. Having said that, if (a big if) Kap falls into a legal mess and Alex is a free agent…

  10. alex smith got benched for troy smith, shaun hill, jt o’sollivan, trent dilfer .
    alex smith never showed up in the nfc title game vs the giants , 1-13 on 3rd down.
    49ers aren’t second guessing there decision to cut smith and go with kaep.

  11. Chiefs are doing this the right way. Extending Smith ensures quality QB play while they work on building the team for the long haul. Fill in the holes and get the QB of the future from this draft or next year. Alex will be the starter for the next 2 years no problem.

  12. I thought towards the end of the year when more was need out of Smith, he did a great job stepping up. He threw more, ran more, and became more than “just a game manager”. And for everyone who is saying that, the super bowl champs have a QB who really showed all season what a game manager is…..

  13. Something like 87% of Smith’s passes are within 10 yds of the line. I think he is capable of more but he needs more protection, better receivers and the Chiefs need better overall defense esp in the secondary.

  14. A lot of people fail to realize that Smith is still an ascending player. Whether he is a better QB than Kaepernick is debatable but I guarantee you if presented the choice, a lot of GM’s would rather be working to sign Smith to an extension at this point than Kaepernick. Back at the 49ers headquarters, while Jim Harbaugh is still enjoying the honeymoon with his hand-picked QB, Trent Baalke is probably looking at the team’s cap situation and wishing Smith would have just slid sooner in that game the ended his career as a 49er.

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